The Buddy Project 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 18th February 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 18th February 2014 Written Update

Buddies are thinking about what they should do. Kiya is missing KD. Ranveer teases her. Panchi comes there and tells everyone about college festival idea. Everyone likes them, but they need to take permission from the Dean.

All buddies and Anirudh come to the Dean. Anirudh approves students’ idea, but the Dean doesn’t want it happen due to what happened last time. Panchi takes responsibility to bring chillars and dhakkans together. She tells other buddies to take out pillows and she goes somewhere.

Piddi asks Ranveer why she asked them to take out pillows and why he agreed to that. Ranveer says all guys have no choice, but to do what their girlfriends say. All buddies enjoy a pillow fight before Panchi comes in there. All buddies now start pillow fight with her asking her what’s her plan. Panchi tells them her plan.

Chillars and Dhakkans gather. Anirudh and Panchi show them their rustication letters and say to follow what the Dean said. This has no effect on them as they tear it. Panchi then says they can take their frustration out on each other. Anirudh gives them swords and they get scare. Panchi says better would be pillow. They tell them to take their frustration out by tearing pillows. This idea eventually works as after taking their frustration out, they come together.

The Dean praises Panchi and gives permission to do college festival. All buddies celebrate. The Dean says, but real success will be when chillars and dhakkans together help for this college festival. The Dean leaves.

All buddies are excited. Anirudh tells them they will have to arrange schedule, money and everything by their own. Buddies get shocked. Anirudh says this is not high school that school will arrange money. If they can’t arrange money by themselves, then no festival. That’s how the real world is. He suggests them to raise fund and leaves.

Precap: Kiya’s mum finds a belt from Kiya’s room and asks her about it. Kiya doesn’t say. Her mum slaps her. Kiya tells her it’s KD’s and she spent her night with him on Valentine’s Day. Kiya’s mum is shocked.

Update Credit to: JD

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