The Buddy Project 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 1st May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 1st May 2013 Written Update

Omi notices KD zoning out and asks what’s wrong with him? KD says he has some urgent work and rushes away from there. Omi says that everyone has gone mad. CG tells him that since the start of GS Challenge, everyone is acting weird. Omi mumbles to himself that Panchi is back so he should get to work or else JJ would defo take his class and without a word, leaves. TD says after him that seems like Omi has also lost it.

Avi sees KD rushing away and he cheers excitedly, “Bingo!”

JJ is working on a his laptop when he gets an IM from “KDP” saying that JJ likes to compete and she (obviously it’s Avantika so I’d use that pronoun ) likes challenges and challenges him to a game of online pool. JJ first ignores but at the challenge message he replies that it’s true he

likes challenges and competition but with only real people not with people who hide behind fake IDs on a computer. KDP replies even Ironman and Spiderman hide behind a mask. He can think of this ID as her supermask and can call her “Khoon Ki Pyaasi” for the day. JJ chuckles and accepts the challenge. There, Avantika cheers at this and mentally thanks “Tinku” and says that Mr.Junglee, this is just the beginning. Now he’ll see how this Khoon Ki Pyaasi will make a place in his life.

KD is on the computer. He STTC that millions of people are trying to get attention on the net. If he uploads Kiya’s vid, she’d just be a part of the crowd. He has to upload it in a way which will get people’s attention.

JJ-Avantika playing pool. Avantika plays a move which puts JJ in a tough spot. He is thinking of his next move and Avantika gives him a challenging and taunting message. JJ smirks at this and plays the move. Avantika is impressed and wonders if he’s just a man or Superman. She plays her move and JJ smirks to the camera that he knew she’d play this shot. JJ plays his final shot and wins. JJ messages her game over, too bad you had to lose my friend, KPD. Avantika rolls her eyes at her loss and gets the message. She says “my friend” out loud and says the one who wins after losing is SRK. She types her reply, thanks and congrats my friend. But this is just the beginning. He should wait for the next challenge.

JJ comes out, whistling and happily greeting the students. In the corridor, Sophia sees him and greets him. He replies cheerfully and she says there is something on his right cheek. He asks is there and she laughs that it’s just his dimple. Whenever he smiles, that dimple on his cheek is really cute. He laughs at this and she adds that she must say he’s very hot as well. JJ replies his day was already going very good and by complimenting him, she made it better and he takes a bow. She says he seems very happy today. JJ replies he seems happy because he is happy likewise, she looks pretty because she is pretty. She thanks him for the compliment and asks the reason. JJ says there is no particular reason, just that he did something he hasn’t done in a while. He laughs and leaves whistling. Sophia chuckles that it seems like he met an old, lost friend today.

KD and Samar are skyping. Samar says the website idea is cool but they’d have to do some online promotion. Because in USA the idea is there but for India, it’s still new. Some social networking site promotion will be fine but it’ll take time to make money. KD STTC that Samar is under the impression that he’s doing this for the money. It’s nice he won’t have to explain the GSC. KD asks what about the server and Samar replies he’d take care of that. But KD has to involve all his friends, it’s like more people = more money. KD sighs that where are friends left for him anyway? Just then Kiya enters. Seeing her, he stands up and she apologizes that she thought Avantika was there. KD replies she isn’t and Kiya turns to leave but Samar calls out to her. KD mumbles there is no one where and disconnects the net. Kiya ask is he talking to Samar and walks to him saying she wants to talk as well but the screen is blank. KD says it got disconnected and she says it’s okay. She turns to leave but sees her Iktara performance being played. Excitedly, she puts her hand on top of KD’s which is on the mouse and asks that’s her video from APC time, right? They have a IWL moment when she realizes what she’s doing and steps away. Kiya asks was he watching her video? KD gets up and makes an excuse that he was just seeing some old videos for the sake of old memories. She says ok and leaves. Once she’s out, KD huffs and curses that she had to come now?!

Outside, Kiya is walking in a daze with IWL playing. She STTC that KD was watching her video and smiles. She has some KiSha fbs and there KD is doing the same.

In the canteen, Rukmini joins RV. He looks at her and asks can they talk freely here or they’d have to pass notes here as well? She says why won’t they talk and sits with him. She hands in a paper saying these are her “veechar” (thoughts/ideas) about the topics that they can discuss on the radio. RV laughs at the veechar word and jokes which veechar is this, mango veechar or chilli veechar? He continues laughing but sobers up seeing her seriousness. RV says in his defense that he hasn’t heard the word veechar in so long, that’s why couldn’t resist the joke. She retorts that she hasn’t met a badtameez (ill mannered) person in so long and can’t resist taking off her chappal to hit, but she’s doing it. RV shuts up hearing this and she takes charge saying she has jotted down topics which any student can face in a college. They can have discussions on it and include students and teachers in it as well. Since she says this in pure Hindi, RV starts laughing again but sobers up seeing her. He says issues are nice but first they need to sort out their own issues. She raises her eyebrows and he defends himself saying he agrees he laughed at the excessive use of Hindi today but the other day, he wasn’t making fun of her! That’s not the type of guy he is. She replies she doesn’t care what kind of guy he is, she is only interested in her work. RV sighs at this and she asks has he thought about what he’s gonna do on Radio? RV replies he has thought a lot and even made a song list but can they sort their issues first? After all they are doing a show together so how about a cup of coffee? She tells him to keep his coffees to himself and gives him the paper asking him to write his thoughts on it. Talking on notes is better than talking face to face with him. She gets up and leaves saying he is that type of a guy? RV mumbles what kind of a guy? He STTC there are many people in college, why was SHE made his partner!? And calls out behind her, “What kind of person!?”

Kiya alone and she imagines having a moment with KD. Then she curses herself for losing her head like that.

Precap – KD is in the bathroom, cursing the moment Kiya entered. He sees his reflection talking to him, telling him to tell Kiya his feelings for her. That way, he’d be a real champ.

Update Credit to: Mais

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