The Buddy Project 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 17th July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 17th July 2013 Written Update

Tika says she’ll be back soon in a new avatar (why does the movie Ek Thi Daayan keeps coming in my head?! ) as their story isn’t over yet. She gets up to leave and JJ stops her saying he’d give her a suggestion not an advice and it’s upto her if she wants to take it or not. He tells her that her life has only just begun. She has yet to see many new things, meet new people, make new discoveries, face obstacles; she shouldn’t restrict herself just yet. She’s a bright girl. Tika just smiles saying she knows and she leaves (beda garak ho tera ladki! JJ! You go marry Sophia and ride off to sunset! Meri duaaein aapke saath hain! )

JJ thanks KD and shakes his hand and they hug. Seeing this, Panchi says she wants a hug as well and JJ calls her over. She rushes to him and

hugs him (AWW! I LOVE THEIR HUGS!!!!! ) Piddi says he wants a hug as well and the Buddies all group hug (the BEST group hug yet! <3) Avi sees this from afar and gets mad and leaves (uh oh! ) JJ thanks his Jokers for saving him and KD says they did whatever he has taught them. JJ thanks Rukmini as well and welcomes her to the Buddies. Piddi jokes that she already has an invitation to the gang and Kiya hits him at this. Then some Physics laws are broken as RV loses his balance and bumps into Mini and they share a sweet eyelock while Kiya, Piddi and Panchi just giggle (which was more adorable for me to watch...I'm sorry, I can't seem to like VeeNi no matter what ) They clear their throats to pull VeeNi out of their moment and JJ calls Mini over, complimenting her RJing skills. Piddi goes to RanSh and says to KD all the hugs are done so KD better say it! RV agrees and JJ hears it all. He also says to KD if he wants to say something and Panchi enthusiastically informs that KD has to say something!! RV says he has to say something to Kiya and all Buddies point to Kiya! JJ says if KD has to say something to Kiya, he just should. Why make an issue? JJ leaves saying he will be back soon and all Buddies surround KD, pushing him to just confess already! JJ doesn't exactly leave, he hides behind a pillar to see this scene (Le! Jab Guru hi aisa ho tou bechare Buddies can be excused for all their eavesdropping ) KD is nervous and PraChi are the ones who are literally pushing him to go to Kiya. KD takes a step ahead and Panchi stops him to set his shirt nicely and tells him he's ready (hayyeee! Mere PanSh! ) Mard Mujahid (Urdu for a young man going to war ) goes to Kiya who is all smily smily as wind (??) blows and she anticipates the BIG moment. The Buddies are leaning in closer to witness it all perfectly and even JJ is expecting something amazing. KD takes a deep breathe and says Kiya's name. And then...the three magic words.. "How are you?" I didn't even facepalm here because the four Buddies all facepalmed in sync JJ chuckles as Kiya says she's fine and thanks him for asking and turns to leave. She's leaving as KD curses himself. She's going and almost gone when KD blurts out.. "Kiya, I love you!!" (bola tou sahi! ) Kiya is stunned and RaHi are the ones who are the MOST excited at this confession (RaHi are the ultimate KiSha shippers I tell you ) Kiya turns around, shocked and asks what? KD goes to her and says she heard it right, he loves her. Kiya's face is literally glowing with happiness but she doesn't say anything. Panchi mumbles what next? Piddi says that he thinks KD is going to get a 'jooti' in return. RV tells Piddi that he will give him a jooti if he says one more word and Mini says that she thinks Kiya will say yes. Kiya looks at KD for a while and smiles saying, "I love you too!" KD, who seemed to be holding his breathe for her answer, lets it go and is super happy wala shocked. Not sure what to say, he ends up thanking her but then silently curses himself. Kiya holds his hand and he holds her hand and they look at each other with that sweet passion of lovers. A LLHH follows. Buddies cheer and go congratulate the couple. The boys carry KD on their shoulders and the girls excitedly hug Kiya. They then push the lovers so they can get close and RV, Piddi, Panchi dance around them in circle (uff! Ye pagalpanti ) Piddi says it's such a joyous occasion that they should go to rooftop and scream it out! RV agrees and they go up the stairs to the balcony. Piddi shouts to the world that KD loves Kiya! RV shouts and Kiya loves KD too! JJ sees all this and mumbles, "Junglee kahee ke.." (OMG! It's the FIRST time JJ has called them Junglee! Wo bhi in affectionate way! ) He leaves from there. RV says it's time to celebrate and Piddi tells him that KD has just gotten out of his single status, he should be some time to himself..uhum uhum! KiSha blush at this and Mini says she's getting late so she should leave. RV hits Piddi and tells him to learn something from Mini who is making an excuses rather than saying everything out loud! Mini says she really has some work and Piddi hits RV in return for the pachka RV offers to drop Mini but Mini declines as it'll trouble RV. This goes on for a while and Piddi says KD must be cursing them so they should all just leave. And since RV is feeling generous, can he drop Piddi as well? Don't worry, Piddi will pay for the fuel Boys and Mini will and Panchi is the only one left with KiSha. Piddi comes after a few seconds and pulls her away with him. KD offers to drop Kiya home and she agrees. Tika is packing her bags and when Avi asks her where's she off to, she says she's going to New York. Avi gets mad and asks her to say what's wrong with her but please don't act weird. Tika is not in the mood and just says everyone has already made a decision, JJ, Dad, Society, Media and unfortunately Avi as well. So it's her decision that she's going to NY and its final. Panchi is walking in her own thoughts and RV surprises her. She hits him and calls him pagal and he jokes he's Spiderman! P - Shut up! R - Ice cream? P - Rukmini? R - GONE! R - Acha hua! Panchi scolds him from breaking the rhythm...they were talking so well using only one word! RV says they'll mend it all over again while they eat ice cream and jokes that rarely he gets time away from that Chipku (he means Rukmini) and time to spend with his best friend! (He means Panchi! ) He asks will she oblige one thing? He wants to celebrate today! Panchi asks why? RV retorts what why?! KiSha confessed today! What more reason do they want? Panchi says so let them celebrate, why is he getting so desperate! RV gives up and says fine, he just wants to spend time with his bestie! Shall they? Panchi says they should go to her house, as she has thought something amazing for him! RV tells her not to scare him and she drags him away (RaHi on my birthday ) Avi is mad and frustrated and starts breaking things in his room. When he gets tired, he sits down and thinks about Tika's word of going to NY. He takes out his cell phone but then remembers the Buddies happily hugging and ends up breaking his cell phone as well. RaHi in the kitchen! Panchi practically forces RV to make noodles as she wants to see him work while she makes coffee! RV isn't too fond of the idea but ends up obliging. While prepping, RV says he shouldn't have done what he did to Mini after getting high in TP. He can't even talk about it as it gets awkward and then exclaims that girls are weird because it's so impossible to know what they think! Panchi sighs and tells him there's a solid way of finding out about girls' feelings. But it's tough. RV says he's ready to do ANYTHING! Panchi makes him lean closer and shouts, "ASK HER!" in his ear. Boys are so stupid, why can't they just ask straightaway?! (sahi baat hai! ) She then taunts him about the noodles and they get to "serious" cooking. They are sitting and enjoying noodles and coffee and RV exclaims that he's a great cook. Panchi tells him to stop irritating her and RV retorts who would've thought that one day RV would be cooking noodles that too for Panchi?! Panchi then says who would've thought KiSha would fall for each other! They used to fight so much in school and Kiya used to call KD "Stoneface!" RV laughs and says KD used to call Kiya "Chicklet!" Just think, if they get married what would be written on the card? "Stoneface weds Chicklet. RSVP - The Buddy Gang!" And Pidd's special message would be, "Mele Bhai Ki Shaadi Mein Jalool Aana!" They laugh about it and hi-5 at this. Panchi says but still, in school time their chemistry was evident and RV agrees. They have some FBs of KiSha moment in RA. Panchi exclaims they were so filmy. Boy and girl met, they fought and ultimately fell in love. Seeing some couple, it seems so evident that they will fall for each other. RV says her statement is so logically wrong. How can two people be a couple without meeting each other? It should be seeing two individuals it becomes evident that they will be a couple in future. Panchi tells him to shut his lecture before she throws these hot noodles on his head. RV has fb of VeeNi dance and asks Panchi do the two individuals know that they will be a couple in future? Panchi thinks about first JeeMiChi scene in the canteen and says she doesn't know. RaHi get all lost in their own thoughts (Forget them all and just hook up with each other please ) Precap – Same as yesterday.

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