The Buddy Project 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 14th January 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 14th January 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Panchi telling Kiya it’s a big mistake to make any plans against Banga right now, but Kiya tells her mistake is to trust the person who puts a gun on someone else’s shoulders and shoots, KD tell them he was against the plan from the beginning and told them not to plan anything right now but Piddi and others wouldn’t listen and wanted to revenge Banga anyhow
Kiya gets irritated and hits back at KD telling Panchi she forgot to say that some people can be so spineless that they wouldn’t accept their own mistakes
KD on the camera: if he wasn’t worried about his father he wouldn’t have put them in trouble, but Kiya will never understand his situation and if he even tries to explain he knows she wouldn’t understand
Juhi and Bobby enters the class and Juhi goes to KD telling him Banga and Vats were hiding out in the cupboard and they even saw her, she was so scared she ran out seeing them, KD tells her if they were there in the music room then there is nothing to worry about, it means their plan actually worked, Juhi says she hopes so
On the other hand Banga tells Vats whatever happens he will find the proof and even if it isn’t there he will create a proof or will blackmail and do something, he tells Vats to call Ruby who is about to leave when he notices the watch down near the broken pieces, he picks it up and calls out to Banga who shots back at him he still didn’t go to call Ruby, Vats tells Banga there is no need as he has the watch of Piddi
Banga looks at the watch and asks Vats if he is sure, Vats tells him yes he is as he saw this watch on his hand when Piddi came to them with the laddoo, Banga says they got the proof now Buddies are finished, their bad time starts now
Back in class Samar, Piddi and RV are standing in front of the teacher and Piddi speaks up saying their time is going bad nowdays, the teacher asks that’s why he comes late now, Samar Piddi and RV beats around the bush to explain their excuse to the teacher who doesn’t get what they are actually trying to say, RV then tells him in short that they all 3 have got food poisoning because of which they are late as they were in the loo
The teacher tells them to take their seats and they move to their desks, Banga comes to their class and everyone stand up, he tells them to sit and says he has to make an important announcement, he tells them he got a very valuable thing which belongs to one of them, everyone looks in confusion, Banga tells them he wants the person to whom the thing belongs to come forward and claim it
Banga takes out the watch and Piddi looks in horror and almost gets up to take it but sits back down, everyone gets worried and looks at Piddi, Banga sees Piddi’s horror face and asks if it is anyone’s, they all shake their heads and Banga leaves saying no problem
Class is over and everyone starts leaving except the buddies, Samar goes to Piddi and asks what is wrong with him and why did he leave his watch there, Panchi gets up shocked asking it was Piddi’s watch, Samar tells Piddi he expected him to do such foolish thing, he then tells everyone they were breaking the cctv unit when the watch must have fell down from Piddi’s wrist, Bobby hits him and tells him he cant do anything right everytime he screws up something or the other
Juhi says they are so dead, KD tells them not to panic as Banga doesn’t know if it belongs to Piddi and anyways most students wear the same kind of watch, RV says but Banga did look confident and is sure he has something up his sleeves
The pune comes calling out for Piddi whom Banga called, Piddi looks at everyone in fear, Samar explains Piddi Banga cannot do anything with that watch and he will try to pressurize Piddi but he shouldn’t be pressured and tells him Banga wont be able to prove anything
KD tells Piddi not to worry and go, RV hopes that Piddi understood what they were trying to say while Kiya tells them they are fools to trust KD as he will be out of the mess clean while they all will be in trouble, on the other hand Banga waits for Piddi with his watch in the office
Piddi opens the door and peeps in and Banga invites him in and tells him to sit down, Piddi hesitates and says how can he sit, Banga tells him they are going to have a long chat so its better he sits down
Piddi sits down at the edge of his seat while Banga takes the seat beside him and turns Piddi towards him, he asks Piddi if he ever sat on an elephant, Piddi says no and Banga tells him on republic day brave kids usually sit on the elephant and even he could have if he had shown bravery in the right place but he showed his bravery in the wrong place by breaking the cctv unit
Piddi tells him he doesn’t understand what Banga is trying to say and says he didn’t even know a cctv unit existed, Banga tells him not to waste time by denying the charges as he is anyways going to call his mom and ask, Piddi asks him what is he gona ask, Banga takes out the watch and says if its Piddi’s or not, Piddi looks in horror and Banga says after that he will rusticate him from the school
But then he doesn’t want to do as such that is why he is going to give Piddi a chance a lifeline to have a new life and will also save him from this mess, Piddi is a bit relieved
On the other hand Kiya tells everyone their life is over now as Banga isnt gona leave them, Bobby tells her he will only catch them if anybody tells him anything, he doesn’t have any other proof against them except the watch
Kiya tells them he has the masterbrain in royal and he will be playing a game with them and they wouldn’t even know
Banga tells Piddi he has two options now, one banga will call his mom to recognise the watch and he will then be rusticated or second option which will save him is that he can tell Banga about the mastermind behind this plan, Piddi panics and tells him there is no mastermind
Banga tells him to calm down and relax and informs him he knows the mastermind behind this plan he just wants to hear the name from Piddi’s mouth
Bobby tells Kiya if no one opens their mouth Banga wouldn’t know, Kiya tells her whatever it is as she is not part of their plan if Banga asks her anything she will tell him the truth, everyone looks at Kiya shocked and she tells them she doesn’t care whoever gets trapped
Bobby and Kiya starts arguing and RV tells Bobby to stop it, KD tells Kiya they don’t need to panic but Kiya isntead shots back at him not to dare include her in all of this and anyways she doesn’t need to worry its him who should worry as he is going to be leaving school not her
Banga tells Piddi he will make it easier for him and says he knows that KD is the mastermind behind this plan, he says KD is the one spoiling all of them and he eneds to be thrown out of school, he tells Piddi to just say his name and Piddi will be safe
Piddi to the camera: such a disgusting game Banga is playing with him to save himself he should put KD in trouble
Banga looks at Piddi and tells him he must be in confusion right now so tells him to take his time and take one whole day and think about it and let him know about his decision, Banga tells him to leave and calls Vats to come to his cabin
Before Piddi leaves Banga calls out to him and asks he wont take his watch, Piddi hesitates and goes to take his watch but Banga pulls him and tells him he will make him wear it and while he makes Piddi wear the watch he tells Piddi any decision he takes will be accepted by him, if he wants to save himself and tell KD’s name that’s ok and if he wants to sacrifice himself and save KD that’s also ok with him
Vats who comes in hears what Banga says and asks him after Piddi leaves if Banga would leave Piddi if he tells KD’s name, Banga tells him no ways he is just using it as a bait for Piddi to tell KD’s name once he tells them both Piddi and KD will be out of school
Vas asks what if he doesn’t say the name, Banga reminds him he is a psychology teacher and understands students minds very well, Piddi will think a lot about this and thinking will only pressurize his mind and the more the pressure he will come and tell them KD’s name

Precap: Ruby tells the buddies and Banga and Vats that Piddi has locked himself in the loo and is trying to suicide, Banga tells JJ it’s a play against him, KD tells JJ that banga threatened Piddi that if he doesn’t tell KD’s name for the being the mastermind then he will be rusticated, JJ angry tells Banga if something happens to Piddi he will make sure to send Banga to jail for instigating Piddi

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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