The Buddy Project 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 21st January 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 21st January 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Piddi asking Samar to say what he said again as he didn’t hear, Samar tells him to stop over-acting and tells him that in this party he can only enter along with his partner and he has already tagged everyone in the class for the invite, Piddi thanks him for thinking of such a brilliant idea and kisses him and he screams out
Everyone is busy reading about the party invite on their cellphones
Juhi to the camera: OMGEEE Partyy and finally after ages she has her phone back and finally it feels like she has got her life back
RV to the camera: if he convinces Panchi to go with him then maybe things will get sorted out between them like before
Panchi in the locker room asks the girls if it’s a couple party, one of them tells her it is and girls are allowed to enter without any partner but boys aern’t, she further tells Panchi that she doesn’t need to worry as she has RV to go with to the party like always
RV enters the locker room and is standing on the other side, Panchi tells the girl those days are history, this time she wont go with RV, the girl says how so as she is his bestfriend, Panchi gets irritated and leaves but stops as she meets RV on the other side, she ignores him and leaves
Samar is busy flirting with two girls and talking about the party, Panchi comes there asking Samar for a favour, he asks her what can he do for her, Panchi tells him she wants to welcome this new year with him and asks him out for the party, RV behind the bookshelf watches them, while the two girls sitting with Samar get up and leave
Panchi sees RV and tells Samar that if he doesn’t come with her then she wouldn’t go to the party while Samar starts thinking he with her how, Samar then gets up and says actually he was going to ask those girls out, Panchi is about to leave but Samar holds back her hand and says he was just joking, he takes her hand in his and says he promises to go to the party with her, RV is sad watching them
Panchi thanks Samar and looks towards RV, Samar also looks at him, Panchi ignores him and thanks Samar and leaves, Samar goes to RV and explains him about Panchi coming to him asking to go with her, RV tells him its ok as he knows Panchi wont go with him but he is glad that atleast she is going with Samar and tells him to take care of her
RV tells him now he wont worry too much for her, Samar tells him but he is her buddy, RV says he isn’t now its only that she is his buddy but he is not
Samar gets a call from Piddi who tells him to sometimes use the phone which he got them back, he then says Samar made him happy with the party plan but didn’t say how will Bobby come with him to the party, Samar assures him that Bobby will go with him only to the party he just needs to play an act of sympathy, he tells Piddi he will message him what to do and he just needs to follow on that msg
Samar goes to class and sits in the front desk hoping to get Bobby’s attention, Bobby calls him and tells him to come sit with her, Piddi waits for Samar’s message and after getting it he becums excited and thinks if things work out according to this plan then his life is set
Back in class Bobby asks shocked what, Samar tells her yes Piddi is hell depressed and even he couldn’t bear to see him and asks Bobby to talk maybe he might become okay, Bobby thinks and asks him where is Piddi
Piddi in the buddy caf set eight cups out on the bench and pours a little bit of coffee in each cup, he then switches on his laptop and plays a sad old song, takes out his notebook and on one page fills it with ‘party’ and on the other page with ‘partner’, he keeps the book open beside the laptop and lies down like a dukhi aatma looking towards the buddy caf door
Bobby comes to him and asks what happened, he tells her nothing happened but he knows something will happen, Bobby asks what, he tells her he will have 2 sleepless nights, Bobby asks him what is the problem a little irritated, Piddi tells her he is like an old century landline phone which is better dead and screams out its better he dies
Piddi to the camera: Samar said at this point either Bobby will hug him or kiss him on his cheeks
Piddi opens his hands wide open and Bobby comes to him and gives him a tight slap
Piddi to the camera: Nawab has made a mess of him, first Bobby was angry and now a slap, he will tell Bobby the truth that he wasn’t depressed and all
He is about to tell but Bobby tells him off to shut up and not to even think about it otherwise she will keep hitting him, she looks at the book and says if something would have happened to him, Piddi says so, Bobby says so who would have gone with her to the party, Piddi’s face turns 360 degrees and he starts dancing dabbang style dinka chika
Bobby says but she has a condition, if like last time he brings a silly dress for her then he is dead, Piddi tells her not to worry he learns from his mistakes only, he tells her to leave all that and lets have coffee as he didn’t have for so long, Bobby says he didn’t have coffee then whose are those 8 cups, Piddi makes up an excuse in the excitement of cancelling suicide he forgot he had coffee, Bobby tells him she doesn’t want to have coffee and says to lets go to class
In the classroom everyone is in party mood, music is on Samar Juhi and others are dancing, Kiya enters and takes her seat and Juhi pulls her to come and dance but she refuses, Juhi still persuades and pulls her, she then tells her she will play Kiya’s favorite song and plays ‘Ishq wala Love’
Kiya Juhi and other girls start dancing on the song, KD comes and smiles watching them, Kiya then asks RV to join with them and dances with him which makes KD jealous, Piddi and Bobby come and look at them standing along with KD, Panchi comes and sees YaRa dancing and ignores and goes to her seat
KD on the other hand imagines himself with Kiya, he then starts thinking about the moments he spent with Kiya, Piddi pats KD on the shoulder asking him to sit, YaRa stops dancing
Kiya and RV both go to otherside of the class while KD watches them, Samar Juhi Piddi and Bobby and other ppl start dancing on ‘Matru ki bijli ka mandola’
RV tells Kiya she looks a lot fresh nowdays, she says that nowdays everything is peaceful at home, with Piddi’s suicide attempt her mom has become a bit softer, she then says Piddi is such a looser why did he have to attempt for suicide, RV tells her to chill and save her energy for the NY party
Kiya says right but she doesn’t think her mom will allow, her mom only allows her to go to clubs and put up a smile and take pictures with celebs and come on pg 3 which is so boring, RV tells her he can take her out he has a trick, Kiya asks but he will go with Panchi, RV a little sad says he wont be going with Panchi, Kiya asks if they still have tension between them, RV nods and Kiya tells him its ok she will go with him, while KD watches them all jealous
Everyone is grooving to the music when the teacher comes in and switches off the music, they all go back to their seats, teacher asks them how is the party plan going, Ruby tells ma’am Samar has planned out everything, she then asks who is going with whom, Piddi tells her he is going with Bobby, ma’am asks Kiya who is she going with, Kiya replies with RV as Panchi and KD look at them
Teacher then asks Samar who is he going with and behind both Juhi and Panchi stand up excitedly, Panchi looks at Juhi who is excitedly jumping, Samar on the other hand is in confused state whom to choose as he thinks about Juhi and then about Panchi who asked him out for the party

Precap: Juhi and Panchi look at each other a bit sad

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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