The Buddy Project 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 20th May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 20th May 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Panchi practicing the hindi script by Omi and going mad trying to make sense of it, she sits down helplessly, just then she gets an sms from Omi saying sorry and that he will reach in 5 min, Panchi thinks he has been keeping her waiting from so long
She turns to see Avi in the corridor saying hi to her, Panchi waves back

Panchi to the camera: Omi is going to come and Avi is already here, she has to send Avi back otherwise if the two meet then martial arts audition will begin
Panchi jumps up as Avi comes to her and says hi and looks around for Omi, Avi also looks around and asks how is her preparation going for the contest, Panchi screams out its going good to keep his attention to her, Avi tells her it’s a very prestigious competition and says he has

been following it for a couple of years and he is sure she will only win
Panchi panics and says no how can she as there are so many rounds, and goes on looking for Omi, Avi says as a matter-of-factly she will win all the rounds, he tells her there will be four rounds, first lightning quiz, he tells her she is so good in studies so there is no problem and then second is personality round and her personality is so charming so she just needs to be herself and go there and he is sure she can answer everything confidently

He further goes on about third round which is music her favorite, Panchi nods tensed, he tells her she just needs to proof herself as a good singer which she is, he gives her a tip that she should choose a song that showcases her range as Panchi looks around tensed, he then says fourth is entertainment round and asks her what did she think for that as Panchi looks helpless
Panchi tells him she will manage it all somehow, Avi tells her seriously to not take it all lightly and informs her that in entertainment he will help her out, Panchi screams out ‘No’ and that she will manage when she turns to see Omi coming and freaks out and turns back to Avi saying she wants to have coffee and tells him to lets go to canteen and have coffee, she takes hold of his hand and makes a run to the canteen
They reach the canteen and Avi asks for any specifications or anything, Panchi says no anything will be fine, Avi turns to make the order while Panchi runs to the corridor to peek and see if Omi is coming, Avi turns to find Panchi gone and calls out to her, she comes back to Avi, he asks her to sit but Panchi refuses saying she has to go to washroom, she tells him to wait since he ordered, she tells him to wait going all hyper and runs off from there leaving a confused Avi

Omi is waiting near the staircase and stops a guy and looks at his watch, he tells the guy its showing yesterday’s time, just then Panchi comes running and apologizes for being late, Omi says its okay as it suits girls being late(aww sadu bacha in action), Panchi asks if they can go somewhere else and talk, they were running up the staircase when a guy clashes with Panchi and says sorry, Panchi gives thumps up that its okay but Omi stops him
He tells the guy to apologise properly, the guy mumbles as Omi keeps hitting him and telling him to say sorry properly, Panchi says it was just a mistake, Omi screams out it wasn’t any mistake and asks the guy if he ever clashed into a moving truck or a mad bull till today, the guy says no, Omi says he knows such guys nowdays who clashes with girls deliberately saying its a mistake, the guy apologizes saying he slipped, Panchi tries to say something but Omi slap the guy and says sorry and says his hand slipped by mistake(OMG this guy is soo hilarious and cuteee, aww abhi se so protective about Panchi hehe), Omi catches his collar

Panchi turns in frustration to see Avi in the corridor with coffee in his hands looking around for Panchi(Oh damn this is too good, ek taraf Avi ek taraf Omi, bechari Panchi ko stress attack aane wala hai, poor Avi roaming around with the coffee mugs looking around for her), Panchi freaks out and tells Omi to leave the guy and takes hold of his hand and runs while Omi blushes pointing at her hands on his(OMGEE MiChi are another couple who drive me crazyyy shit the look on Omi’s face damn Samridh really nailed it)
Kiya is talking to some girls as KD and Piddi come there and KD tells Piddi that he will try to convince Kiya and no mistakes, he turns to see the camera toy car and looks at the guys sitting beside, KD looks at the car again beside Kiya and he glares at the guys angrily, KD angrily goes to them and tells them to stop it and takes off the remote, Kiya looks at them
The guy tells KD the game is still on and asks him to give the remote back, KD says no the car had an accident, he asks how, KD goes to the car and kicks it off, Kiya looks confused while Piddi becomes tensed, he tries to say something to KD but KD stops him, he tells the guys just because they are in media college doesn’t mean they can shoot anything, Piddi tries to talk to him but he doesn’t listen

Kiya comes there asking what is going on, Piddi tells him to stop and listen to him, Kiya asks KD why is he fighting, KD is about to explain when the guy the speaks up and says Ma’am told them to shoot for a short film but seems like he likes action films and pushes KD, KD attacks them and they start fighting when Kiya comes in between and tells them to stop, the guy tells him why is he getting angry as they were just playing a game not shooting an mms

KD looked hurt as the guys left taking the remote from him, Kiya looks at him hurt and leaves off from there as KD follows calling out to her
Kiya goes to an empty classroom and thinks about what the guy said, she goes through fb of farewell and cries, KD comes there, he calls her name but Kiya refuses to speak with him right now, KD puts his hand on her shoulders and turns her around, KD teary-eyed tells her she still doesn’t trust him, he tells her they were best buddies and he could never post that mms, he asks her to trust him

KD holds her hands clutching it in between his hands and tells her that after so long they became friends, he requests her crying not to break this friendship again(OMG OMG OMG damn i soo cried this was soo AH-Mazinggg, shit the way he cried and said that aaahhh and then the music shit they are soo freaking hawt even in an emotional scene), Kiya nods crying, KD looks at her crying happily, both look at each other with tujhko jo paaya in the bg(this part was soo BEAUITFUL until…BAM)

KD comes off his dream(WAT THE WAT THE shit it was all a dream aaahhh why do they have such amazing seskilicious dreams and imaginationskuch real mai bhi dikhaoo cvs though i dont mind imaginations as well on the sideline always)and looks at Kiya in the classroom and turns away leaving, Kiya turns to see him leaving (this whole sequence was beautifully shot…totally LOVED it)
Omi takes two boxes and places near Panchi and sits taking his cup of tea from her, Panchi thanks him for giving the script for the entertainment round for the contest and she is sure that its really great and it sounded a bit funny too, Omi laughs and then thinks and asks her she hasn’t read it yet, Panchi says she did but then the hindi he wrote is really tough for her to understand and she was even having problems reading it, she then asks him to read it then it will be easy for her, Omi looks around and asks here, Panchi says yeah whats the problem and pleads him to read it
Omi tells her they should go to rehearsal hall, Panchi asks whats the problem here as it is his adda, Omi murmurs to himself that’s the problem, just then Omi’s friends come and Panchi says his friends also came and tells him they should call them also and she calls them saying Omi is going to perform while Omi tries to hide his face

One of them smiles at Omi and says when Panchi said to perform he is performing and when they asked him to sing something yesterday night then, Panchi asks then what, the guy holds his cheeks and says ‘humare kaan ke niche bhaja diya’, Panchi laughs and tells him to start performing

The other guy asks Omi what is he performing, Panchi says comedy, one of the guys asks which comedy film’s line is he going to perform, Omi says frustrated its not comedy its literature(didnt get the word he said though but guessed it must be literature), Omi says yeah there is a difference btw comedy and literature and he goes on telling them how amazing hindi literature is and how nowdays people neglect it, Panchi says that’s why she is saying to read it front of everyone so that everyone knows how rich is hindi literature
RV tells Rukmini that because of this language problem she is going to ruin the whole opportunity, he asks her if she is understanding what he is saying and asks her to say something, Ruks helplessly says she cant do this, RV says without any effort she wants to give up so soon, Ruks tells him off to think whatever he wants to as anyways English educated people like them think of others as losers only

RV screams out and tells her to stop categorizing him always, Ruks is about to leave from there when RV holds her back, RV tells her she very well knows he isn’t like that and he never insulted or pranked or laughed on her, he pleads her to stop demeaning him always like that
Kiya goes to canteen and orders her coffee, Piddi comes to her and KD stands on her other side, Piddi asks if she is angry, Kiya says no, Piddi still comforts her and says its ok people talk and its their habit to talk so she shouldn’t take any tension, he then tells her to think dogs bark but elephants keep walking, Kiya looks at him and he says sorry his tongue keeps blabbering all stupid jokes

He tells her to just think that hot girls walk and dogs start barking, KD shuts his eyes, Kiya smiles and tells Piddi that whatever happened was past and she wants to forget that and move ahead, KD smiles, Piddi says then on this she should give a hi5, she gives hi5 and Piddi tells her she is the first girl to give her hi5 on his hand as rest others were like OMG and holds his cheeks (hahaha Piddi is the most adorable friend ever, aaahh love KiPi scenes and plus KD also there…its a treat to watch the trio)
Kiya lightly hits him and goes with her coffee to the table, Piddi follows calling her and tells her he wanted to say sorry, Kiya asks why, Piddi was about to say about the camera toy thing when KD brings Piddi’s coffee and pats his shoulders, Piddi thanks him and KD goes and sits on the next table, Piddi tells Kiya that it was his idea about the whole camera toy thing and shooting girls shoes, KD signals him not to say but too late, Kiya shocked says what and starts hitting him saying he is disgusting and how could he think something like that

Piddi screams in pain while KD gives a little clap for his sabashi, Piddi screams out not to do any violence as he is apologizing, Kiya slaps him right then on the face and warns him if he does it again she is going to kill him(OMG aaj tou pura Bobby ki yaad aagayi how she used to hit Piddi giving him warningshehehe awww love KiPi), Piddi holding his cheeks says he wont do it again, Kiya goes back to her coffee, KD smiles

Precap: KD tells Kiya not to waste time and please say yes(OMG OMG heart attackshit Fahad lukd sooo cuteee damn the way he went ‘please’ aaahhh i cant wait to see this), Piddi also says please say yes, Kiya says ok ok and tells them they will make a music video, KD hugs her happily as she goes confused and shocked and they look at each other(Aaahhh me dead and lost hahaha shit that was soo cuteee the way he hugged her yipppeee i cant wait to see this whole scene and that too with Piddi along its going to be soo hilariously cuteee)

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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