The Buddy Project 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 14th May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 14th May 2013 Written Update

Avi faces RV (OMG! It hurts seeing them like this Okay chuck it, it’s oozing hotness ) and asks what’s wrong. RV is a bit taken back at first then shows him the poster and says what’s this? Avi sees the poster and laughs saying it’s art. RV doesn’t like it so Avi tells them to not start with his women issues again. It’s all happening in good fun besides, she (Rukmini) is Chillar’s Chavani (that’s witty ) and she deserves it. RV sighs and says Radio is all about team work, if she’ll fumble so will he. They shouldn’t make the RS a battleground for Cs&Ds. Omi enters with his close Cs while RV says he doesn’t think she’s from the Cs so why are they lowering their standard by doing such stuff (Must say, the way RV is calmly handling all this stuff is really commendable!

aah! My Man has grown so much ) Omi pastes a poster degrading RV on the canteen wall and the Cs laugh at this. RV is surprised seeing this while Avi laughs saying it’s really nice. Omi is confused seeing such reaction. He comments that’s a first that Ds have appreciated their creativity. Avi whispers to RV that now he got it, she is defo from Cs side. He tells RV to go while he’d handle it all (Got it! RV is my Man, Avi is my Jaan! Shazzy, aap bhaad mein jao! ) RV tries warning him not to do anything harsh but Avi just taps him on the shoulder and assures him he’ll take care of everything. RV picks his stuff and leaves, giving Omi a serious, harsh look on his way out and tears down the poster from the wall while Omi smirks and laughs (Beta, jis ladki ko Yo Yo Honey Singh de ke pata raha hai, wo ais neele jacket wale ki best friend hai! Don’t forget that! )

Avi and Ds join in the laughing and Avi asks Omi who taught him the spelling of “Hit Me”? He’s sure even this small word is Shakespearean English for Omi. Omi and TD are silent and Avi asks TD won’t he tell Omi the meaning of it? Anyway, if Omi has written it, Avi will gladly tell him the meaning of it. Omi replies if Avi is dying to give tuition classes, he won’t break his heart (aye hayye! Finally a Takda after so many days! Damnit! So much hotness but I’m all eyes for Avi ) They approach each other with intention of hitting when a whistle blows (Not a normal whistle, ek dum tapori style whistle ) They look at the side and there’s JJ standing at the counter, laughing that Cs&Ds have started it again! He orders a black coffee and jumps and sits on the counter asking shall we start?

He asks Chintu does he think two lovebirds can live without fighting with each other? Chintu says no, that can never be! JJ comments to JeeMi that he thinks there’s a string binding them, always pulling them towards each other (WHAT?! ) TD laughs at this and Omi hits him. JJ asks do they believe in real love? JeeMi look at each other then together they nod and answer in affirmative to JJ. JJ smiles in delight and walks to them saying they must’ve seen in movies and TV, two people meet and they always fight. But then slowly slowly, love happens between the two. JeeMi look at each other as in seeing each other in a new light. While JJ continues telling Cs&Ds that for real love, huge fights are extremely necessary! Hmmm!! Is that the case with them as well?

Maa Da Laadla, the gay anthem, kicks in while JeeMi keep on being lost in each other’s eyes, tilting their head slight to left then right.

Music stops

JJ becomes all serious and tells them, rather pushes them, to look within themselves and see! See if that isn’t happening within them! See if they aren’t in love already!!!


One glass of juice with two straws in it! JeeMi lean in closer and start drinking the juice from respective straws. Since they are too close, they are playfully flirting each other with their pinky fingers. While below the table, they reach out for each other’s hands and hold it. A very “la la la la” type music in the BG.

Time for reality!

Reality kicks in and they snap outta their thoughts and see that they are ACTUALLY holding hands (I’m dead guys! DEAD! ) They cry out loud jump away from each other, disgusted and cleaning their hands as if they touched something filthy. JJ asks what’s wrong? Did sparks fly between them? Disgusted, JeeMi run away from there saving their dead lives while JJ and Chintu laugh. JJ says to Chintu that he loves him and Chintu disappears and JJ laughs.

Rukmini is crying in the library and RV comes there. He sees her but hesitates in approaching her. He takes out a post-it notebook from his bag, writes something on it and puts it on Mini’s book. She looks at the note then at RV and he nods at the notes. She reads the note which says don’t mind about what they said. She scribbles her reply which tells him to go from here. RV takes out another note and passes it to her. It says but friends are for times like these. She gets mad and exclaims when did they become friends?! RV puts a finger on his lips to tell her to quiet down and sits besides her saying it’s the library! She again says when did they become friends? And he’s from D group, he must also think like them! RV asks what they did, they did. Why is he being blamed here? Mini replies they are all the same so they think and act the same! RV says is that so? Does that mean she’ll also act like the Cs? Mini replies Cs will never do stuff like Ds do! RV asks really and shows him the poster as if saying ‘here’s a sample of C group’. Mini surpresses a smile seeing this while RV openly grins. Mini continues seeing the poster and RV writes something on the note and clears his throat. The note says ‘Coffee?’ and he smiles in invitation. She narrows her eyes and asks would he like her to get her chappal? She gets up to leave when…when..WHEN! RV grabs her hand to stop her from leaving (VEENI!!! )!

She turns around to look at him but he just keeps on holding her hand without saying anything. They keep on looking at each other for a while. Then RV says he wants her to go for coffee, not to a temple so that she’d have to remove her chappals. Beside, in big cities asking for coffee is nothing big. She replies, be it city or a small town, openly holding a girl’s hand is never a good thing. RV realizes what he’s doing and lets go. He looks away and apologizes and Mini smiles a little seeing this. She taps on his shoulder to get his attention and asks, shall we go for coffee? RV smiles and gets up and they leave (cutesy! <3) VeeNi are enjoying coffee. Before Mini can thank him, he says he knows she wants to thank him. But if all the thanks and hellos are done, should they come on topic? Panchi passes by the canteen and sees them from behind a pillar. RV says most radios do romantic love guru type of themes, but he was thinking of doing something like a reality check. Mini asks him to explain and he replies the other day she was talking about her experiences. Things which city people don't even know that village people experience or face troubles with! Hats off to you guys for tackling such issues. Mini says there isn't only trouble in villages, there's fun as well. RV asks really? Like what? She asks in reply has he ever eaten a sugarcane from the fields? Ever put mangoes in a bucket and put it in the well so they get cold? Ever played with wheels for an entire evening? Ran behind a train? Swam in the river? She has done it all! RV exclaims in surprise that she has really swam in the river? She nods. He looks at her legs and nods in appreciation that there must be a crowd at the river when she did so? The TRP of the river must've increased. Mini hits him on the arm at this and he says she's quite strong as well. RV comments it's hard to figure her out. Sometimes she says there are troubles in villages, then she says there is fun as well. If it's so fun, why is she in the city? Mini calmly replies for studies. RV becomes all cheerful, playful and funnily asks her why, aren't there colleges in village? She says there are and RV asks so how come? Mini becomes serious and thinks about some man saying no girl will go to college. School is enough but college in another city, no way! Now she'll get married. Mini says it's hard being a girl in villages and small towns. Panchi STTC that RV seems very happy with Mini. Now she has to do something that he'd realize that she exists in his life as well (HEADDESK! Panchi! Tu aisi kyun hai?! RV can't live his entire life revolving around you! Things like these make me want to shake her till she gets in her senses! ) RV tells Mini to chuck all the sad stories and come back on the radio topic. There Panchi has an idea to call RV. VeeNi are talking and Panchi calls him. RV excuses and brightens up seeing Panchi's call. He picks it up and cheerfully asks her what's up. Panchi removes the phone from her ears and doesn't reply. RV says she disconnected. Mini says it might've gotten disconnected on its on suggests him to call her. RV calls Panchi and the phone rings behind her (facepalm! Panchi! You silly girl! Plan tou fool proof banaya kar ) He looks back and notices her. RV smiles at her and says he's sitting here and she was calling him. Is anything wrong? She looks at the phone and fumbles that it must be a mistake. RV tells her to join them but she makes an excuse that she has some work to do. RV asks is she sure and she leaves saying that all's well. She disappears from there and VeeNi get back to business. Then she sees them from behind the pillar. She makes a sad face and STTC why did JJ make VeeNi meet? She pouts and bangs her head on the pillar thrice before going away (She's so darn adorable! It's hard being angry with her But I still don't approve ) JJ in his office, thinking about Chintu's word that he got a wish fulfilled and the lady's word who said how can I like the real Anirudh if I have never met him. He feels helpless and STTC that he consciously pushed people away so that he doesn't have to bear the pain of losing dear ones again. He gets a grip on himself and opens his laptop and messages KPD for another challenge, but this time no laptops. Just you and me in the real world. Tika gets the message on her phone and she gets happy seeing it. Three guys are sitting and one of them challenges the other to say something to Tika. The boy calls out to Tika and says she looks very hot today. Tika rolls her eyes and kicks him in the shin and angrily grabs his collar asking is the hotness too much to handle? JJ is seeing all this. She threatens him if he ever teased another girl like this again, the same kick will be hit a little higher. Crowd begins to gather but JJ motions them all to leave. Tika turns to leave and the boy threatens that he won't leave her easily. She sighs and turns back saying that's what she wanted to hear. She angrily grabs him again but JJ comes in between and pulls her away, telling her to relax. The boy apologizes to JJ while JJ asks Tika to cut it out. She asks for just one chance and without paying heed to JJ's words, she moves to the boy and kicks him again. The boys leave. JJ turns around and comments how nicely she said bye to them. Tika doesn't say anything and JJ says she's a brave girl who can take care of herself. But now she should relax. Tika's phone is on the ground and JJ picks is up. She gets nervous when he reads "Message" on the phone.
Precap – Same as yesterday.

Update Credit to: Mais

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