The Buddy Project 17th May 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 17th May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 17th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Piddi addressing a gathering of girls in the classroom and a few guys from the Cs. He tells them that today they would be discussing women’s most prized possession. He gives them a hint saying that it’s the one thing they love using on guys. Shoes. He goes on to say that there are a lot of countries with population lesser than the amount of shoes in some girls’ wardrobes, because they’re cheap. So they’ll be giving a tribute to their most prized possession. When one girl asks how, he explains that a camera will capture their walk, their feet and their shoes while they’re walking around. They’d make a video out of it and the video will be shown to boys asking them to recognize the girls by their feet. The girl to be recognised the most, and the guy

who recognises the most girls will be set up on a date. (Honestly, cool idea dude!!) Everyone applauds for his idea. He brings a remote controlled toy car with a web-camera mounted on the top and says he’ll operate it. TG asks him why can’t he operate it, and Piddi retorts saying because he’s not wearing a belt. He uses the car to record everyone’s legs in the room and all those who enter the room. When he stops by telling everyone awesome shot, the girls start asking him to show them the video once. He says he can’t show them the video till it goes through editing. TG says to Piddi that he’s great and only think of getting out entertainment from “girls’ shoes” and he gives a cheeky grin and says “I rock man”. (LOL… I’m happy seeing his this side back.)
Suddenly Kiya enters the classroom and her legs are also captured by the camera. Piddi tells the guy gang off and approaches Kiya a little hesitantly and says hi and asks her how she is, she smiles and replies that she’s good. He searches his pockets a takes out a chocolate saying this is for you, Kiya is surprised, she says it was really sweet of him and she loves this chocolate. She’s about to open it when Piddi stops her and takes it from her saying this is not for you, it’s for me. She looks upset. He goes on to say that he had decided that he was going to forgive her and he wanted to bring her something sweet to end this bitterness. And this also doesn’t have any nut in it. He opens it and gives a piece of her and she elatedly accepts and says thank you. Kiya comments saying that there is a nut, him and they both happily hug. (Superb scene between the two, so touching!!)
Kiya is about to have the chocolate when Ranveer enters the class and stops her asking what is she doing, eating a chocolate, what the hell happened to her diet. She replies saying she is on a diet, chocolate diet, anyway chocolate too is food group in itself. RV rolls his eyes and says, yeah for you girls while Piddi sniggers in the background.
When KD enters the classroom Piddi calls him saying KD Bhai have some “friendship ki chocolate”. Kiya stops him and breaks off a square from her piece offers it to him. They have a sweet look-look moment. RV comment from behind Kiya that it doesn’t matter that they’re not buddies anymore, they can still share a chocolate, have it. (Touche RV! This put across the angsty feeling in a sweet set-up very well). Piddi tells RV that he talks a lot, and gives him a piece of chocolate while KD takes the piece from Kiya.
Just then Avantika enters the classroom. Everyone says thanks to Piddi who replies saying my pleasure. Avantika interrupts them by calling him “Tinku Jiya” (God I love this nickname Avantika has given him). He retorts saying he’s distributing chocolate amongst the poor. He stutters and offers her a piece saying that don’t take it the wrong way, he’s offering her the chocolate as a friend. She takes it and says thanks with a smile. Sophia ma’am comes to the class and says hello to everyone. Piddi replies without looking and at seeing her flees to his seat. Everyone scuttles to theirs.
Sophia ma’am starts talking about their short film assignment. TG interrupts saying that they have already begun. When she asks what, Piddi dodges the topic saying that her voice is very sweet and tells her to continue what she was saying, she tells him to stop the buttering and brushes away the topic. She tells them that they need to prepare a concept note for their short films and they have just three days for that.
While all of them are thinking about the assignment, KD looks around at Kiya and Piddi and STTC that he has only three days left to convince Piddi for the idea of a music video.
KD is sitting next to Piddi on a windowsill while the latter is busy taking chuskis of chai. KD tells him that they should be getting serious about the assignment now. Piddi agree but says that he’s not getting any ideas and asks for KD’s help, since he’s the ‘idea king’. KD says that Piddi is very lucky because he got Kiya as a partner, and Piddi guffaws saying what’s lucky in that, she’s not getting even a single idea. KD says it’s not about the idea, it’s about talent. Piddi retorts saying KD’s making it sound like she’s not Kiya Gujral but Zoya Akhtar who’ll make this a movie, what does she know apart from singing. KD says that’s what he’s saying, she’s a great singer. Piddi says, that’s what, they have to a make a short film, not sing a song. KD whacks him and calls him ‘Gadha Prasad’ (Hah… This character is getting quite famous all around). He says that they can atleast get together and make a music video. This makes Piddi chortle out loud. He says it’s okay KD bhai, it happens, when in a family like Dharmendra’s, Bobby Deol can be born, then even KD can get a stupid idea at times. (He gets such crazy dialogues I tell you!). He says give me some other idea, you’re a superhero after all. He gets struck on the word superhero and he decides he’ll make a short film on that topic. KD replies saying to be a superhero he needs superpowers. Piddi says even he has superpowers. KD says yes, his superpower is being invisible for all the girls in the college. (Ouch! KD!!) He goes on to say he has another superpower, he can wear the same jeans for one whole month. Piddi says KD should be ashamed of himself, who talks such shitty stuff about his own kid brother. He says KD doesn’t know what powers he has, he’s a multitalented guy and goes on to explain his powers to him. He can dance everything from Bharatnatyam to Hip Hop, he’s Piddi-man and starts chuckling. He goes on planning while KD crushes the Styrofoam cup in irritation.
KD and Piddi go on to the basketball court discussing the idea for the short film. Piddi says that unlike all the superheroes, he’ll wear the underwear inside. KD STTC that he wants to kill Piddi now, and wonders how to get him down to the ‘music video’ idea. He uses reverse psychology on Piddi and says that his Piddi-man idea is so good that they should not waste it on a short film. It should be made into a series of feature films like Piddi-man – The Little Avenger or Piddi-man – The Short Man Rises. Piddi agrees but says they should make a short film first. KD says superhero films are too costly so they should compromise on the idea. Piddi asks then what will the make and KD eagerly replies music video. Piddi says why KD is stuck on ‘music video’ since morning. He says how about they make a public service film, they’ll appreciated for it and might even get an award. KD is super irritated in the background. He appraises Piddi saying that he wants to make a social service film when the society hasn’t even given him a girlfriend till now. But he says that there one problem, this topic doesn’t showcase their talents, he should make something that makes him famous in the college.
KD asks Piddi whether he trusts him, Piddi replies saying obviously he does. KD says so he should follow his idea and make a music video. Piddi STTC that god knows what’s up with KD since morning, his needle stuck on music video. But then he’s his big brother and he loves him a lot, so he should accept his idea or he’ll feel hurt. Piddi smugly agrees and says that no matter the creative discussions and differences between the two on the topic, he’ll take his idea and KD gives him a bro-hug. Piddi asks who’ll get Kiya to agree and KD simply replies saying him and Piddi vanishes in thin air.
RV and Ruks are in the Radio Studio when JJ comes and asks them how’s their practice going. When they both look away he asks if there is any problem to which RV replies no sir, we’re ready. (same as yesterday’s precap). JJ says good then, they can go on air tomorrow. Ruks says no sir, I’m not ready for the radio. JJ looks at them questioningly and says to Ruks that if she’s not ready, she should get ready because they have 24 hours and a lot can happen in 24 hours, one whole revolution, so he’s sure even she can get ready in 24 hours. He requests her to do her best and leaves after wishing them all the best. Ruks tries talking to him but he leaves. RV and Ruks share vexed looks.

Precap: Two guys are playing with Piddi’s remote controlled car (mounted with the camera) and KD angrily snatches the remote from them. They start fighting while Piddi and Kiya stop them. One of the guys says that they’re just having fun, not shooting an MMS and leave from there. KD looks pained while Kiya leaves from there upset.

Update Credit to: CoffeeAddict

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