The Buddy Project 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 14th February 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 14th February 2013 Written Update

KD is confused whether to take up the job told by the guy or not.He searches for some part time jobs in net.He scolds shubh in frustration and then apologizes.KD tells that he will not accept the proposal.
Kiya thinks about RV’s words that she will control her own life.Kiya’s mom brings her the admission form for New York college.Kiya tells she wants to study in India and she wants to study media and not music.Her mom scolds her for taking up media and orders her to fill up the admission form.
Samar standing infront of mirror and thinks about becoming an actor.He practices to say the dialogue from K3G and his father sees him.His father becomes emotional and slaps him*according to his dialogue*.Samar tells that he was acting and he needs to become an actor.His

father beats him again.
KD gets ready for the school and listens to his father talking on phone about the money.KD feels bad as his father is not able to make money to pay.He thinks abt interview and the proposal given by that guy.He also thinks of his father’s words.His cycle gets punctured. He almost cries.
KD is in the middle of road and RV comes to help him.RV calls KD to come along with him.But KD refuses.RV tells that why so much ego.KD gets angry and comes to punch RV.RV tells that the truth is KD is a aloner and can’t take help from others.RV pushes KD now and KD tells him that he does not how it feels to see his father mortgaged their house for money.RV tells him that he is right and he does not even know how it feels to have a father.
RV tells that he wanted to help him genuinely.KD tells that he is right but he can’t take charity and tells that he can manage.RV tells to camera that he will not change.KD gets call from the guy and asks for his decision.KD tells that he already told No.That guy tells him to think again and he will call him by evening.KD throws the mobile.RV takes the phone and gives to KD.RV tells that he just hope that KD is not doing anything wrong to earn money.
RV wonders to whom he can ask for help so that they can help KD.Kiya passes by and RV thinks to ask her.But she shouts abt KD and RV leaves the plan.And then RV thinks that Panchi can help KD but wonders how to ask her as she will not talk to him.He sees samar going to talk to panchi and tells Samar.

Precap: Kiya taunts KD that there is no need to help him.KD catches her hand and shouts that he does not need any help and Whatever he does will be his lose or win.He tells that he does not need any charity and leaves.

Update Credit to: Roshini1494

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