The Buddy Project 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 19th February 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 19th February 2013 Written Update

RaHi n Samar discuss KD problem n try to come up with a solution
Panchhi unknowingly comes up with a solution when she says that KD is so intelligent that he can teach others
RV comes up with a perfect plan
that of KD starting a coaching center
RaHi have a small Moti-Nonu moment
only to return back to reality
but RaHi +Samar agree to execute the plan along with other buddies
all d buddies excluding KiSha n ofcourse Piddi gather n try to think abt execution of the plan
when Kiya comes in n starts clapping n starts recounting KD’s wrong Doings
Samar stops her n tells her that right now he’s in trouble
RV too tries to explain d same
but Kiya simply says that if they want to do charity they shud do for a deserving person
KD overhears her
n Tells her off saying he doesnt need any1’s charity
n leaves
The Buddies strive hard n try to come up wid plans to convince KD
PanHi making an Advertisement for KD’s coaching classes r misunderstood by Samar to be doing ehm ehm. .

Samar tries to talk to KD in d washroom but in vein
The buddies send a random guy to KD to ask for help in studdies. .n d guy is ready to pay him fees
but KD replies that he wud think abt it
which drives RV crazy
n he ends up mimicking him
n even questions Samar how does this Dumbo Top d exams
JJ finds d ad made by PanHi(Panchhi+Juhi) for KD n reading it smiles
getting Fbs of Samar Saying KD’s decided to work n [email protected] d same tym

JJ knocks some senses in KD making him realize Buddies genuinely want to help him
KD says Sorry to all n offers a hand of frndship towards RV who accepts it n they shake Hands(Haye my RanSh )

Update Credit to: Orchid

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