The Buddy Project 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 21st October 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 21st October 2013 Written Update

Piddi gets a little psychotic, exclaiming that everyone is trying to rub the fact that he’s single on his face. He makes RV and KD the target of his Single Man wrath respectively.

RV finds Rukmini who is hurt and blames RV that he is just putting up an act of loving her when in fact, he is in love with Panchi as she saw it herself. RV laughs it off and explains that Panchi was rehearsing her confession to Avi in front of her. He does love Panchi but only as a friend. He truly loves Rukmini only. He hands her flowers and they hug and patch up.

Kiya and Panchi are together at Panchi’s place who is excitedly telling Kiya all her plans to celebrate Rose Day with Avi. She senses Kiya is feeling low and asks her about it. Kiya tells her all about KD not accepting

her gifts. Panchi tries explaining that Kiya is well aware of KD’s personality but Kiya isn’t in the mood for that. She says KD always makes his own rules and doesn’t care about other person’s feelings. Kiya is damn upset.

RanSh are also together, discussing KD’s issue. Then they become a little crazy and say how girls have so many expectations regarding every day! Then they become crazier still and RV roleplays as Gabbar and KD as Thakkur and they talk about how KD has to do something special for Kiya to make it up to her as she is very upset. KD is clueless about what to do and asks what are RV’s plans? RV explains his idea of sending red roses to Rukmini in the morning and yellow ones to Panchi and the whole day, he’d keep on giving them flowers respectively. KD is impressed by his idea.

RanSh go to book flowers for RV’s idea but the owner guy is too distracted on phone. Anyway, they manage to buy the flowers and RV gives the man instructions regarding the deliveries.

In the morning, Rukmini gets the flowers delivered to her. Yes, they are yellow. She is surprised seeing the yellow flowers with the message, “To the most important person of my life. – Ranveer”.

Panchi gets red roses and she thinks they are from Avi and gets happy. But the message says, “To the love of my life. – Ranveer”. She is shocked seeing RV’s name on the flowers. Mrs.R sees the flowers and message is surprised that her daughter is dating her best friend but Panchi explains that RV might’ve screwed up again. He failed to distinguish between red and yellow flowers. Mrs.R laughs and shakes her head saying today’s generation is all weird, they measure relationships based on the color of flowers.

In college, Panchi is looking for RV all around. She comes across KD who is mighty upset. She sits with him to talk to him and says Kiya told her everything. She tries explaining that when two people are angry at the same time, one has to step back. If Kiya is upset, KD can try to make things work. KD retorts he isn’t exactly pleased with the situation either. Panchi says KD is smart, he’ll think of something. In fact, she will think with him together. KD seems to get an idea and gets up saying let’s find RV first.

RV is all happy with his plan and gloating that he’d keep surprising Panchi and Rukmini with the flowers the whole day. PanSh catch up to him. While KD wants to talk about his idea, Panchi keeps pointing to the flowers. She asks RV what are these supposed to be and RV replies these are beautiful flowers for her from her boyfriend! Panchi bursts out why did RV send her red roses and RV is shocked. Rukmini is seeing this and she comes to them. RV sees the yellow flowers in her hand and asks who are they for? Rukmini tells him she got them from him and RV is extra shocked as he realizes the flowers got switched.

Precap – Panchi is going off somewhere in a hurry and Omi stops her. He hands her some papers and says she better read them before it’s too late. Panchi is shocked seeing them. Panchi confronts Avi saying she wanted to give him flowers today but instead, she is giving him these papers and asks why did he do it?! Avi bursts out that yes, he did set up the trap because he has problem with Omi. Panchi is crying that because of his trap, her friends were in so much trouble. KiSha and VeeNi are together in the canteen, laughing and happy and RV wonders where is Panchi? Kiya calls on her phone and says that it’s coming swtiched off. RV gets concerned. He goes to Panchi’s house where he is informed that Panchi with her mother have gone to Delhi for a few days.

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