The Buddy Project 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 18th July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 18th July 2013 Written Update

KiSha in the rickshaw and both are nervously excited with this new phase in life. KD moves in closer to her and hesitantly puts his hands around her shoulder. Blushing, Kiya then puts her head on his chest and then looks up at him. Both happy.

Piddi tells Omi he’s rejoicing because KD is happy and so is Kiya BHABHI. Omi has sweets too but leaves upset when Piddi brings up that he came to hotel as even Omi doesn’t have GF like him so he thought to celebrate together. Omi remembers time spent with Panchi.

In Rukmini’s room, they’re discussing KD-Kiya proposal and their story. Rukmini relates it all to her and RV’s story. She questions her friend about what a boy would think if a girl and guy kiss but do not say anything later on. She smiles thinking about RV.

Ranveer too sits on the window sill and thinks about her with a hindi book in his hand.

Kiya comes home utterly happy and jumps around, later on thinking about KD and his confession. Aanya comes in and starts taunting her. But instead, Kiya congratulates her, shocking Aanya with her reaction. Kiya is least bothered with Aanya. Kiya says she’s living her dream. KD too is thinking about their confession and their moments when Shub comes. He shares the news with him indirectly when baba comes in. He tells him that KD is leaving the college and transferring to another college due to the party issue. They end up in a fight again with their difference in opinion. Baba looks tensed once KD leaves.

KD is alone, upset, remembering the fight and decides to leave the house so there are no more arguments within them.

RV is reading in Hindi in trying to understand it. KD comes there and RV calls him’ KD ji aap? Aayi aayi.” shocking KD. RV says it’s the effect of the book so do’t be shocked. RV gives him coffee and KD has shared the problem with him. RV says he should think again before leaving as he knows how it is to live alone. Being independent is not always a positive thing. KD says he’s made up his mind after lots of thinking. They both talk it out and RV suggests KD to move in with him as he’s lonely in this big house and he’ll get some company. KD says not to take him wrong way but he can’t accept it due to him wanting to be independent and they have just started being friends. So he’s not ready to get married with him just yet and he thinks ‘move in’ is happening too fast. (My RanSh!!!) RV gives another suggestion to resolve the issue as he at least has his dad unlike himself. He says he won’t force him but he’ll support him.

Precap: KD talks to Omi about a room in hostel when at night, they have no room empty. Omi bribes the person when JJ walks in.

Update Credit to: Khushii

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