The Buddy Project 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 21st February 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 21st February 2014 Written Update

Kiya is sleeping when Panchi and Ranveer enter and scare her. Kiya gets up and finds KD there. She hugs him. Panchi and Ranveer feel they should leave them alone for while. KD blames himself for Kiya getting separated from her family, but Kiya says she always wanted an independent life and it’s good that she won’t have to go back to that house now. KD says but you cannot just cut off from family like that. They then share some time together. They were about to kiss when Panchi and Ranveer come back again. They tease them. Ranveer tells Panchi he didn’t know all this is allowed in her house, she never let him do anything like that. Panchi and Kiya beat him up. Ranveer then tells KD if he’s out of vacation mood, then they have a lot of work to do. Ranveer is tensed and

is again and again looking at his phone.

Ranveer and Panchi come outside. Panchi asks him if he won’t share his problem with her. Ranveer loses his hope, and right then gets a call from Maya. Maya tells him she will come to their college tomorrow and if she’s impressed with their presentation, then she will sponsor them. Ranveer is excited. Maya reminds him that she didn’t say she will sponsor yet. She also asks him to arrange a meeting with Anirudh. Ranveer tells this to Panchi. They hug and this time they are caught by KD and Kiya who tease them.

Piddi brings Sheeba to his house, but is afraid to go in front of his mother. His mother comes and even Sheeba cannot say the truth to her. She says they are friends and she’s new here so Piddi said he will show the city to her. They decided to start with his own house. Piddi’s mum says she’s fine with it. Later, Piddi’s mum is showing his childhood photos to Sheeba and Piddi doesn’t like it. Piddi’s mum tells him to go inside if he’s getting bored. Piddi is amazed seeing bonding of his mum with Sheeba. He’s getting embarrassed and takes away the album. Sheeba runs after him. Piddi’s mum smiles looking at them.

Next day, all buddies are getting presentation ready. Ranveer is very tensed and he takes out his frustration at everyone. He tells Piddi to go and get dressed professionally and gets mad at everyone else for different reasons. KD tries to joke, but he gets mad saying they have to get serious now.

Ranveer comes to Anirudh and tells him that he’s confident they will get sponsor after showing their presentation. Anirudh tells him not to trust corporate world that easily. Ranveer says Maya is different, she is reliable and trustworthy. Anirudh is shocked to hear that name. Ranveer tells him to join them for the presentation.

All buddies show their presentation to Maya. Anirudh enters late and he tries to see Maya’s face. Maya is impressed with their presentation and says she will sponsor them. All buddies are overjoyed. Ranveer introduces Anirudh to Maya. Anirudh is shocked to see her. He recalls his college days with her and episode ends.

Precap: Maya tells Anirudh his students are very excited and he has given a right guidance to them. Maya tells Ranveer not to have classical dance as their audience won’t be of Anirudh’s age. Then there is a fight between Panchi and Ranveer over that topic. Anirudh is shocked to see that while Maya smiles and says Anirudh’s time is over.

Update Credit to: JD

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