The Buddy Project 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 23rd July 2013 Written Update

KD informs Mr.D that he is shifting to hostel, he has gotten a room there. He won’t trouble him anymore. He respects his father a lot but fact remains that KD has his own opinions as well. Mr.D just says that he is right in whatever he says, KD just doesn’t understand it (SO DO YOU! KD is right as well, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT AS WELL!! ) KD says he knows Mr.D wants the best for KD but sometimes, it’s necessary to be apart to get close. Just then, a car honks outside for KD and KD bends down to get his father’s blessings. Predictably, Mr.D doesn’t give him his blessings. KD leaves from there and maybe then Mr.D realized what just happened.

RanSh arrive at hostel. KD says hostel is here and RV jokes hostel was always here, they have come there (they looking so hot

in white :3) They pass a few boys who joke with each other that a new victim is here! KD grits his teeth at this but RV takes him away from there, saying these hostel guys look very dangerous and asks KD where is Omi? KD shrugs as he doesn’t know and they reach outside KD’s room. RV leans in closer to the room and says there are way too many voices coming from the room, is KD sure it’s his room? KD says yeah, that’s the number. The room is locked from inside and the rowdy guys come following RanSh. RV whispers to KD that they must be here to rag KD, ragging in hostel is pretty dangerous as he’s heard. He tells KD to move from there but before they can escape, few more guys surround them. They block their way. RV tells KD to run but KD is left behind and RV runs away.

One guy tells KD his hostel life begins today and his first night will be memorable! The RGs laugh and KD is shocked at being all left alone. The guys take KD to his room and knock the door to be let inside. The door opens and KD says he doesn’t want to go it, he wants to go out. One RG jokes that KD really is outgoing. They push KD in and it’s really dark there. The lights come on and there’s the three girls and Piddi and Omi present there to surprise him! Omi asks how did KD like Omi’s welcome? KD is shocked and asks was it all their plan and they nod.

RV comes there, clearing his throat and carrying KD’s bag. He asks KD jokingly was KD that scared with such a small thing? KD hits him and asks was he involved as well and RV replies yeah, unity is strength! They all laugh at this and Omi asks RGs is there some drama going on here? They reply in negative and Omi tells them to go to their rooms, stare at Katrina’s poster, sigh and go to sleep! (that’s nice! ) They all oblige.

KD asks the Buddies how come they are all here? RV explains that his job was to get KD and his stuff here. Their job was to decorate the room and Kiya’s job was to maybe just stare at KD and smile for no reason! They all laugh at this while Kiya makes a gesture to hit RV and Omi tells them to get to work.

They all get to decorating KD’s room (KD ki decoration hamesha Buddies hi karte hain! First that coaching class, now this…shaadi ki sejj bhi yehi sajaenge )

Kiya slips a little and KD catches her. They are all lost in each others’ eyes and the others wolf whistle seeing the scene. In nervousness, KD ends up dropping Kiya on the floor! He apologizes to her but she just hits him. KD helps her get up and apologizes again by holding his ears and Kiya forgives him.

They all are resting after the hard work and Panchi exclaims it’s gift time! She’ll be the first to give the gift! And it’s…homemade pasta for KD! Piddi exclaims that he’ll have some too as he’s hungry as well. Panchi snatches the box from him and gives it to KD saying Piddi will go home but she doesn’t want KD to start his hostel life by eating boring hostel food. Piddi huffs that it’s not Panchi’s pasta has a joke inside it so that she’s calling hostel food boring and says he doesn’t want it! KD thanks Panchi for her gesture and Panchi says just thanks? She thought he’d tell her to bring her food everyday but it’s okay. Omi gets up and tells KD to accept Panchi’s offer! If it had been him, he would’ve never refused but alas, his good luck isn’t that good. Panchi just looks at him while he pouts jokingly.

Rukmini gifts KD a Ganpati which prompts Piddi to start chanting, “Ganpati Bappa Morya!” really loudly and it takes Panchi to calm him down. Ruku says he’s in a new place and Ganpati Bappa would help him against bad things and evil vibes. KD thanks her and RV gets all lost in Rukmini while smiling and staring at her which KD notices. He sits beside RV and snaps his finger in front of his face to bring him back to Earth. Kiya gifts KD a photo of them and puts it on the table. Piddi says he got KD a gift as well. It’s a hostel form, he thought he would also share the room with KD but Piddi got rejected. The girls chuckle at this but KD just hugs Piddi! (So sweet! Like Omi says ) Omi calls Piddi towards him and says it would be a torture living with Piddi; the rejected form is the biggest gift for KD! Piddi says Omi has a nice body else Piddi would’ve told him what’s rejected and what’s not. KD looks at RV and RV tells him to stop staring, he bought KD here that was his gift!

Omi tells them to leave else KD might get warning from the warden. Omi leaves after hugging KD. The Buddies leave one by one and in the end only Kiya is left who also hugs him and tells him to take care of himself. They share a cutesy goodnight and Kiya also leaves.

ICC. RV and Piddi enter the class together and RV asks where are Romeo & Juliet? Just then, KD comes while covering his face and sits without greeting them. They go to him and RV says it seems like he didn’t sleep the entire night. Piddi jokes single people like himself spend the night sleeping, couples just talk with each other on phone! He mimics being in a call and RV imitates KD on the phone and greets Kiya in an ekdum Stoneface style. Piddi, as Kiya, replies in a sugary sweet voice and calls KD as “baby” and “Kaydo” and asks he was thinking about her, right? His stoneface is so void of emotions, at least he can give them on the phone! KD is seeing their act seriously and massaging his temples. RV clears his throat and says, “I… Chicklet!”
Piddi – That friend of yours Piddi, uhum! That handsome friend of yours Piddi is single, which friend of mine would suit him?
RV laughs at this and they hi-5! KD tells them to cut it out, it was his first night in hostel so he couldn’t sleep properly. There’s traffic there even in night. Someone was coming in the room at midnight to ask for toothbrush while someone was listening to Atif Aslam’s songs in full volume at 2 AM!

The professor comes, breaking their meeting. Kiya silently tells KD to join her on the front seat. KD has no chance but to oblige. RV and Piddi share a laugh seeing the new couple. Lecture starts and KD begins to doze off immediately. It continues and the professor notices KD sleeping. He wakes him up by calling his name loudly and makes him stand up. KD apologizes but the professor tells him to get out of the class. Piddi stands in KD’s defense saying KD wasn’t exactly sleeping, he was concentrating! Yoga Sleep! Professors scolds Piddi to shut up and tells KD to just leave. KD leaves the class.

Chintu comes to JJ in his office. Seeing Chintu, JJ tries being all bright and sunny and thanks Chintu for the coffee. He goes on speaking like everything is normal and Chintu is looking at him seriously. Chintu says JJ can hide his problems from everyone else but not from his own self. He wants to drown all his tension in all this work but he doesn’t think this solution can work for long. JJ jokes since when did Chintu turn into a Baba Chintu Dev? Chintu laughs a little and says it doesn’t matter who said it, what he said was right. JJ is worried. Chintu tells him that his mother used to say that always leave the wound open, it will heal quickly. If one will attempt to hide it, it’ll take time to heal. JJ sighs and says he is right, he is worried. He is missing his friend, KPD. He had gotten habitual of chatting with her and second, he is worried about his student Avantika. He knows how hard is it to fight the demons of your past and he just wishes Tika does well in life.

Precap – KiSha are skyping but KD falls asleep midway through it. Kiya kisses the screen and is seen by Anya. Kiya also falls asleep with her laptop open and Anya says something is fishy. Anya moves to see the laptop screen. :

Update Credit to: spicySugar

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