The Buddy Project 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts from where it left yesterday. Teach asks Samar about his partner. Juhi and Panchi stand up excitedly. Panchi gets guilty when she sees Juhi’s excitement. Samar says Panchi’s name and Juhi is shocked. She looks at Panchi, hurt but Panchi looks away. Ranveer gets just a little hurt with Samar saying Panchi’s name.

Samar is chatting with a few boys and Juhi comes there demanding to know about his decision. Samar excuses from the boys and asks her what she wants to know? Juhi gets mad and taunts him for acting all innocent about his decision to take Panchi to the party. She calls him YNI! Samar doesn’t know what it means and Juhi elaborates it as “You have no idea!” as to how insulted she felt in front of the class. He explains that Panchi asked him out and he just said yes without thinking much, he had no intention of ever hurting Juhi. Juhi leaves from there and Samar gets fb of RV telling him that Juhi is into girls. He is shocked and says to the camera that he understands Juhi is shocked that he took away her partner but how will he make her realize that India isn’t that advanced that girls can take entry as a couple!

KD is walking in the corridor overlooking the grounds. He notices Kiya talking to a few girls. He keeps looking at her as she leaves from there. She stops and looks up at him, staring at her but then leaves silently. Piddi comes to KD and asks him what’s he looking? KD says he was observing the school architecture. Piddi asks what does he like the most? Smooth surfaces or the arches? KD gets mad hearing this and grabs Piddi’s collar saying does he have no shame talking about girls in this manner? Piddi is confused and says he was referring to school architecture, not girls. Piddi says to KD if he likes Kiya, he should tell her that. KD says he can’t. Piddi says he can stand here and stare at her but not talk? And it’s not you just like her, it’s more the case of Ishq Wala Love. KD hits him at that. Piddi tries persuading him to confess as he is going to propose Bobby at the party, it’s 100% sound advice. KD retorts that it’s 100% sound but 0% advice! Piddi says that KD should take advantage of the romantic atmosphere of the party and confess. KD replies he won’t cuz he ain’t coming to the party as he can’t afford it, he has to take up a job and pay his father’s loan. Piddi says he’ll take care of the party, KD just has to come but KD is adamant.

[Song Sequence – Tu Ne Jo Na Kaha from movie Newyork]

Juhi is in locker room, crying. She takes out her laptop and tries to be normal by being active on Facebook but keeps on crying. She has fbs to some HiMa moments. In washroom, KD has fbs to KiSha moments and then YaRa moments and he gets frustrated. Piddi notices Juhi crying and is confused.

KD at home is searching job online but no luck. He then starts looking up Kiya’s pics and video of Sajnaa Aa Bhi Jaa performance. He gets a call from Piddi but disconnects it. CKD comes there and asks KD to be with him at the New Year Party hosted at their neighbourhood but KD refuses the offer. Piddi comes there and says the same to KD, to come party. Piddi says to CKD that he should go enjoy with his friends and KD will enjoy with his friends. CKD leaves from there, asking KD to have fun. KD again says to Piddi that he won’t go.

Samar, all dressed up on the road. He asks a passerby how come there is no taxi here? The man tells him there is taxi strike. Samar is shocked!

Kiya is on the bed. Anya is asking her to get up and go to the party with her. Kiya refuses saying that she has a headache. Anya says she’ll be so busy at the party, Kiya must come! Kiya asks what does Anya want, a secretary? Anya shamelessly replies, yes. Kiya again talks of her headache. Anya calls Mrs.G. Mrs.G asks Anya to let Kiya be as she must really be feeling unwell as who would ditch such a happening party? Anya finally agrees and Kiya moans if only she wasn’t feeling unwell…Anya and Mrs.G turn to leave and Kiya smirks at them.

Piddi is still persuading KD but KD refuses to budge. Piddi even says that Kiya will be there but KD doesn’t care. Piddi says it was better that the Mayapuri people were right and world should have ended in 2012 as he can’t bear to start new year without KD. KD corrects him that it was Mayan Civilization, not Mayapuri and Piddi just shrugs. He tries emotional blackmailing KD and KD gives in. Piddi has brought him a present, it’s a new shirt. KD seeing the shirt says it’s fit for a party wear and since seeing the shirt has made him want to wear it, he’ll go to the party. Piddi gets ecstatic hearing this and KD laughs as Piddi dances in joy.

Precap – Kiya gets ready for party and leaves with RV who has come to pick her up. Anya notices Kiya’s empty room and smirks as she plans to make Kiya’s life hell.

Update Credit to: Mais

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