The Buddy Project 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 15th January 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 15th January 2013 Written Update

Piddi is tensed and Samar calls out to him. He asks Piddi about what happened in office? But Piddi doesn’t reply. Samar notices the watch and is shocked. He asks did Piddi confess to everything?

At TBC, the Buddies sans Kiya are gathered. Piddi says he didn’t have choice. He tells about Banga’s deal. RV says Kiya was right, Banga is very shrewd. To get back at KD, Banga is playing a very dirty game. Samar goes to KD and consoles him that like always, they’d find a way out of this trouble. KD is completely dejected and says this time, there is no way out. It’s not his fate that he’d study in RA. He pacifies Piddi that he’ll go and confess and Piddi shouldn’t worry. Piddi replies that everyone in school calls him “Piddi” but saying this, KD actually made him feel so small. How can he remain happy by pushing his dearest friend in extreme trouble? KD isn’t at fault, he didn’t want to be involved but Piddi forced him to make up a plan. KD says but he accepted Piddi’s pleas so that makes him equally responsible. Kiya comes there and sneers that finally KD is talking sense. She continues that it’s all KD’s fault so it’s no big deal if he is owning up to it. Piddi gets mad and says how come it’s KD’s fault? Kiya taunts that KD isn’t like him. He made the plan and pushed everyone else to do so that when it fails, blame won’t come down on KD. Piddi gets madder and says what does she know about KD? In fact, what does anyone know about KD?! He wants to say all about KD’s situation. KD tries to stop him but Piddi says it anyway that Mr.D mortgaged their house to pay for KD’s fees. Buddies are shocked hearing this. Piddi continues that Mr.D sacrificed so much only to see his son get education at a prestigious place. KD didn’t want to let down his father that’s why he wasn’t directly involved. Piddi says to KD he won’t allow KD to be in this mess, he won’t let KD be in trouble. KD tries to knock sense into Piddi saying that if Piddi owns it up, his career and life would be destroyed. He says that Piddi won’t do anything. Whatever is supposed to happen to KD, will happen. He’ll go and confess to Banga.

RV is sitting in KD’s way and he puts out his leg to stop KD from going. RV says he knew that KD is a loser but he never knew that KD was such a big loser! If KD’s wish of being all hero is so strong, he should go and act in a C-grade movie. RV asks that does KD actually think his sacrifice will make things alright? He should take his sacrificial feelings and shove it up his…you know what. Piddi comes to interfere but RV shoves him away. KD asks is it necessary for RV to interfere in anything? He should stay away. RV retorts, why should he? He was a part of the plan and has every right to speak. Besides, KD was out of the plan right after he gave the idea so it should be KD who shouldn’t interfere. Samar comes and sides RV saying that KD shouldn’t let his father’s sacrifice go to waste but KD is adamant. Bobby comes forward saying before, they’ve gotten out from bigger troubles and they’ll make their out from it. KD is hopeless and says now nothing can happen, either he will get out of RA or Piddi and he would never allow Piddi to be expelled. He has made his decision. RV shouts what decision? And who is KD to make any decision? Samar adds that running away isn’t an act of courage. All sans Kiya, who is standing away from him, and Piddi, who doesn’t know what to do or say, try consoling KD. Piddi leaves from there and RV shouts, “Just shut up!” He says no one is going anywhere and they will all go together. One for all and All for One. He puts his hand out and everyone put their hands above his. Kiya just rolls her eyes at this. KD realizes Piddi is missing. All get worried that Piddi isn’t there.

Piddi is walking and keeps bumping into things and people. TC catches up to him and asks what did Banga say to him and where is Piddi going? Piddi is frustrated and annoyed and says Banga has made his life hell so he’s gonna go and commit suicide! Some other students ask him where is he going in such a state and he again repeats that he’s gonna go die and if they are so curious about him, they should join him! He keeps walking in a frustrated manner and bumps into other students and stuff, exclaiming that Banga is suffocating him with all his schemes and he wants to kick Piddi out of school so it’s better to just die! Students mumble among themselves that Piddi seems serious. He goes to the washroom and locks himself in. TC follows and knocks the door but it’s locked. Some students come there and ask why is Piddi acting so psychotic and TC replies he is gonna commit suicide.

Vats comes to Buddies and says just because there is CCTV here, doesn’t mean curfew is over. His eyes are CCTV. He knows they are gathered to plan against Banga but that won’t bear them any fruit. Their Buddy gang will break up soon as one of them is going to be expelled. TC comes there out of breathe and informs that Piddi has locked himself and wants to commit suicide. Buddies are shocked hearing this and they run towards the washroom.

Students are asking Piddi to come out when the Buddies reach there. Buddies call out to him. Piddi is inside, sitting calmly in the washroom and is surprised to hear his friends’ calling out to him desperately. One of the boys inform the Buddies that Piddi was saying Banga has made his life hell and he will commit suicide. TC posts this on FB and some reporter reads it. Bobby calls out to Piddi and Piddi is extremely surprised hearing Bobby’s concerend voice as she begs him to come out. KD vows if anything happens to Piddi, he won’t spare Banga.

Banga is all happy and goes to meet JJ in staff room and says he has a news to share. JJ says he has a class so Banga better make it quick. Banga sends the other teacher away so it’s him and JJ alone. He says two lions can’t stay in one jungle and JJ apparently forgot this. JJ has FB of Banga’s challenge that he’d kick KD out of school. Banga says one of his favorite students is gonna leave RA. Banga will expel KD. He says he knew that one day these Buddies will make a mistake and he won’t spare them. Today is that day. He suggests JJ to forget class as he might have a farewell party to plan. JJ asks what did KD do or is Banga trying to frame him? Banga laughs that no, he won’t do anything. It’ll be the Buddies who’ll do everything. JJ gets shocked and Banga offers him a handkerchief saying it’s used to wipe away sweat. JJ might need it.

TC informs the teachers on intercom regarding the situation. Vats comes there. KD is saying if Piddi won’t open the door, he’d break it. Vats says how can he break a door? It’s made of expensive wood. RV glares angrily at Vats and Vats gets nervous and in nervousness calls KD, “KD Bhai” but recovers and asks did Piddi say anything?

Inside, Piddi is hearing all this and says to the camera that KD is a very senti type of a person. It’s not like Piddi is shitting here but actually thinking of plan to spare KD. He says before KD breaks open the door like Sunny Deol, he better meet him. Piddi stands up and walks towards the door but slips on the ground and faints after a cry. Everyone outside get shocked hearing his cry and start knocking harder than ever. Vats runs away to tell this to Banga.

Banga is gleefully telling JJ that this time, Buddies are stuck in a bad way as he has all the proofs against them. Vats comes there and informs that Piddi has locked himself in washroom. Banga says he might’ve eaten something bad, it’s no big deal but Vats then tells of his suicide. JJ rushes away from there and Banga gets worried that Piddi will end Banga’s life before he takes his own.

JJ reaches the washroom and asks what happened. KD tells him that Piddi has locked himself in and is saying he’d commit suicide. JJ tries to console Piddi saying no one will say anything to Piddi, no one will kick him out of RA and Piddi should come out. Banga comes there and says it’s all a drama to trap him. KD is overwhelmed and says it’s all due to Banga. He made a deal with Piddi that if Piddi won’t testify against KD, Banga would kick him out of RA. JJ gets mad and warns Banga if anything happens to Piddi, he swears to God he’ll send Banga to jail with the charges to instigating a student and he blo*dy well means it.

Precap – Reporters are in RA and are covering this situation. JJ, RV and KD break open the door and Buddies step in to see an unconscious Piddi on floor. They try waking him up.

Update Credit to: Mais

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