The Buddy Project 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 20th February 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 20th February 2014 Written Update

Piddi goes to the toilet and Sheeba goes in behind him as well. Piddi gets shocked seeing her in boys toilet. She says she can go anywhere to romance with her husband. A boy comes in. Sheeba threatens him and he goes out. They come out and Panchi gets shocked seeing Sheeba coming out of boys toilet. Then the boy comes out from girls toilet. Panchi wonders what the hell is going on.

Ranveer calls a business lady, Ms. Maya, to sponsor their college fest. Maya says they already have sponsored enough colleges and cannot sponsor anymore. Ranveer calls her again, but this time receptionist doesn’t forward his call. Ranveer decides to go and meet Maya personally.

Kiya finds a letter outside her home in which her mum says to Kiya to live her life the way she wants and

don’t expect any help from the. All her clothes and stuff is donated to a orphanage. Kiya breaks down crying. Piddi, Sheeba, Panchi come there and cheer her up. Panchi says she will live with her and Sheeba in her house now, and they will enjoy a lot. Piddi asks if he can live with them too. Panchi says only girls.

Ranveer lies to the receptionist that he’s a nephew of Maya so the receptionist takes him to her. Maya gives Ranveer 60 seconds and Ranveer tells her about their plans. Maya is quite impressed, but still she refuses to help as it’s in her boss’ hand who won’t agree. Ranveer thanks her and leaves.
Panchi’s mum welcomes Kiya and tells her to take this as her house only. Now as Kiya doesn’t have any clothes, they decide to go for shopping. Piddi quietly tries to leave from there after hearing about shopping, but the girls stop him and takes him with them.

Maya comes out and Ranveer is still there. Maya offers her an internship, but he declines it as he has come to arrange a sponsor. Maya likes his confidence and determination. Ranveer gives credit to Anirudh. Maya is surprised to hear Anirudh’s name. She remembers her college days when she used to spend a lot of time with Anirudh. Maya asks Ranveer to leave his number to the receptionist.

Maya is in car and she looks at Anirudh’s photos in college. She’s quite impressed. Later in night, she recalls how she called Anirudh to talk to him in her college days, but he didn’t listen to her and hung up. She wipes her tears and says maybe their story didn’t mean to end there. This time she won’t cry and she will make sure she ends the story.

Precap: Maya calls Ranveer and says that she first would like to know their plans in details and therefore she will visit their college tomorrow. Ranveer gets happy. She tells him not to be so happy as she will only sponsor if she gets impressed tomorrow. She also tells him that she would like to meet Anirudh. Ranveer says he’ll arrange their meeting.

Update Credit to: JD

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