The Buddy Project 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 14th March 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 14th March 2014 Written Update

Ranveer hides Piddi’s phone and makes him search it everywhere, in conference room, toilet, Anirudh’s office. Piddi is going crazy as he can’t find it. Sheeba in end tells him that Ranveer has hid it and gives it back to him. A student comes and tells Ranveer that Maya is calling him.

Maya gives a bag with 3 lakh rupees in it to Ranveer and asks him to put it in Dean’s cabin. She was supposed to give it to someone, but he didn’t come. Ranveer is going and he sees Anirudh. He sits to talk with him. Piddi decides to take revenge from Ranveer. He quietly takes the bag and leaves. Now Ranveer is worried. He sees Piddi and chases him. Piddi hides and passes the bag to Sheeba. Sheeba goes to the room where Kiya is teaching dance to other girls. Sheeba tells her to look

after the bag and she leaves. She doesn’t return until some time and KD is passing from there. Kiya gives it to KD asking him to give it back to Piddi.

Piddi asks Sheeba about the bag telling her there was money in it. Sheeba says she gave it to Kiya. They come to the room and Kiya says she passed it to KD. They call KD, but his phone is dead. He gives the bag to Panchi and goes to get charger.

While all this happened, several students had their eye or saw the bag. Ranveer, Sheeba, Kiya, Piddi are searching KD. They find Panchi and KD also come there. Ranveer is relieved as he finds the bag. He goes to Dean’s office and there he doesn’t find any money. He gets shocked. He goes to Piddi and asks him where’s the money. Piddi says he doesn’t know, he didn’t even look at it. Ranveer gets mad. They enquire with each other, but no one knows anything. They are worried. Maya comes to them and they lie to her that everything is okay. They act strange in front of Maya. They strike Panchi might know about the money and they go to her. Panchi is with Anirudh. The buddies wonder how they will inform Panchi. Ranveer tries to take Panchi away, but fails as Panchi is too busy with Anirudh. Panchi is trying to convince Anirudh to propose Maya. Ranveer is finally able to take her out.

Panchi doesn’t know anything either. Ranveer gets mad at Piddi and others. Panchi calms him down. KD feels if they didn’t take out the money, then it’s possible someone else might have. They wonder who can do that.

Precap: Maya asks Ranveer and Panchi what’s going on. There is little time left in the fest and they are just wasting time. Ranveer and Panchi don’t know what to say.

Update Credit to: JD

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