The Buddy Project 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 24th February 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 24th February 2014 Written Update

Anirudh is shocked seeing Maya. Maya tells him that he has guided his students quite well (sarcasm way) and she is excited to be sponsor for their college fest. All buddies go to drop her outside. Anirudh is in still shocked state as he recalls incidents from his past and his relationship with Maya.

All buddies are discussing about the fest while Piddi is lost in some thoughts. KD takes him on a side and Piddi shares with him about Sheeba and his mum’s bonding. KD says it’s good that they are getting along. Piddi says but he couldn’t tell his marriage truth to his mum. Anirudh comes and asks the buddies if they are sure about Maya’s sponsorship. If they researched well about her company. Ranveer says she’s perfect as Maya’s company always sponsors college

fest. He doesn’t stop praising Maya and everyone looks at Panchi. Panchi says she’s not jealous as Maya is sponsoring their college fest.

Later, Anirudh calls Maya, but she pretends to be busy and disconnects. Anirudh is angry with himself.

Panchi is leaving the college when she sees Anirudh upset and lost. She tries to know what’s bothering him, but Anirudh just says that he remembered something from past. It was his best time, but still whenever he thinks about it, he gets sad. Before Panchi questions more, he tells her to focus on college fest.

KD takes Ranveer’s car to go on a drive with Kiya so he can cheer her up. Other buddies are having a good time playing game. Piddi teases Panchi saying she’s jealous of Maya.

Ranveer shows list of events that will happen in the college fest to Maya. Ranveer wants to do classical music program for Panchi, but Maya convinces him that it’s for older audience like Anirudh and they should be organizing events that attract the youth. She suggests DJ party instead. Ranveer says it will be very costly. Maya calls one of the best DJs and arranges DJ party.

Ranveer tells this to Panchi and other buddies. Panchi is not happy as she wanted to promote Indian culture. Ranveer says DJ party will bring them more money. Panchi says it’s not about money and Dj party is too common. They argue a lot and in end Ranveer tells Panchi not to be too dominating, he has brought sponsorship and he has equal rights to make decisions. Panchi feels bad and walks away from there.

Anirudh sees everything. Maya comes to him and asks if he’s feeling bad. She tells him to brace himself as this is nothing, many more fights are yet to happen.

Precap: Anirudh requests Maya not to take revenge on his students.

Update Credit to: JD

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