The Buddy Project 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 18th March 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 18th March 2014 Written Update

The buddies think of 3 students who may have stole the money as they were around the suitcase. KD and Kiya go behind a girl and other buddies follow other student.

Sofia keeps calling Ranveer, but as he doesn’t respond well, she starts getting worried. She calls Anirudh and lets him know about it. Anirudh calls Ranveer, but he doesn’t pick up his either. Anirudh feels something is fishy as this never happened before. He’s in dilemma whether to go to meet Ranveer or stay for his date. In end, he decides to stay for the date as he had left Maya in such situation before as well. Maya calls him and says she will reach in 15 minutes. Anirudh says he has 15 minutes to do all preparations for date will be like how Maya wanted.

Sofia calls Panchi and she picks it up. She gives her an hour to get into touch with Ranveer and update her what’s going on else she will tell everything to Maya.

KD and Kiya learn that the girl didn’t steal money as the girl was stopped by someone who threatened her and asked for money that she owed him, but she kept saying she got none.

The other student arrives at the location where the buddies called him. The buddies hide and listen his conversation. From his conversation on phone, they learn he has lots of money. His friend calls him at a location and he leaves. The buddies follow him. He meets the third suspect and the buddies catch them. They ask them for money, but both refuse they never stole anything. The buddies ask what money he was talking about on phone then. He says he just faked to make his impression. He shows his wallet and he got none. They tell the buddies they actually enjoy with their rich girlfriends’ money.

Maya arrives and firecrackers go up. She is impressed with KD’s preparations. KD says he wants to talk about an apology, a confession, his past. Maya tells him that she has moved on already and she just wants to enjoy this moment today as it’s very special.

Sofia again calls Ranveer and the buddies are worried what they will do now.

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