The Buddy Project 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 20th February 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 20th February 2013 Written Update

JJ comes across d flyer made by PanHi(Panchhi+Juhi). . which was thrown by RV in d dustbin
n d buddies tell him their problem
he confronts KD in front of d buddies abt it
he knocks some senses into him n tells him that the buddies wanted to help him
n wanted him to start his own coaching classes
KD apologizes as well as thanks all d buddies
he offers a frndship hand to RV which he eventually accepts. . RanSh r finally Frndz (Haye my RanSh )
But KD is still apprehensive abt d idea of being a teacher
JJ again makes him understand n d buddies encourage him. . he eventually accepts d idea(Thank God )
All d buddies help KD set up his coaching center(It was an awesome scene though Kiya was missing )
Next scene is @ Samar’s

dad’s Sweet shop
Samar is insisting on going back home while his dad tells him they have such a huge order to deliver and he is simply asking to leave. .
is he a Nawab’s son? (how ironic love TBP writers )
when PanHi land up there. . Samar on seeing them hides. .
n covers his face wid a cloth when called by his father. .
PanHi take permission from Samar’s father to put up KD’s coaching center flyers
while Samar sucessfully fools them
(The whole scene was quite funny n Samar’s dad’s dialogues were )
next scene
PanHi are sorting Photos for d School year book n @ d same tym promoting KD’s coaching classes. .
Juhi says Ruby’s so cheap while reading d flyer she was asking another gal if KD will give her personal attention!!!!(Really go to hell gal )
a random gal comes n asks if her photo will appear in d school Yr book n Juhi starts promoting KD’s coaching classes n the girl asks d same ques as Ruby(oho KD on demand )
They simply her to join d classes n see for herself
Jus then Samar comes in n d gals tell him they covered most of d area
when Juhi starts laughing n PanHi recount d Sweet shop incident(Poor Samar uske saamne uska mazaak ban raha tha n woh kuchh keh bhi nahi sakta tha )
next scene
Vats coming by scooter sees gals standing in a grp reading d KD coaching classes flyer
d gals notice him staring at them n start threatening him (Vats expressions )
Vats widout wasting tym goes to inform d same to Banga. .
n like always ends up making fun of Banga right on his face by saying”wahi toh sir . .woh kya padhaega jab aap hi dhang se padha paye’

Precap:KD reads a notice on d notice board n informs d buddies Banga has yet again given them Dhoka!!
(Trouble in buddy paradize? tell me something new )

Update Credit to: Orchid

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