The Buddy Project 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 1st October 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 1st October 2013 Written Update

KD asks Piddi who put up the posters. Piddi tries to defend Kiya but when KD gets aggresive, Kiya confesses that she was behind it all. KD is shocked and so are the Buddies. In a mad fit of rage, KD starts tearing up the posters pasted all over.

He goes on doing it in the corridor. RV tries stopping him but KD almost punches him in front of everyone. All are shocked and even JJ sees this. When KD realizes his position, he walks away.

He tries calming himself in the washroom. Outside, Kiya is waiting for him. When he gets out, she talks to him saying just cuz she is supporting with RV, doesn’t mean she would stop thinking of KD. She just wanted KD to have a fair chance. KD retorts that elections can’t be won with money. Kiya tells him not to make this an ego issue

but KD says he thought she would be proud that KD won by his limited means but instead, she so easily made everyone realize his financial weakness. Kiya is stunned at his harsh words.

RV is mad in the canteen at KD’s behavior while Panchi and Rukmini try calming him. Rukmini tries telling him that if both of them will act chidish, how would it work? RV has to be the bigger one and talk to KD but RV is sick of being the understanding one while KD isn’t even interested in solutions. He wants competition, now RV will give him competition! Avi is enjoying seeing all this.

Girls sit down and Avi joins them. He says it seems like things aren’t well between RanSh. He asks Panchi that when he was standing against Omi, Panchi didn’t support him saying JeeMi were being personal. Looks like RanSh have gotten way beyond personal, what will she do now? He asks her has she ever thought she does she always blindly support RV in everything? Panchi tries avoiding the subject saying she wants to order food, do they want anything? Avi coldly says he wants the answer to his question. Panchi doesn’t say anything and walks away while Rukmini is stunned at whatever happened.

KD is making sketches for his campaign. He is sure students will connect in this way. JJ comes there and asks if he is ready for tomorrow’s speech. KD shows his sketches and JJ says it’s nice. What are elections without some tension and drama, poster tearing and fights? KD is confused. JJ says KD was right and he is inspiring JJ to do something when he doesn’t care about friendship in elections. JJ takes the sketches and tears them. KD is shocked and says how could JJ do it? It took KD so much time and hard work to make them. JJ innocently says he didn’t think it’d be so hard, just like KD didn’t give a damn about KiPi’s hard work and time they wasted thinking about KD. Forget KiSha, the fights are normal for them but what of Piddi? He is always following around KD all the time, he’d be confused all alone now that even KD has abandoned him. He must be hurting like KD is now. JJ goes away and KD is shocked as realization seeps in.

Precap – RV is frustrated that his speech is coming out well specially when it means so much and KD is a grand speaker. At home, he gets a package with KD’s speech in it. In hostel, Omi and KD are strategizing when they get surprised seeing someone there.

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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