The Buddy Project 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 22nd May 2013 Written Update

Kiya is trying to compose her song in her room when Anya (wow, haven’t see her in a while ) enters. She takes her music sheet and sneers that it’s good Kiya is singing behind closed doors to save others from her torture. Kiya calmly asks, shall she continue? Anya replies sneering that she should, as for herself she’s going for recording with Mrs. G. Kiya pays no attention to it and Anya continues, recording…where real singers go. Obviously, she’s doing this to rile Kiya up but Kiya just sarcastically smiles and wishes her luck. Kiya STTC confidently how is she to make her sweet elder sister understand that if she has talent then one day, she’d be a big star.

KD is working on his website and STTC that all there’s left to do is upload Kiya’s video on the page. He’s

sure, once it gets uploaded Kiya’ll be a big star and hopes she makes a beautiful song on that video.

RV is translating some English words to Hindi from his dictionary and STTC that he’s so going to die as it’s really tough. Just then, he gets a skype call from Panchi and he accepts it. He greets her with a “Namaskar” and she goes on saying excitedly that he won’t believe what Omi did today! RV raises his finger to quieten her and she tells him to pay attention as it’s really fun. RV continues in Hindi to not do “that”. Then he gives a word to “that”. Basically he asks her not to interrupt his study session. She asks him if he’s alright and he replies, still going through the dictionary, that he’s having the same problem as her – he’s learning Hindi. Panchi gets excited and asks is he learning Hindi to help her prepare for MVC?! RV replies no, not for her. But for Rukmini, he’s learning it to help her through the RS. Panchi’s mood dampens and she asks can he meet her, she’s not feeling too well. Without looking up, he asks what happened to her all of a sudden? She was chirping till now. She flares up and retorts how would he know if she was chirping or not? It’s not like he looked up to her and angrily shuts off the laptop. This pulls RV out of the dictionary and he IMs her a “Sorry”

JJ is chatting with Tika. She asks him if he’s ready for another challenge? JJ replies with a sorry because he lost that pool challenge. Tika replies it’s alright, it’s good to lose to encourage the other team. JJ retorts yeah, like how Kenya always loses the matches. Tika laughs and compliments his smartness. JJ replies what’s smart is the way she avoided him in that club. Tika says next challenge will be after he does something MAD at his workplace and sends her a video proof. JJ is surprised at this and asks what’s mad? Before she can reply, Avi comes into her room and instinctively, she shuts off the laptop. Seeing her gone, JJ also does the same and thinks about her request.

Avi asks what was she doing on the lappy and she replies nothing important. Avi invites her for icecream. She gets excited at first but then declines the offer. Avi tries tempting her by saying out loud her fav flavors but she still declines. He gets suspicious and asks what was she doing on the laptop to decline icecream with him? Was she talking to her BF? Tika gets serious and replies she has other stuff to do in her life than dealing with a BF and says when she will get a BF, he’d be the first person to know? Avi makes her promise that and after doing so, she pushes him out and tells him to enjoy his icecream alone! (I got a feeling…! )

Panchi is at the icecream parlor, buying icecream when, drum rolls please, AVI comes there (see, meri feeling was right on spot ) He sees her and sneaks behind her and gives her a scare. She jumps in shock and drops her icecream. She is surprised to see him there and says he scared her. Avi grins that more than her, her icecream got scared and picks it up. She stops him from doing so but he picks it up and asks her permission to let him buy her another one and she agrees. He orders two icecreams of her preference and asks how come she’s there alone? Where’s Ranveer? She gets serious at this and says he didn’t have time for her, he was busy. Avi replies he gets the feeling, no one has time for him as well. Panchi is surprised and asks even Tika? Avi says yeah and goes on telling her how when they were kids, AviKa used to love going out for icecreams (You know, I so wish they’d talk about something else other than their childhood memories…kuch apni memories banao yaar! ) and they even named their dog “Choco Bar”. Panchi laughs at this and Avi tells her once, Tika had dared him to snatch the icecream from the first person who gets out of the icecream parlor. Surprised, Panchi asks did he do it? Avi shrugs that yes he did and she asks what happened next. Avi replies nothing much just that guy happened to be a policeman. Panchi is shocked while Avi just laughs that the guy complained to his father and his father scolding him while he just glared at the policeman with a voiceover inside him saying how he’d take revenge from that guy for getting him scolded and it’s nice that he took the policeman’s icecream! Panchi is shocked and asks didn’t he feel just a bit guilty? Avi shakes his head and says not one bit, after all, everything’s fair when it comes to icecream! They laugh and get their order. Avi licks his icecream and comments that Panchi has a very nice choice and they continue talking (*le sigh* it was sweet…RaHi ka na sahi tou ViChi ice cream scene hi chalega )

Next day at ICC. In canteen, Cs&Ds go on taunting and chanting their respective RS representatives names. PraShav come there and silently take a separate table, trying not to pay attention. The taunts are nasty and end up with C2 hitting a D with a shoe. Predictably, it all ends up in a fight but JeeMi just stand by in silence, seeing their guys fight. Just then, Panchi comes there and sees the fights. Our dudes see her and jump into action to break off the fight. Avi mumbles to the victim that they’d take revenge later while Omi does the same to the culprit. They both rush to Panchi and invite her to sit with them, arguing over whose side she’d sit on. Chintu (he’s my favorite kabab mein haddi ) sees this and silences them saying no one will create a ruckus in his cafe! He goes to Panchi and says she’ll (he calls her Panchi JEE! ) sit on a special table near the speakers and listen to the show. Panchi silently follows him and sits on the chair. Omi whispers to Chintu to bring her a special masala tea and Avi refuses saying she’d drink cold drink as she likes it better. Ignoring them both, Chintu asks Panchi shall he bring her special coffee for her and she nods. JeeMi ko hogayi beizzati and Chintu asks them to go back to their seats as the matter is solved now (My hero! )

RV enters the cafe, looking for Panchi but the Ds stand up to welcome him and wish him luck. It’s evident he just wants to get to Panchi but still, he takes all the wishes. Kiya comes there and wishes him as well and Piddi does the same. RV goes to Panchi and asks her won’t she smile and wish him luck? Doesn’t she know he can’t do well if he won’t see her smile and has her wishes to his side (Allah!! So. Damn. Meant. To. BE!!! ) Panchi looks away as she has tears in her eyes. RV jokes a bit that she’s strange, he asked her to smile and she’s crying. If he would’ve asked her to cry, would she have smiled then? Panchi doesn’t reply and he gets it that she’s still mad at him so he turns around to leave but Panchi gets up and holds his hand. He is surprised and she hugs him. RV gets happy at that while Panchi just tries to control her overwhelming emotions (guess Biwi is right…she is still not over him. God..that makes me happy and sad as well. Hayye..mere Magic wale RaHi! <3) She lets go and says he's the worst and the best type of person in the world and wishes him luck. Kiya comes there and excitedly says now his show will be rocking! RV says the show will rock if it'd happen and it can't happen if Mini isn't there and asks them have they seen her? The girls shake their heads and RV goes off to look for her, with KiyAn behind him. Cs&Ds start their chants again (hopeless people ) RV and KiyAn keep searching for Mini but she's nowhere to be found. RV is worried that the time to begin the show is here but Mini isn't here yet. Precap – VeeNi begin the show with everyone listening to it in the cafe. The countdown happens and it goes on air but just then, due to some technical difficulty, there’s some problem in the sound system. Mini says to RV it’s a sign that she shouldn’t do the show and RV replies these technical difficulties happen all the time, they’ll fix it soon. Everyone is listening to this in the cafe and Panchi gets up. Mini says she’s leaving and RV tries to stop her. Just then, Panchi comes and informs them that they are live on-air!

Update Credit to: Mais

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