The Buddy Project 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 20th March 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 20th March 2014 Written Update

The buddies decide to talk to Maya for Anirudh. Before they talk to her, they listen her conversation with Girish regarding money and saving him about arranging fake police and saving him. The buddies are shocked. They can’t believe how someone can be so evil. KD tells everyone that Maya must have given empty bag to them and now accusing them for stealing money. Other buddies agree with him. They are called by Dean.

Dean is requesting Maya not to cancel the sponsorship, but in vain. Anirudh comes and Dean scolds him for not doing anything despite knowing money is lost. He stays quiet. The buddies come and say Maya is lying, she never gave them any money. Maya gets mad and says she will file a police complaint against them. Dean requests her not to. She says if they want sponsorship from her company, then rusticate all the buddies otherwise get ready to shut down the college as no fest meaning no trustees meaning no college. She leaves.

Anirudh goes to Maya and asks why she is doing this with the buddies. She wants revenge from him, then hurt him. Maya says he took away biggest happiness of her life from her and now she will take away his biggest achievement – the buddies – from him.

KD is upset. Kiya comes to him and tells him not to lose hope. There’s much more in life than small problems which only himself explained to her when she was thrown out of her house.

Ranveer and Panchi remember their achievements and memory with this college. Ranveer tells her Dean will never rusticate them. Panchi is also sure Anirudh won’t let anything bad happen with them.

Piddi asks Sheeba about farm in her village. Other buddies come to them and say he won’t have to do anything like that. Anirudh is also there. The buddies go to him. He apologizes to them, but they say it’s not his fault. He warned them about Maya, but it was them who didn’t listen to him and insisted him. They are again called by Dean.

Dean tells them for college’s survival, he’s expelling all the buddies with immediate effect. Anirudh, Sofia, and the buddies are shocked.

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