The Buddy Project 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 16th January 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 16th January 2013 Written Update

Reporters arrive at the gate of RA. Security try to stop them but they force their way in. Buddy boys and Bobby with JJ are trying to slam the door open when the reporters come there. Banga is shocked seeing and asks Vats what are they doing here? Vats, of course, has no clue. Reporters corner Banga but before he can answer any query, Vats asks him to let him handle the situation. Reporters turn to him and Vats says while shrugging his shoulders that it’s no big deal, just some stupid student has locked himself in the washroom and exclaiming that he’d commit suicide. Banga gets nervous hearing Vats spill the beans. Banga takes over and tries to manage the situation saying it’s all just a practical joke. Reporters start making the report that students are taking drastic measures and authorities are still calling it a “joke”.

The door finally breaks open and everyone sees Piddi lying on the ground, unconscious. JJ, KD and Bobby rush to him and call out to him. Buddies are shocked seeing Piddi in this state. JJ orders to call the doctor and Bobby splashes some water on Piddi’s face. KD and JJ keep calling to him and Piddi slowly opens his eyes. Buddies breathe a sigh of relief seeing him wake up. Bobby says he tried to commit suicide and didn’t think of them even once. Piddi still isn’t in his full senses and Bobby hugs him. He gets all happy and flowers start falling on him (I SWEAR!! AmBy have the BEST BG music!!!!) KD turns his head towards him and asks whether he drank anything. Piddi shakes his head. KD notices a bottle of toilet acid in the corner and picks it up and is relieved that it’s full. JJ asks Piddi if he took any pills and Piddi holds his head in pain. Bobby asks did he try to commit suicide by banging his head? Piddi looks at the camera in incomprehensible shock!

Reporters report that a Pratham Punj tried to commit suicide in school by banging his head on the wall. Mrs. P sees this on TV and is shocked. Reporters inform that Piddi is thankfully safe and suffered no harm. Reporter also says that his friends and companions should be praised who saved him. Mrs. P is overwhelmed and rushes towards school.

Piddi is out with friends and media. He calls the camera and says is everyone out of their mind? He and suicide? Never ever! Suicide is for losers and he is anything but! (Trust TBP to give social messages at the most unexpected turns! ) Everyone is asking if he is alright etc and Piddi calls the camera again and says that it’s the first time Bobby hugged him wholeheartedly. Piddi is enjoying the attention and playing along with their sympathies. Reporters approach to interview him but Buddies escort Piddi away, shooing away the reporters. JJ follows them. Vats says proudly to Banga that Piddi was saved cuz of him because he prayed he’d present 5 KGs of laddoos in a temple for God and he suggested Banga to give some kilos from his side as well. Banga shuts him up.

Reporters keep asking Piddi questions but before he can answer, JJ asks him not to say anything and asks Bobby to escort Piddi to First Aid Room. Bobby takes him away and Piddi is happy with Bobby’s closeness but it fades when KD joins him as well. JJ requests reporters to let Piddi be for a while.

Reporters ask Banga that is it true the reason for suicide was the undue pressure from authorities on Piddi? Banga rejects all this and walks away. Some other reporter is asking TC about the incident and the reporters following Banga go to cover the students. TC says she heard Piddi saying that he had too much pressure from the Principal. RV comes and tells that the school atmosphere is worst than a military camp with all the strict rules, CCTV, ban on cells phones etc. Samar joins in and says even Hitler wasn’t this strict. Juhi comes crying and says what if something happened to Piddi? And RV pats her head and hug her to console her. Banga’s world shatters when he hears this. Vats says to him his uncle has a cycle distribution chain and on his request, he can get Banga a job as a plan B cuz all this exposure means Banga’s job is gone!

Samar continues saying that all these rules are affecting a child’s positive happiness. Banga makes way to stop him but reporters jump on him and he runs away and locks himself in his office. Mrs. P comes to school and the security guard informs her that Piddi is alright and in FAR.

JJ outside FAR requests the reporters to wait for a while as Piddi needs rest. Inside, Doc is examining him. Mrs. P arrives there and rushes in asking if Piddi is alright. Doc assures her that Piddi is fine, just a little bruised which will be alright soon. Piddi also assures her that he is alright. She sits by his side and hits him while crying that how dare he commit suicide! One reporter comments if authorities put such pressure on students, what good can it produce? Mrs.P gets angry that it’s all cuz of Banga’s rules and he made her make her son’s life so strict. She apologizes to Piddi for all she did and vows to get all these rules lifted. She demands to know where Banga is and JJ gets an idea seeing her reaction. He offers that he’d take her to Banga and she accepts.

Reporters ask Mrs. P the main reason for the suicide attempt. She says that’s what she demands to know from Banga. Piddi is a sweet child, yeah he does some small pranks like tying the laces of two shoes together but never something big. That Banga must’ve made him do it! JJ stops the reporters from asking further questions by saying they’re going to talk to Banga and will answer them later. They leave and Buddies come out from hiding. Juhi, Samar and RV punch the air excitedly seeing the tides turn in their favor.

Vats symbolizes Banga’s plan with a Frisbee as it has come back to hit him after he threw it. Banga is tensed when Trustees enter the office. They demand to know the details of the suicide attempt. Banga says it’s no big deal. Just then Mrs. P and JJ enter. Mrs. P says how come it’s no big deal? Her son almost died today! Vats interferes saying that a meeting is going on and JJ glares at him saying what she is saying is more important than the meeting. He introduces her as Mrs. P. Trustees asks Mrs.P the full matter when she says that Banga rubbed his evilness on all of the parents. Mrs.P sits down and tells about Banga’s conditions for taking exams. She asks is this their way of teach students’ values? JJ adds that these students are potentially the best of RA but Banga is strict to them only cuz they are close to Rama Sir. He says that RA has two sets of rules, one for every general student and one for these 8. Banga interferes and says these 8 are extremely indiscipline and it’s all cuz of JJ and he just tried to reform them! JJ retorts by turning them against each other? JJ says to expel KD, Banga used Piddi. He tried dividing the loyalty of two extremely good friends. They are young minds, they can’t handle such pressure.

Banga says that this Piddi sabotaged the CCTV system but JJ cuts across him saying that Banga put CCTV cameras in school to monitor the students but in reality, he is taking away their right to privacy as it’s all so suffocating. Banga should know the difference between school and a prison. Banga asks the Trustees to listen to what he says but the Trustees aren’t interested. Trustee apologize to Mrs.P and says they will take proper action and ask her to wait outside.

Mrs.P gets up and leaves after giving Banga one deathly look! Trustee says they made a huge mistake by making Banga the Principal and they must rethink the decision. JJ offers Banga a handkerchief and repeats Banga’s words of using it for sweat but then says he forgot Banga has his own handkerchief. Banga just looks on.

Piddi is still walking with Bobby’s support and continues to get close to her. Samar and RV ask him to relax and he says pitifully he has trouble walking. Bobby assures him that it’s alright, she’s here. Piddi STTC that it’s so fun being this close to Bobby. She makes him sit on the chair and tends to him.

Trustees keep scolding Banga that his actions have put RA to such a shame and they don’t know what to do to RA. JJ clears his throat and says media is waiting for Banga’s statement and he should go out. Trustees says Banga is in no condition to give statement and they ask JJ to take his place. JJ gives out a fake mocking cry of surprise and obliges.

Mrs.P arrives in cafe and assures Piddi that Trustees will take proper action. Media comes there and ask Piddi questions. Bobby gets up to angrily send them away but Piddi makes her sit down beside him saying that he gets scared seeing all these people. A reporter asks how does Piddi feel after attempting suicide. Mrs.P retorts by asking how will he (reporter) feel if she slapped him? She says her son is not feeling well but they just can’t respect it and keep jumping on him. She notices Bobby’s hand on Piddi and indirectly taunts her as well and asks her to sit at a distance. Reporters are adamant to make Piddi speak but JJ comes there and manages the situation saying that whatever Piddi did was wrong and it shouldn’t be glorified. He says he knows Media wants truth but one should be a little responsible. They agree but say at least the Principal should give a statement that what step will he take to stop from such thing to happen again. JJ says sure and escorts them away from Piddi.

JJ comes in office and informs that Media won’t go away. Only solution is that Banga should go out as Principal of RA and give statement that nothing of this nature will happen again. Trustees ask what if Banga’s statement mess things further? Banga begs to be given one more chance and JJ says since Banga is begging, they should give him a chance. On JJ’s words, Trustees agree with a warning that if Banga handles the situation, they’ll think of giving him one more chance as a Principal. Banga is grateful to them and steps out of the office with JJ following..

Mrs.P asks Piddi how did it all happen? Piddi STTC what should he answer his mother? He dodges the question by saying forget all this and she should go hear Banga’s statement. She asks what if he needs him? Piddi assures her that he is fine, he has friends for help. She leaves after giving Bobby one displeased look. Piddi asks Bobby for a glass of water. She gets up to get it and he holds her hand saying her hands are soft. She threatens her that they are strong as well but smiles and leaves. Samar and RV take their places beside Piddi. Samar and KD ask Piddi’s intentions for suicide. KD is clearly disappointed at Piddi. They keep saying that Piddi did wrong. Piddi asks them to stop saying this and confesses he didn’t try to attempt any suicide.

Precap – Buddies read a notice and get extremely happy. Banga says to Vats let the Buddies and JJ be happy but they’ll have to pay for this happiness later.

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