The Buddy Project 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 1st July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 1st July 2013 Written Update

JJ is smiling and just then gets a message from KPD if he has any plans on Monday night 8pm, JJ tries to think and remembers and informs her that Monday night there is college party, Avantika reads and smiles and writes back that she will come to his college party and meet him face to face, JJ reads and laughs saying ‘crazy girl’
KD is walking in the corridor confused and trying to focus, JJ comes from the other side whistling happily, he calls out to KD, KD asks him how come he is so happy, JJ says there are loads of reasons to be happy as all the buddies have finally come together and Panchi won the ms. Vista, he asks KD isn’t he happy, KD replies no he is , JJ says no why did he say no first and tells him to say ‘I’m happy’
KD says ‘I’m happy’, JJ still

persuades to say it with a smile and more enthu, KD does so all cheerfully and JJ pats him saying he does look happy and leaves as KD sighs(OMG JJ ne kya pakaya KD ko and Fahad ka smile ufff *dead*)
JJ comes back and tells KD he thinks Panchi and RV are right, Kiya should confess her feelings and asks him to think about it, pats and leaves a confused KD
KD sitting in an empty corridor thinks about what JJ told him and what Chintu and Piddi kept telling him in the canteen, he goes to fb moment when Kiya puts her hand on his in the canteen, fb to old good memories, fb to when Kiya was begging the policeman not to shoot KD and then the hug, KD smiles and then suddenly remembers what Piddi said in the canteen and tries to shut his ears as Piddi’s words keep running through his head
Its stops when he sees Kiya on the otherside walking, LLHH moment
KD to the camera: whatever others say, but he also feels now that he cannot lose Kiya again, I’m in love with her, and he should confess it to her
Avi in the canteen, he pops out in his mind saying ‘what if that special someone is him’, Panchi pops up saying ‘maybe, its for me to know’
Omi also on the other hand thinks ‘what if that special someone is him’ and Panchi pops up saying ‘maybe, its for me to know’
They wake up when three girls chit chat about Panchi being famous and even being interviewed on the radio, one of them says she is going to be the first one to dance in the party, another asks but who is her prince charming, Avi points at himself, another girl says it must be the special someone and surely he must be dashing
Avi and Omi smile happily and get up from their seat, they look at each other and make a run out of the canteen through the corridors racing(OMG what bhagaam bhaag), Omi runs to and calls out to Rukmini asking her where is Panchi, she tells him she doesn’t know but what happened, Avi runs in the opposite direction upstairs and Omi follows him
They search through the classes and the corridors, Avi asks a girl about Panchi who says she went back home, Omi who was close to the door runs out and Avi follows, by the time they reach outside Panchi leaves, they stare at each other and then Avi runs to his car and Omi runs the other way
Piddi is jumping and dancing in the corridor, KD says he knows Piddi bought new shoes but doesn’t mean he will keep on jumping all the time, he asks Piddi to give some idea, Piddi promotes his liberty shoes, KD is impressed and asks again to give some idea, Piddi says its an ‘idea’ not a salesman who will come ringing the door everytime, he has to call it out, KD asks him to call out, Piddi says he has to think and call for the idea and leaves an irritated KD
Piddi goes to washroom, KD asks him why did he come here to search for ideas, Piddi replies from the cubicle that all his ideas comes here, KD makes a face and says that’s why his ideas stink so much, Piddi tells him not to say like that about his ideas, KD irritated reminds him that always he gave Piddi ideas for every single thing and today when he doesn’t have any ideas for proposal so he’s acting pricey
KD takes the dustbin and gets up on it to look up the door and calls out to Piddi(Heights of desparate love), RV comes and calls KD asking is he mad(pehle nahi tha ab hua pyaar mei), KD asks why, RV asks what is he doing, KD says he is talking to Piddi, RV thinks for a while and says to KD to take his advice and wait for Piddi to come out and asks isn’t ‘this’ becoming too awkward
KD thinks and gets down saying ‘right’, RV asks what was so important that he ahd to talk to Piddi in the bathroom, Piddi from inside replies ‘Pyaar hogaya pyaar’, RV turns KD to him and says he didn’t get anyone else other than Piddi to fall in love(damn brilliant comic timing), KD irritated says not Piddi, RV back to his jolly mood says ‘mere Sher’ and asks who is it hitting him by the shoulder, KD tells him not to do that, Piddi comes out farting as both KD and RV close their noses
Piddi says out ‘kis kis ki zubaan chahiye ke Kiya ko kaise propose kare’(cudnt get what he exactly said), RV raises his eyebrows looking at Piddi and then asks KD if he goes to tailor to cut his hair, KD says no, RV asks does he go to the car showroom to stitch his suit, KD asks whats his point, RV says why did he go to this buddhu(pointing at Piddi), he tells KD he should have come to him(RV) as he is experienced, Piddi says to KD he is right as he keeps proposing a girl every 15 days, RV slaps him telling to shut up, Piddi says he was telling the truth
KD tells RV Piddi is mad and asks him to say what he should do as he is very confused(KD bechara pyaar ka maara damn luvd his expressions he was soo cutee), RV instructs KD to first sit and listen to guru, he then goes sits beside KD and says a proposal for a girl is very important more then relationships, commitments, shaadi so he needs the perfect proposal, Piddi says girls even compare their proposals whose is much more romantic or something like that, RV agrees
RV then tells KD to imagine and all are looking updwards trying to imagine, RV says to imagine he is proposing Kiya against the sunset and exclaims ‘WOW’, Piddi also exclaims and KD smile but then rejects the idea and says there wil be too many people there and he cant do it, RV calls ‘fattoo’ and gives another idea, a private dinner with a glass of champagne, a beautiful ring and Kiya in a beautiful dress, KD smiles and Piddi says ‘and KD bhai in a kacha’, RV hits him on the head, Piddi says its such an expensive proposal so maybe he might have to sell his clothes(OH damn this trio is sooo Hilarious hahaha i’m gona die with laughter attacks today), RV says they are so cheaper they even want a proposal in economy class
Piddi tells KD he will give an idea, he tells her to go stand in her colony with a greeting card, RV says ‘Chee’ and says its such a cheap idea, Piddi says if its cheap then they will buy a expensive greeting card maybe it will work out(Oh damn Wonders of Piddi’s brains and we all go rolling on the floor like this), KD tells Piddi the idea is cheap and tells RV to think something mild, RV says mild in a bathroom that too sitting on a dustbin, KD immediately gets up
Next RanShPi is shown sitting under Gandiji’s photo on three chairs(OMG damn this is too much for a day, shit hats off to cv’s for such brilliant comedy), KD eyes closed trying to think, Piddi hands on ears trying to think and RV hands on mouth trying to think(the 3 idiots of tbp), KD then tells RV that he wants to propose in a way that no one has ever done for anyone, Piddi and Rv turn to look at KD, RV takes off Piddi’s hand form his ear and says ‘isnt he becoming too ambitious, it was better in the loo’ and puts his hand back on(Damn and plus all of their acting, gosh these three nailed it today)
Next they are on the staircase, KD is walking to and fro telling them he needs to ‘propose a little differently’, it should be different, while Piddi stares at him, KD says again to think and it should be different, and now they have shifted to the chillar adda, Piddi gets up saying to KD he wants to do different then why doesn’t he propose to her hanging upside down, or maybe he could write her mother’s name in the proposing card instead of hers, or he should propose in the bathroom and pass down love letter from one cubicle to another and that will look so good, KD looks at him frustrated(phet dukhing)
RV gets up and tells Piddi to calm down, Piddi exclaims how can he calm down as his head is going mad thinking different, KD tells him its his life’s biggest moment and asks him to think a little(awww), Piddi and Rv were about to sit back when KD says ‘but it should be different’ and Piddi gets up again frustrated and RV pulls him back, KD tells Piddi ‘a little..’ but shuts up seeing Piddi’s look and starts walking trying to think(OMG OMG Fahad was hilariously cuteee today, damn this was soo freaking awsummm)
RV gets an idea andscreams out and says to KD its totally different, and KD all excited says he knew it his brother would do it and hugs RV jhor se and says to him he knew RV would solve his problem, RV tells him to first listen to the idea, KD tells him to say, RV asks sure he will tell, KD says yeah, RV tells the whole plan and says ‘it’s a brilliant idea’ as both KD and Piddi are impressed
KD says idea is good but what if Kiya rejects his proposal, RV and Piddi disappear from the spot, KD turns to asks something to RV only to see them gone, he looks around for them
RV tells Piddi that even the smartest man of the world turns mad after falling in love, Piddi says that means even he will be like that, he then says that every man use their brains wisely in their lives but once they fall in love they are all gone case, RV agrees and says falling in love and clashing with a truck is the same thing, Piddi says there is one basic difference people don’t come in front of the truck with their own will and don’t even wait for the same truck everyday, RV says there is a point and tells him now he knows why he doesn’t fall in love
Piddi says yeah ofcourse that’s because maybe in his life till now a truck…girl hasn’t come who would make his life and head go crazy, while RV is busy staring at Rukmini in the upper corridor, Piddi jokes ‘suraj devta ki yaad aagayi’ and raises his hands greeting looking where RV is looking, Piddi looks at Rukmini and then back at RV
Piddi to the camera: looks like even he came under the truck (signature laugh)
Omi comes to Panchi’s house with a bouqet and keeps ringing the bell again and again, the maid opens the door and Omi asks about Panchi, the maid tells him she isn’t back from college yet, Omi thinks how come come she isn’t back and calls her
Panchi asks him where is he, Omi says outside her house and asks her where is she, Panchi says but she came to meet Avi, Omi is shocked, Panchi says Avi has some urgent work so that’s why he called her, she then asks him how come he is at her home, Omi says yeah he wanted to ask about dance, Panchi says to ask, Omi looks for words and mumbles
Just then Avi comes and Panchi says hi, she asks him he looks nervous is he okay, Avi says yeah he is, she then says he wanted to say something urgent and asks him to say, Avi hesitates and then says she is going to the first dance and he was thinking how about he would prepare and give her some tips
Panchi to the camera: Omi also wants to ask for dance and Avi is making dance-related excuses but how can she tells them that she cant make any of them her partner, what should she do
Avi asks her ‘what say’, Panchi excuses herself and tells Omi that she is going to JJ and telling him to cancel this idea as its stressing her a lot and she cant handle it, Panchi says bye and keeps the phone
Panchi tells Avi the same thing, Avi tells her not to worry he will help her prepare and keeps persuading, Panchi irritated leaves off from there, Avi thinks if she is angry with him
(Background song- Pyaar humein kis mor pe lai aaya) KD at home is breaking eggs half outside the plate and half inside while he is lost thinking about Kiya, Shubh wakes him up and shows what he is doing, Rukmini is thinking about RV looking outside her window, RV is skype-ing with Panchi, Panchi exclaims happily ‘KD is going to propose Kiya’, KD on bed goes to fb thinking about canteen hand touch, Rukmini thinks about RV switching her lamp on and off, KD wakes up with the alarm and says ‘Oh no today is Proposal Day’

Precap: RV tells KD to say to her that Romeo and Juliet couldn’t live forever together but he doesn’t want that and he wants to be with her forever, KD in the library reads to Kiya from a book ‘main tumse pyaar kyun karta hoon…kyunki jab tum muskurati ho tou ye asmaan thoda ar neela ho jahta hai, barishe thodi aur ghile ho jhati hai’(OMG KD looks soo hawt in that shirt), Kiya smiles, Panchi and Rukmini look chupkese from behind the book case, KD makes a face and looks at the other side and says ‘Bewakoof hai dono’(hahaha his look was soo Epic), Kiya tells KD romeo and Juliet weren’t dumb and continues saying it was such a magnificent failure and what passion, Piddi-RV are listening from one side while Panchi-Rukmini from another, Kiya says she wishes even her love story is as such as KD admires her (Ooohlala dont know abt the proposal but definitely another hilarious day tomorrow)

Update Credit to: Sweetshine

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