The Buddy Project 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 21st May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 21st May 2013 Written Update

Omi is performing the script for Panchi! ( the very first visual made me crack! ) He’s all dressed as a Yamraj and they, MiChi and Omi’s Cs, are in some sort of dressing room. While the Cs play the tablas as a BG music, Panchi keeps consulting the script as Omi performs in pure Hindi. There seem to be a few jokes lying here and there but they are too hard for me, and apparently for Panchi as well, to understand. Khair, the show goes on At the end of it, Panchi reluctantly claps and the Cs follow. C2 (TD being the first C ) applauds and praises Omi for his acting, just like Sunil Shetty. Omi hits with the “gadda” at this (that’s what it’s called, right? That thingy which Yamraj carries? ) and warns him if he insults his art next time, it won’t be good for him. TD compliments

Omi for still being in the character (Omi had warned in Hindi ) Panchi gets up and asks why did he beat C2 when he had praised him? Omi wrathfully replies that wrong praise always equals to abuse! Then he gets back to reality and asks Panchi to do what he just did. He sits beside her and tells her to read aloud. She is nervous but does so while he corrects her mistakes. While the tutoring session is on, TD and C2 fall asleep behind them. At the end, Panchi gets frustrated and says she can’t do it, it’s too difficult and asks Omi to repeat his performance and she’d record it. Omi agrees and Panchi gets out her cell phone. Omi starts with a horrendous laugh which makes TD and C2 wake up )

Piddi asks Kiya did she think about their project? Kiya denies it and asks did he? Piddi starts with a long speech whose topic is that he can’t think the stories about a short story. KD motions Piddi to get to the topic and when Kiya asks Piddi what he’s blabbering about, he laughs and says he was joking but he does have an idea. Kiya gets excited and asks what’s it about. Piddi mumbles that’s the problem, he has two ideas. Kiya replies that’s good, they’ll choose the better out of it. KD is eying Piddi suspiciously. Piddi nervously tells her about the MV idea. Kiya thinks about it and says it’s okay. KD excitedly gets up hearing her affirmation and Piddi is also happy but then Kiya asks what’s the second idea? This dampens PraShav’s mood and Piddi says what’s the need of second idea when the first idea is so awesome. Kiya says there’s every need! Piddi mumbles the idea about Piddi Man and KD facepalms and STTC, more like curses that Piddi is back on the same track. Kiya becomes way too excited and says it’s a superb idea, much to KD’s astonishment! Piddi also gets excited and KiPi start doing a cool and hip “Yo Yo Piddi Man” dance. KD decides to take matters in his own hands and goes to Piddi say his mother has called him. Piddi asks why would Mrs. P call on KD’s phone and KD replies just like that..Piddi says he’ll talk later and KD forces him to get up to talk (Oh god…whole episode again wasted on PraShav. I feel like killing the editor! The editing these days has been crap to say the least! )

KD persuades Piddi about the MV idea, through force and emotional blackmail. Piddi agrees at the end of it, though half heartedly.

RV comes to meet JJ in the office and tells him that Mini has been freaking out a lot cuz of the show and the way she’s going, he doesn’t think she’ll be able to do it. JJ replies, so? The show is RV’s and so is the problem. Instead of solving it, he has come in the office whining about it, that too a day before going on air. Has he thought anything about the problem? RV says he has an idea but that’s too drastic and he needs JJ’s permission for that. JJ asks will the idea help Mini? RV replies confidently that it would but chances are that the show would be a major flop cuz of it. JJ says just because RV wants to help Mini, he has his support and whatever the consequences, they’d face it together. RV thanks him and turns to leave and JJ says RV didn’t tell him about the plan. RV replies better than telling, he’d directly show it to JJ and JJ is impressed.

Piddi say to Kiya that he can’t be selfish with the Piddi Man idea and they should do the MV. Kiya says she’s not so talented that she’d compose a song on her own. To help Piddi, KD sends Piddi a message to encourage Kiya to say yes to the MV idea. Of course, Piddi can’t be clear and discreet at the same time and ends up saying strange things which were to encourage Kiya and end up confusing her. Piddi says at end that she composed before as well and she can do it now too! KD gets a flashback of Kiya demonstrating her new composition on guitar to fellow RA students.

Kiya thanks Piddi for remembering this and Piddi says why won’t he? She’s his good Buddy and says that she sings very well. Kiya says but she doesn’t have a song now. At this, KD pulls his chair and sits beside Kiya. He says he couldn’t help listening to their convo and reminds Kiya that she had come up with a tune few days ago, she can compose a song on it. Piddi agrees that they can use it for their MV idea. KD gets all excited and asks Piddi is the MV idea his? Piddi shakes his head and KD forcefully makes him nod it and praises that with this idea, KiPi would rock! Kiya says she’s not sure and PraShav beg her to say yes. Kiya finally does so. KD can’t hold his excitement and after strangling Piddi with a bone crushing hug, in his excitement hugs Kiya. They have a moment.

Precap – In cafe, Panchi is sitting sadly and RV asks her won’t she wish him? She doesn’t reply so he turns to leave. Panchi holds his hand and hugs him. she tells him he’s he the worst and best person in the world and wishes him luck. Kiya excitedly tells RV now his show would be rocking! RV replies it’d be rocking if it happens and it’d happen when Mini will come. He asks them have they seen Mini anywhere?

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