The Buddy Project 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Samar at the road, looking for any taxi. He says to the camera now what? Will he take Panchi to Lonavala in a bus?! He’ll say to her that seat 12 is hers and 13 is his’! He can’t! He’s a Prince! This is too much. His secretwill be revealed today and it’s worrisome. A bike passes by him and he says again if only he had a bike like this…he would’ve taken Panchi on a bike. It would’ve been so cool but alas, he has no such luck. Just then, the biker takes off his helmet. He’s Samar’s friend. Samar goes to greet him. His friend tells him that he is going to park his bike at home as he is going to the party in his friend’s car with other friends. Samar asks him for a favor and in return, his friend also asks for one. Samar tells him to ask first and his friend asks Samar if Samar can park the bike at his house. Samar gets all serious hearing this. His friend gets nervous and says sorry but Samar agrees to do so. His friend gets happy and gets off and asks what favor did Samar want but Samar says to let it be. His friend asks him to be normal again and get out of his sore mood and Samar says to the camera how can he help being sore? He had a direct connection with God and he could’ve gotten anything but he got a bike! That too of someone else’s! Anyway, Samar gets the bike! Helmet on and off Samar goes!

KD says to Piddi that the party is couple’s only and he is single. Piddi asks him not to worry as he isn’t unprepared. Juhi steps out of the car all ready for party. KD asks how come Juhi is here? Piddi says that he found her sad in the locker room as Samar is taking Panchi to the party so he brought Juhi along with him. Juhi and KD greet each other and Juhi says that hopefully KD won’t mind taking her along. KD says it’s fine and compliments that she is looking beautiful. Juhi giggles and says the Angry Young Man’s heart melted seeing her. Bobby is also in the car and getting restless. KD asks Piddi where did he get the car from? Piddi distracts Juhi and whispers in KD’s ear, “Suicide!” KD is shocked and asks, again?! Piddi explains that after the suicide episode, his mother has gotten less strict and Bobby has gotten extra soft. That’s why he has a car and inside, Bobby is sitting. KD is impressed and says at least his suicide drama did him good. Juhi overhears and realizes that it was all a drama. Piddi begs her not to tell anyone, specially Bobby, and asks her to keep it a secret. Juhi laughs and agrees. Bobby opens the door and ask them to hurry up. They all take their seats and off the car goes!

Seeing the course clear, Kiya gets up and does a happy dance. She gets ready and outside, RV is restlessly blowing the horn of his car. Kiya is done and she rushes out. RV is still blowing the horn and Kiya sits beside him in the car. RV asks did she get permission for the party? Kiya is in a happy mood and replies cheerfully that sun didn’t rise from west today, she actually put up a drama of sickness to escape from her family. RV is concerned and asks what if she gets in trouble? But Kiya shrugs and says her mother and sister will take all night in the party and she’ll be back before their return.

Panchi is waiting on the road when the bike comes. She gets nervous seeing the biker under helmet, taking rounds on his bike around Panchi. When she can’t take it anymore, she takes off her slipper and wants to hit him but Samar stops and takes off his helmet. Seeing him, she apologizes. Samar says he can leave alone if Panchi doesn’t like him but Panchi apologizes for the misunderstatement. She takes a good look at him and compliments that he has become a stud. Samar is pleased and says Panchi is looking beautiful…no, not beautiful. She is looking hot. Panchi asks where did he get the bike from? Samar says it’s a gift from his father. Panchi is impressed and says she always wanted to ride a bike like this and Samar says it’s all hers. She is worried that she’d look strange on a bike but Samar assures her that it’ll be alright. She sits behind him and off they go!

Anya in the room and notices that Kiya is not there. In the car, RV goes out to buy some water and Kiya realizes she didn’t wear her earrings. RV returns and asks what’s wrong? She tells him sadly about the earrings and RV compliments that she looks beautiful even without them. Kiya is impressed and says to the camera that RV is a true gentleman. Anya calls Kiya from her mother’s cell. Kiya gets scared but RV calms her down. Kiya lies that she isn’t feeling well and Anya catches her lie. She vows to make Kiya pay for making a fool out of them.

Bobby is mad at the slow speed of the car and is worried they’ll have to spend New Year in car. Juhi is excited by this idea. Bobby asks whose idea was it to party in Lonavala? Piddi says Samar’s name and just then, SaChi pass them by on a bike. Bobby is impressed by Samar’s bike and Juhi gets mad at Samar for taking Panchi on a bike and on Panchi for sitting so close to him. Piddi dreams of a bike ride with Bobby but when he suggests it to her, she hits him. KD asks him to calm down.

Samar’s bike stops midway. Panchi asks him to check what’s wrong but he has no idea. Panchi asks if the fuel tank is full? Samar confesses that he doesn’t know as he borrowed the bike from a friend. Panchi wonders why is Samar taking such measures only to impress her? Panchi says it’s alright when Samar asks her if she is mad at him for lying. Panchi says everyone lies, Samar says not her. Panchi says no, she does to. She cheers him up. Samar says they’ll have to park the bike and take lift and asks Panchi to push the bike. She gets shocked hearing this.

SaChi are pushing the bike when YaRa stop by them. RV asks what’s wrong? Samar says sarcastically that they got tired of riding the bike so they are taking a walk with it! RV asks them to hop in the car and park the bike at side, he’ll send someone to pick it up later. Panchi doesn’t like the idea and says they’ll manage on their own and continues to walk but Samar stops her from going by holding her hand. RV gets hurt seeing this.

Precap – KD forcing Kiya to dance with her on Ishq Wala Love. (Most people will call it aggressive and passionate, I like to call it forcing and he definitely deserved a beating for this! You go RV!)

Update Credit to: Mais

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