The Buddy Project 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 16th July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 16th July 2013 Written Update
RV asks Tika to continue with what she wants to say. Tika says she was the one who took the first step and she is the only one to be blamed here but the stereotypical society immediately blamed the guy. JJ is not to be blamed of anything here. KD comes there and whispers something to RV. RV then announces that there are two sides of the coin. Listeners heard one side now JJ will tell his side of the story. JJ takes the mic and says he isn’t here to explain anyone anything, he just wants to apologize to Tika if he ever led her on to do anything. If he had any idea Tika was KPD, he wouldn’t have gone on with the chat. He goes on saying that there is a purity in a student-teacher relationship which, though unintentionally, they’ve overlooked. JJ then requests that this issue is a

lot more than just a juicy news to be gossiped about, a girl’s future, career and whole life is at stake here. He requests the media to be a little sensitive here and not stretch it too much.

It’s all said and done and they come out of the RS where media is present and Chandan Roy is addressing them. Tika is surprised seeing her father there. CR tells the media to not interfere in his kids’ lives and to respect their privacy and repeats JJ’s request to being a little sensitive. Media people still ask for his statement and CR tells them to kindly stay away from this issue, it’s between himself and the college administration. On his request the media goes away. Avi gets mad and demands JJ to be terminated from his job but CR scolds him for not acting with his common sense. It’s because of Avi that a matter which could’ve been solved calmly has become a huge issue. So Avi should just stay away from this and let CR handle it. CR requests Dean to have a private meeting with JJ and also invites Tika in.

Inside, CR and JJ officially introduce each other. JJ apologizes for the mayhem and CR says it’s not his fault. Things would’ve been different had JJ misused his position as a teacher or forced Tika in any way. But here the whole blame lies on Tika. CR thanks JJ for whatever he said on the radio and took equal responsibility of it all, he could’ve put the entire blame on Tika had he wanted to but he didn’t. Still, problem has happened and it needs to be solved.

Outside, students are anxious and Dean’s BP is shooting high. But then CR steps out and tells them all to relax as everything has been sorted out. He has talked to JJ and that the issue wouldn’t have been this big had not his son interfered. But that’s all water under the bridge and he has decided that Tika will leave ICC. In her absence this issue will die down on its own, out of sight is out of mind, right? Dean gets happy and asks CR that he won’t file a case on ICC then? CR tells him he has no issues whatsoever and leaves from there, taking Tika with him.

Buddies congratulate JJ while Avi just angrily storms away from there.

Tika asks CR why is he telling her to stay away from ICC? She really loves JJ! CR says to her that he has gone through this phase as well where strong infatuations feel like love but that is not so. Tika tells him it’s not infatuation, she knows that! CR pacifies her and says he isn’t denying that but all he wants is that she gives herself some time and if after all that she feels like her feelings haven’t changed, they’ll talk. Tika isn’t convinced but requests CR to let her talk to JJ for two minutes.

Tika goes to JJ and requests to talk to him in private. JJ takes her in the RS. Tika first makes sure nothing is switched on so that their discussion doesn’t become public again. JJ apologizes to her for dealing with all this in his absence and tells her that when they begun chatting, he felt awkward. But then he got intrigued about her. Though he himself always told to his students not to go in too deep in a virtual relationship without being absolute sure about the other person, when it came to himself he forgot about it all. To this Tika only says that whether he admits or not, he still likes her. But he’s holding back because of this student-teacher relationship. Fine, she will change it. She will come back and this time no social norms will be able to come in their way.

Precap – KD-Mr.D argument as shown in Friday’s precap.

Update Credit to: spicysugar

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