The Buddy Project 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 19th March 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 19th March 2014 Written Update

Maya tells Anirudh that she doesn’t want to discuss their past. She just wants to enjoy this moment. Anirudh confesses that he must be crazy in past to leave her, but the truth is that he loved her back then and still loves a lot. He sits on his knees and proposes her. Maya gets emotional. She says she was waiting for this day since 10 years. This is perfect the way he’s expressing his feelings. Anirudh gives her the ring and asks, will you marry me? He takes her hand to put the ring on, but she moves her hand back. Anirudh is shocked. Maya shows her true colors and accepts that she did all this to take revenge from him. He left her alone 10 years ago and she had to suffer. She wanted him to feel the same and today she finally succeeded. Anirudh still can’t believe and asks

her this is a joke right. Maya says joke was all that she did to trap him and he got trapped so easily. She tells him to let her know how his night goes and leaves smiling. Anirudh is in disbelief.

The buddies think if it was not from those three suspects, then it has to be someone from college. Ranveer says it was his mistake and he will talk to Maya. Others say it’s not only his fault and they decide to go together.

Next day, they tell everything to Maya and she shouts at them. The buddies assure her that they will bring the money back somehow. Maya accuses one of the buddies for stealing money as how anyone else would know about the money. She calls them irresponsible and withdraws the sponsorship. The buddies are shocked. She further threatens them to file a police complaint if she doesn’t get her money back.

The buddies now decide to go to Anirudh’s, their last hope. They tell him everything. Anirudh is still upset with what happened last night. He tells them he will look into it. The buddies ask him if anything is wrong. He gets mad at them and ask them to leave him alone. The buddies feel something definitely happened last night.

Anirudh is in cafe. Chotu brings tea to him and he figures out something is wrong seeing his face. He tells Anirudh to share with him, but Anirudh doesn’t. He’s leaving when Chotu says if Maya ditched him. Anirudh gets surprised. He asks him how he figured that out. Chotu says he has learned a lot from his life, and from his experience, he knows everything gets fine as time passes. Anirudh feels good talking to him and shares everything that happened. He asks him if he should feel upset right now or now. Chotu says enmity is very interesting and his father used to say, you can win against your enemies only with love. The buddies overhear their conversation and understand everything was done by Maya herself.

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Update Credit to: JD

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