The Buddy Project 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 15th May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 15th May 2013 Written Update

Kiya wants to talk to Piddi but he is running from her. So he finds sanctuary in the boys washroom. But the Diva is adamant and she follows him there! Piddi gets nervous seeing her and there and tells her to leave as it’s the boys washroom and she isn’t allowed there. She doesn’t pay heed and walks to him and threatingly tells him that it’s useless to run from her as she can go anywhere she wants so he better shut up and listen to her! She apologizes for everything and says she’s ready for any punishment and humiliation. She tells him he’s her partner in the GSC. Piddi is surprised hearing this. Kiya continues she just wanted him to get his love cuz she knows nothing worked out between AmBy. That’s why she thought of Tika and honestly, seeing the way she acted around him,

Kiya honestly felt that there was something going on. Kiya says she knows it’s all due to her misunderstanding and she really thought Tika loved Piddi. That’s why she set up that date. She shouldn’t have done it she knows but her intentions were pure. She knows she ended up hurting Piddi but honestly, she just wanted to see him happy. She gives him the permission to take revenge, tell JJ that she broke the rule and told him that she was his GS and for that she can be disqualified but that won’t stop her because she genuinely wants to see him happy (aaahhh! Look at their progression man! Waqt tha jab Piddi was all hatred from Kiya, calling her Kareli and what not. And now this! Maannn! Buddies are awesome! <3) because once upon a time, they were really good friends (ouch ) He was a bit stupid, bit idiotic yet loveable (Can't handle this! ) She gently caresses his cheek and says she's sorry and leaves from there. JJ is doing sound check in RS (Radio Station/Studio) when VeeNi enter. He greets them with a poetry and welcomes them. He tells them the equipment is theirs to use so they better get 'friendly' with it. VeeNi take their seats and JJ quietly walks to the back of the room. RV is really happy and he excitedly starts telling Mini about all the equipment (hayye! Who can ever forget that one of RV's first and genuine love is Radio? Remember the "Bin Tere" sequence...he sang the song FOR HIS RADIO STATION! I'm so happy seeing the Radio side being explored! <3) JJ suggests that VeeNi should spend some time in the RS after classes, to familiarize with the surroundings and equipment as it's really important. But what's more important is that they find their rapport with each other. RV gets up and excitedly says it's gonna be really awesome with all the things that they can do! JJ agrees that indeed it'll be awesome but the show can only be successful when they'll gel well together while maintaining their individuality. JJ tells RV that he'll cater to English speaking students and Mini to Hindi ones. They might speak in different languages but the common language on the show will be one. For that, RV needs to speak a little in Hindi and Mini will have to speak a little English. At this, Mini gets up nervously. JJ asks is there any problem? She shakes her head. JJ STTC that Mini is scared of speaking English but she has to conquer that fear. And he hopes someone will help her do that and he looks at RV. JJ makes Mini sit and say they'll do a mock call where he'll be a listener who's her huge fan and she is doing a live show. Mini says they'll do later but JJ says no, they'll do it right now! RV agrees to this and takes his chair beside Mini's. He makes her wear the headphones saying this'll give the right feel while Mini is all nervous. They get ready and the call is connected. JJ starts saying really fast how he's a huge fan and he loves her voice and loves the way she talks. Mini is so nervous she can hardly speak. JJ asks her what's her tip for him today? RV encourages Mini to speak saying it's a mock call, not a live call. There's nothing to be scared of. She can say anything but she has to speak! JJ starts forcing her to speak on phone that she has a lovely voice and she should speak up. Mini starts sweating in nervousness and just keeps on looking blankly at RV. RV asks is there any problem. Mini takes off her headphones and says to JJ she can't do it. JJ replies she can do it! When she will look in the eyes of fear, only then the fear will back away. He tells her to stay strong. Just then, he gets a call and excuses himself. Before going out, he says to RV that he hopes they'll manage it out together and RV assures him that he'll help Mini out. JJ reads the message inviting him for a pool game. He STTC that the mystery girl is finally ready for a real challenge. Okay, let's meet this Khoon Ki Pyaasi Dayan. Tika is playing pool. She gets the last ball in and the crowd around her applauds. She smugly asks is anyone else ready to place a bet? The crowd disperses at this. She gets a message. She reads it and says the fun in real game will come with JJ. There, Piddi enters the room and sees her. Tika notices him as well. Piddi turns to leave but she stops him. She goes to him and apologizes for the other day saying that she over-reacted. She tells him that she went home and thought about it and realized that she had over-reacted a lot. She tells him that she likes him, he's a real nice cutipie kind of a guy but she doesn't like that way! She considers him as a really good friend and she rarely makes friends, so he can be happy at that! Piddi is all serious throughout. She says in world, Uday Chopra has more fans than Tika has friends so he can guess how rare species are her friends. Piddi laughs at this joke and thanks her. Then he tells her he belongs to the group of both the rare species because he found Uday Chopra really funny in Dhoom series (Oh Piddi! <3) Tika says seriously she is overlooking this thing because he's a really good friend of hers, but if he says something like this again, he won't be forgiven! Piddi chuckles and says that's why he loves her! Tika raises her eyebrows and he explains in a purely friendly way. She asks sweetly, did he forgive her? He says of course! They shake hands and becomes friends! (YAAY!) Mini is still nervous and RV calms her down saying everyone gets nervous before starting something new, even he was nervous! He tells her to relax and says they'll start from tomorrow. She agrees to that and gets ready to leave. But RV stops her and says he'll teach her how to play music today. He starts teaching her all the steps and methods of doing it and she keenly listens. But then she moves her hand and something falls down. RV sees this and gets a little stern and asks what's wrong with her? If she's so damn nervous, why did she agree to RJ?! RV takes a deep breathe and calms himself down but the damage is done and Mini leaves from there with RV following her and saying he's sorry. In an empty classroom, Panchi is trying to memorize the script which Omi wrote for her. But it's in such typical Hindi she's struggling alot in just reading it! But she continues doing so when Mini enters, followed by RV who's begging her to listen to him and stopping her from walking so fast. Panchi sees all this. Mini sits on the chair and RV kneels on the table behind her saying it wasn't his intention to hurt. Mini gets up and goes out of the room with RV behind her, begging her to listen and forgive. Panchi calls out to RV and asks what's wrong? RV gets hyper and walks to her and starts bellowing that everything was fine in the world, all was going well but God didn't like our happiness so he created girls! Why do girls always create problems, why do you fight all the time?! Panchi also gets hyper and retorts who said girls fight all the time?! RV points to her and says see! Now you started fighting! Panchi looks away and says sorry. RV taps on her shoulder and asks doesn't she have to get home, what is she still doing in college?! She sighs and sadly tells him that there's a entertainment round in MV where they have to do a stand-up act. Omi has written a script for her but it's in pure Hindi and she's struggling a LOT over it! It's so difficult! RV laughs at this and says Omi wrote a difficult script?! He takes the script from her to see it for himself. But seeing it, he is shocked and Panchi gives a fake sugar coated smile at this. He clears his throat and starts to read but gets stuck on the first word itself and Panchi helps him. Needless to say, he struggles alot and ends up calling the Yamraj an "Atankvaadi" (terrorist ) At this point, Panchi grabs the script from him and corrects his mistake, then gets nervous. RV says there's no way she's gonna win this! Unless she does it in English. Panchi replies just cuz it's in Hindi doesn't mean she'll just give up. She knows it's outta her comfort zone but even MV is outta her comfort zone. RV is busy biting his nail in nervousness. Panchi continues it's in Hindi, she'll have to manage. How? She doesn't know but she will manage! At this, RV says he's got a superb idea! He knows who'll be the best person to help her out! Panchi gets excited at this but mellows down when RV takes Mini's name. He says Mini uses really tough words sometimes but when she speaks, she sounds really sweet. Panchi isn't interested but RV continues praises Mini and talking about her. He goes on and on and Panchi STTC that there you go, Rukmini Chalisa has started. Then gets happy at the word Chalisa as it's a good Hindi word. She says she will do this script on her own, she doesn't need Mini's help at all! She says to RV if his village saga is over, can she practice? RV apologizes and says shall he call Mini? Panchi retorts it's her problem, she can solve it on her own! RV retorts to this why is she getting mad if her Hindi isn't strong?! Panchi retorts loudlier than him why does he want to tell the world that her Hindi isn't strong!! And she marches away from him! RV curses why is every girl mad at him! He sits down dejectedly and STTC what's the problem if Panchi's Hindi is weak? Many people are weak in English! For instance Rukmini! Piddi is on the beach and writes the word "Stupid" on the sand when two girls come to him and greet him. He is confused at first but then the girls start flirting with him and ask him to click a picture with them. Piddi gets excited and obliges. He tells them to tag him in the pics on FB. Just then, KD comes and thanks the girls for making Piddi laugh, something he couldn't quite accomplish. Piddi scolds KD what was the need for this drama?! One girl says to this, it was drama but it wasn't a lie. And calls him cutie and leaves. He baths in the happiness that the girls brought him then he scolds KD that why does he feel Piddi thinks about girls all the time? Is it tattooed on his forehead that he needs a girl?! KD replies not yet, but if this goes on, the words "Hamara Baap Brahamchari Hai" will be written on their kids' arms. Piddi gets the joke a little late and laughs. Piddi says if they'll have kids, the purpose of the tattoo will be defeated! KD says but seriously, they are the only ones who don't have a GF. If a documentary will be made of them, it'd say there go two guys who still haven't formed a pair yet! In other words, they are the loser who'll be found ogling outside girls' college! PraShav continue joking and having a good time. RV thoughtfully STTC now he knows that Mini and Panchi have the same problem. Panchi with Hindi and Mini with English, that's why she remains all awkward and embarrassed all the time. He could never understand her properly. If someone like Panchi can have problems in a language, then obviously Mini will have too! He's such an idiot for not getting it till today. Precap – JJ asks comes to VeeNi in RS and asks are they all set. RV looks at Mini seriously and says they are ready. JJ says does that mean they can start the show from tomorrow and Mini cuts across him and says no, she isn’t ready for radio business.

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