The Buddy Project 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 19th July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 19th July 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with RanSh still sitting on the floor. .. n RV yet again suggests KD to sort out issues with daddy dearest!! They are still discussing when KD’s Phone rings. . n Kiya’s name flashes on his phone. .RV is all smiley n asks him to attend the phone taking his leave. . . (My RanSh n their CUTESY EXPRESSIONS. . . I think I love them more than KiSha)
On the Other hand Pancchi is at home watching TV n advertizing Star Aliva at the same time
moral of the scene .. she ignores Omi’s call. .

Omi seems agitated. . .and in the fit of fury kicks his adjacent bed only hurt his foot looks back to find Madhuri’s poster n starts talking to it. ..sharing his inner thoughts regarding Panchhi n giving sugestions too on her behalf. . . (trust me the whole scene was

sooo hilarious)
the next morning RanSh come to clg together all jolly talking together when Kiya comes from behind calling KD. . KD looks backs n greets her cheerfully . .n Kiya asks Him why he didnt pick her call!!

KD Is taken aback n he says he did. .at 10pm. .Kiya complains but what abt the times she called later at 2 n 3 AM . . when KD asks if it was something imp. . Kiya says her nails got Chipped poor KD is left gaping n stealing glances with RV when she blasts him again complaining he isnt paying attention to her nails( OMG!! Loving these KiSha Banters!!)
While KD is having a tough time explaining Kiya . .RV calls the camera n is having a good laugh at KD’s situation. .
saying KD ki kahaani has now been Converted from Maine pyaar Kiya to Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya finally helps KD by telling Kiya that actually KD was at his place yest night n forgot his phone charger at home!! much to Kiya ‘s annoyance. . And at that very moment The Great Piddhi Makes a Grant entry greeting KD n Addressing Kiya. . ” Namaste Bhabhi” ( something we’d been waiting for since ages!!)

but rather than resolving things he starts accusing KD to going for Nightouts without informing him!!
RV again becomes the savior when he lifts Piddhi up n Takes him away blurting out KD left home .. which strikes Kiya. . n brings her back to senses. .
She becomes concerned n asks KD if everything’s okay n he looks tensed. .
next scene KiSha-RV-Piddhi sitting together in canteen and the way the camera was focused on all of their expressions was mindblowing
Finally RV breaks the silence and asks everyone to relax its not as if KD is Dead or something he’s just left home!!
Piddhi agrees n Kiya takes KD’s hand n says she really feels KD should try resolving his issues with daddy dearest. .and Piddhi-RV nod. .
KD holds her hand n asks her if she would do the same with her mother. .Kiya gets the point but says she might not have resolved issues but wouldnt have Left home either but its his call He’s afterall an adult now who can take his own decisions n says I m with u. . Piddhi,RV say the same . .

n Piddhi teases Kiya now KD looks fine she can stop holding his hand and Piddhi-RV hi5!!!( awesome scene)
on the other hand the chillers are sitting sad faced along with Omi. . when Panchhi arrives .. MiChi confront each other n Pancchi admits ignoring his call coz she thot it was too late ..
n then frankly says she doesnt like the awkwardness between them . .she really cherishes their frndship n doesnt want to loose it. . they are still discussing when Pancchi sees Avi coming. .
she drinks her tea superfast n excuses herself. .

Pancchi goes to Avi. . .n says she’d called him. . Avi says yes its just he was feeling really upset n lonely. . didnt want to talk at the time. . Pancchi understands him. . and asks him to take as much time as he wants she’ll be there for him (n my ViChi Heart was fluttering)
Next was the VeeNi confrontation. . wherin RV apologizes n Rukmini after hesitating a bit says she didnt mind .. RV is all smiley n holds her hand. . tight Rukmini says he’s very bad. . n while RV teases she leaves!!

KD meets Omi at the staircase . . n he asks Omi if he considered the idea Omi assures him to relax n he’d arrange a hostel room for him. . gives his share of tea to KD n asks him to meet in Boys hostel outside warden’s cabin after clg. .

the warden says there are no Rooms available n Omi understands what’s in his mind . .he offers him money n thats when JJ makes a grand entry . .seeing JJ the Warden suddenly gets defensive n hands back the money saying he would expel him!!

epi ends at frozen faces of JJ,Omi n KD

precap was unique
TBP mein agle hafte ke mausam ka haal with RV-Piddhi
KD’s resolved to leave home . .
but its not going to be easy. .
how will he be able to leave home n what will he tell daddy dearest?
n Hostel life is never easy . .how will KD overcome all the hurdles??

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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