The Buddy Project 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 22nd October 2013 Written Update

RV realizes the switch and is shocked. He tries explaining to Rukmini but he doesn’t hear anything and hands him the yellow flowers saying he can gladly give them to Panchi and storms off. RV tries talking to Panchi who is frustrated at Rukmini’s behavior. She says to RV if he and Rukmini are having problems, why are they dragging her into it? Can’t RV take care of anything? RV tries pacifying her saying he would take care of everything but now he has to take care of Rukmini. He goes after Rukmini and Panchi goes other way. KD is left alone wondering everyone is stuck in their own problems, who would help him?

Kiya is sitting sadly in canteen when Piddi comes there. But before he can give any of his anti-Rose Day lectures, two girls sweetly play a prank on him much

to Kiya’s entertainment and his pain.

Panchi goes to find Avi who has just finished playing tennis. He excuses himself to change while Panchi waits for him. He gets a text which Panchi reads. It’s from Kush who says that ever since Avi has won over Omi in elections, Omi has become very low. They should do something for fun. Panchi is confused and Avi comes there, asking for his phone. He isn’t pleased. Panchi asks what Kush was talking about. Avi first coldly censures her for checking his phone and Panchi tells him to not avoid the subject. Did he do something wrong to Omi? Avi lies no, nothing like. Panchi tells him that she trusts him so he shouldn’t break it. Piddi comes there and takes Panchi with him.

RV finds Rukmini who is angry and sad. He apologizes to her but she is mad and says she is seeing everything, he is just playing around with her and thinks she is too stupid to notice. RV explains her everything about the mix up in delivery and apologizes again. Rukmini asks why didn’t he give the flowers himself? RV says he wanted to surprise her but instead, the mix up shocked him. He manages to pacify Rukmini and they hug and patch up.

KD finds Kiya in the canteen who doesn’t want to talk to him but he says Piddi is hurt. He takes her to a dark room. Kiya is confused. There, KD has planned a surprise for her. A beautiful holographic image of a rose as her Rose Day present. Kiya is touched and forgives him at his gesture. She asks how did he manage it and it is revealed that the ‘rose’ was RV, Piddi and Rukmini dressed in a black dress with the glittering image of rose on in while Panchi handled the lights. Kiya is extremely touched and delighted as they all wish her a Happy Rose Day on behalf of KD. When all is well done, Panchi wants to rush away but Kiya stops her saying she wants to click a pic of the rose. When even that is done, Panchi wants to run but RV stops her saying he wants to explain the morning fiasco but Panchi is in a hurry and says she’ll talk to him later and runs away, leaving behind a disappointed RV who wanted to talk to her.

Panchi is rushing in the corridor when Omi stops her. She says she is in a hurry but Omi says she better read what he wants her to read else it’d be really late. He hands her a paper, a bill of hostel’s landline bill which has Kush’s number on it. Panchi is confused and Omi explains that it was Kush who had called him on Avi’s behalf and told him about the booth tampering. Panchi is stunned. Omi is mad and says he won’t leave that Avi and will take this matter to JJ and college authorities. Panchi is numb with shock but manages to stop him and asks if he considers her as his friend? Omi calms down seeing her and says once Omi makes someone his friend, it’s for lifetime. Panchi asks for a favor that he will bury this all here. Avi will be punished for his deed but Omi shouldn’t pursue a fight. Omi says that is fine by him, his main intention was to make Panchi realize how wrong Avi is in reality. Panchi thanks him and asks for the paper. Omi gives her the paper and goes away saying he’s her true friend so she shouldn’t request him anything, she has every right on him.

Panchi is standing, thinking about the times Avi lied about not having any hand in of the elections fiasco then about Omi revealing the truth. Avi comes there all happily. She signals for the lights to turn off and a spotlight shines on her. She goes to Avi and says he means everything to her. With him, things feel right. Just seeing him brightens her up. Avi is pleased hearing this and thanks her, reaching out for the bouqet in her hand but Panchi moves it away from his reach. Avi is surprised at her gesture and she continues that all these things, she had planned to say them to him but she won’t anymore.

Precap – RV madly trying to beat Avi up, exclaiming that because of him Panchi left for Delhi, while some guys try to hold him back. RV is not in his senses as he abuses Avi and says because of him everything went wrong, Panchi is gone and he played with her emotions. Avi says whatever happened was between him and Panchi and RV should stay out of it which only angers RV more. Rukmini is seeing all this and is clearly displeased.

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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