The Buddy Project 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 17th February 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 17th February 2014 Written Update

Piddi goes ahead and tells Sheeba that he likes her. Surprisingly she too says that she likes him. Not just like, she in fact loves him, but wanted to hear it first from him. This was the reason she didn’t talk about divorce in last few days. Piddi is all happy. Both have eyelock.

KD and Kiya start getting romantic. KD kisses her forehead and wishes a happy Valentine’s Day. Kiya kisses him on cheek and wishes the same. KD then is about to kiss her on lips, but she says not that easily and runs away. KD tries to catch her, but she keeps going away. He finally catches her and they both fall on the bed and share some close moments.

Anirudh eats the bread with candy bar in it and wishes himself an ‘anti-valentine’s day’.

Ranveer and Panchi do a romantic

dance. BG – Tum Hi Ho. Panchi is nervous even when dancing. After a while, in nervousness, she steps on Ranveer’s feet. Ranveer asks him what’s wrong with her and says they will move on to their plan. He asks her to go to bedroom now. Panchi right away says no saying she’s not ready. Ranveer asks for what. She says she doesn’t want to make out just yet. Ranveer says what? He asks why she thought he wants to make out. Panchi says how she saw c0nd0m and stuff in car, so she thought. Ranveer says nooo, that was for KD and Piddi. This is a very special moment for him, her, and their love, and he would never want to rush like that. There is a time for it and it just happens. He says she wanted to watch movies and tonight he planned that. Panchi is finally relieved.

That’s the end of Valentine’s Day.

Next morning, all six return to the college and remember their previous nights. BG – Tujh Ko Jo Paya.

Panchi shares with Kiya how she had misunderstanding and then asks her to share her experience. Kiya doesn’t tell. Other side, Ranveer and Piddi ask KD for the same, and he too hesitates. Piddi asks Ranveer what he did, and he doesn’t say it either. Then it’s Piddi’s turn and he shares that him and Sheeba did nothing beside one kiss. Ranveer says they must have done everything on their suhagraat and teases Piddi. Ranveer and Piddi go back to KD who is still hesitating and walks away. Ranveer and Piddi follow him. Other hand, Panchi is also following Kiya and Sheeba joins her. Everyone gathers and they keep asking KD and Kiya. Other students also start asking what happened last night.

All the buddies sit in quiet now. Kiya asks how they can ask them in public. Panchi continues teasing and says she feels they should leave the love birds alone as they are feeling embarrassed to share their experience. KD thanks Panchi. Anirudh comes and asks everyone how their valentines was. Everyone says great. Anirudh then advises them to start thinking about their future. This is their last term and they need to know how they will exit the college. The college gave them a lot, and now it’s their turn. They have to think what they can give college back. He leaves. All buddies think about it and agrees with Anirudh. They think what they can do. KD tells everyone he has to go out for few days for a debate competition and he will join them after that. Panchi says for now they should leave the love birds alone. Piddi says everyone to go leaving him and Sheeba there. Panchi says she’s talking about KD and Kiya and take Piddi with her. Kiya side-hugs KD.

A professor is going somewhere with lots of files. Panchi helps her. In the room, she sees a poster about college festival. The professor tells her there used to be time when this college was having festivals, but with the new students, nothing interesting of that sort happens anymore.

Precap: Ranveer announces to everyone that they have got permission from the Dean and they have to do college fest which will be better than other colleges and something that no one has seen before.

Update Credit to: JD

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