The Buddy Project 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 13th May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 13th May 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Piddi walking out of the class with KD following him asking him what’s wrong, KD stops him and asks him to say what happened, Piddi doesn’t say anything, KD tells him fine to forget everything that happened and focus on the project, he further says Piddi will really enjoy it, Piddi looks at him and says he wont enjoy it
Piddi tells KD he wont do the project, KD asks if he’s gone mad, just then Kiya comes behind and Piddi tells KD yes he is gone mad and tells him he just wants to say this that he doesn’t want to work with Kiya in this project and he doesn’t care if he gets an anda or omelette in the result
Piddi walks off when Kiya runs behind him and calls him out and stops him, she apologizes him and pleads him to listen to her once, Piddi looks

at her hurt and moves her hand from his shoulders and walks off (this scene was really brilliant the anger from Piddi was amazingly portrayed and also Kiya feeling sorry, aahh i hope KiPi resolves it all between them soon)
KD calls him out to stop but no response, he walks to Kiya confused and asks her what happened and if everything is alright, Kiya cries and says nothing is right and she did a huge mistake, she tells him she just wanted to make him happy but instead screwed it all up and hurt him, she starts crying and KD comforts her holding her hands
KD assures her everything will be alright afterall its Piddi, Kiya says he is very angry with her and she wants to fix everything but then she doesn’t know what to do, KD assures her its all going to be okay and advices her to talk to JJ as he can help her out of this a lot and he tells her he will also talk to Piddi and try to convince him, he tells her he is with her, Kiya looks at him and he tells her not to cry and wipes away her tears, the two share a moment of look look (even though wrong timing and totally didnt expect it to turn out like this but aaahh KiSha)
Kiya is in JJ’s office and cant stop crying, JJ offers her tissues, Kiya accepts and wipes her tears, JJ asks what happened and says a big mess is created, she read too much between the lines assuming too much, Kiya asks what will happen now, JJ says why is she asking him that now and says when she was playing cupid she didn’t ask anyone so why is she asking now
JJ then says there is one way, Kiya looks up, he tells her to ask for forgiveness, Kiya tells him she tried doing that so much but he just isn’t ready to listen to her, JJ asks how many times did she try, Kiya says once, JJ tells her to make it twice or thrice or even ten thousand times until she doesn’t succeed, he says that’s what he taught his buddies, Kiya nods
JJ tells her to find a way to send her message to him and even she doesn’t find to make a way to send her message but advices her not to give up, Kiya nods and starts thinking
Panchi is walking in the corridor when she suddenly stops and notices Piddi on the stairs and goes to him, she asks him what is he doing here alone and asks where is KD, Piddi depressed replies back he doesn’t know, Panchi asks him what happened and is everything okay, Piddi fires up that everyone is asking the same question from morning and asks does he look mad or what
Piddi walks off and Panchi runs and stops him and asks him to listen, Panchi says to him there is some matter for sure, Piddi asks Panchi is there something wrong in him, Panchi tells him she has a class in half and hr and if she starts saying now she will definitely miss her class, Piddi looks away annoyed and Panchi apologizes immediately and says she was just joking
Panchi asks him to say what happened, Piddi says he was just trying to say that why does every girls have allergy from him
Panchi to the camera: Piddi is missing Bobby again, but why does he look so sad, but no problem she is there na
Panchi tells him she can understand this feeling, Piddi says everyone says that but only the one who goes through it can only understand it well, Panchi says she is no model types, she is short and fat, Piddi says its nothing like that, Panchi stops him and says not to be so polite what is true is true, she then goes on saying handsome boys and pretty girls find their respective partners easily but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have much choice
Panchi then says people like them (her and him) are unique and different, Piddi is confused as usual, Panchi then asks to leave that and asks him if he saw ‘Dil tou pagal hai’, Piddi replies in annoyance he doesn’t see old movies, Panchi says in that SRK said ‘Kahin na kahin, koi na koi, kisi na kisi ke liye bana hai’, on the other hand Piddi does the SRK pose raising his hand on two sides but drops when Panchi turns back to him (OMG Piddi’s pose cracked me up damn PraChi scenes are sooo damn cutee)
Panchi says SRK wont lie and smiles at him, Piddi starts laughing and tells Panchi that her smile is so cute that she could win anyone’s heart (AWWW that was soo cutee the way Piddi said it), Panchi smiles and thanks him, Piddi punches her on her shoulder and says my pleasure, Panchi asks now its all okay, Piddi smiles and says yeah and Panchi hugs him (Wohoo after soo long a good PraChi scene gosh they were total adorables today, i couldnt stop smiling the whole time)
They suddenly look up at the shouting, a guy pleads Omi while he keeps hitting him, Omi says he has done the mistake now, the guy pleads him and says sorry, everyone looks at them,Omi keeps hitting and says he knows very well he goes for a bath at that time still he went, the guy pleads to Omi and Omi suddenly notices Panchi and stops, the guy falls to Omi’s feet and Omi bends down to him and smiles to Panchi and says to the guy not to over act as rehearsal is done and pats him and tells him to leave (OMG itni mehnat apni Nonu ke liye hahaha Omi is epic and hilarious)
Omi goes to Panchi and Piddi smiling, PraChi were about to leave when Omi stops Panchi and gives her a honey bottle, Piddi looks at it confused, Omi reminds Panchi of the ginger juice, hot water and yo yo honey singh, Panchi smiles and says she remembers, Omi tells her this is just a small sample he has ordered from the village a whole big tank pure honey, Panchi thanks him and Omi replies ‘good girl and good memory’
He then looks around thinking what to say, he asks Piddi how’s he and then remembers and takes out a paper for Panchi and hands it to her, he tells her it’s a script for her Ms. Vista contest she will be a super-hit with it as the script is dhasu, Panchi thanks him and Omi says the writing is a bit horrible but she will understand, Panchi nods and says ok
Omi was about to leave when he goes back and asks her to show if he gave the right script and checks it and says it’s the same and gives it back to her, she thanks him again and Omi walks off heads turned to Panchi and Piddi and he walks front saying bye and telling her to call, he slips on the stairs and his shades fall off, he picks it up and tells them its ‘don’t breakable’
Piddi was about to ask something to Panchi when Avi calls her from the stairs, he comes to her and says hi, Panchi asks him what’s in his hands which he hides behind, Avi says nothing and then says yes there is something and brings the basket of roses in front of her and says its for her, Panchi exclaims ‘Wow’ and asks for her?? Avi says its for her there are dvds and chocolates and roses, Panchi then asks but why all this for her, Avi says so that she can feel like a Princess again like how she used to feel in her childhood (awww that’s soo cutee)
Panchi smiles and says right, Avi says some of the songs she could perform in Ms. Vista too, Panchi thanks him and says its so sweet of him, Avi says its nothing and walks away and tells her to call if she has any problem
Panchi looks at the gifts from Avi and Omi, Piddi looks towards Avi confused and then smiles mischievously and hits Panchi with his shoulders, Panchi looks at him and calls him out, Piddi asks her what was all that still smiling mischievously, Panchi tells him that those two are really sweet and are helping her out to win the contest, Piddi exclaims ‘Ohh’ and says good
Piddi then says he feels that the matter is something else, Panchi says no its nothing like that and infact they just became friends recently, Piddi says it’s a signal, Panchi asks what signal, Piddi says God’s signal, Panchi looks confused and Piddi explains her just now she was saying regular guys don’t like her and all and now two hero type boys are behind her to make her happy, he says he feels now there will be a line of boys behind her, he wishes it would happen with him also
Panchi says yeah even she wishes the same happens with him, and says she feels that he will be having much better boys than these two behind him, Piddi doesn’t realize and thanks Panchi and hugs her saying she is damn cute, he then realizes and asks what ‘Boys’, Panchi starts laughing, he then asks for a chocolate and Panchi walks off saying she has a class and he goes behind her (Aaahh i’m in love with PraChi they are sooo cute and adorable damn, gosh i cant believe cv’s gave everything today KiSha, PraChi, MiChi, ViChi)
KD comes to Piddi in the locker room and hands him skates, he asks him he didn’t have coffee with him, Piddi says he wasn’t in a mood to, KD asks him why is he angry with Kiya, Piddi says he is hurt and asks him not ask anymore questions, KD tells him Kiya wouldn’t hurt him intentionally, Piddi looks at him pissed and says right and asks him how much did she hurt him does he remember or he forgot
KD looks away and says that was a different matter, but she wouldn’t intentionally do like that to him, Piddi walks off wearing the skates, KD calls after him saying he doesn’t know how to skate properly and he might fall and tells him to be careful, Piddi goes off with the skates, KD still follows when he suddenly sees Kiya and goes lost while rolling on the skates (aahh majnu KD in action, damn i luv this bg so much for them), Kiya is also lost seeing him until KD hits the pavement and falls down
RV goes to the canteen trying to make a call but in vain
RV to the camera: He doesn’t know where Kiya is and she isn’t even answering her phone, he screams Chintu
And asks him to give lemonade, some dhakkans come to RV and asks him about his preparation for the radio station, they tell him they cant wait for it to start, RV says even he cant wait and the preparations are going good, the girl tells him to teach how to talk to the ‘gawar chillar’, RV looksat them pissed, one of the guy says the entertainment will be in her fumbling and he’s sure she’s going to be kicked out, the girl says then it would be worth watching Omi’s face
RV gets angry and calls them ‘loosers’ and says neither is she in any team nor are they against each other and tells them that even adding up all of their IQ’s will be less than hers and before they comment on someone they should know them better and he tells them all to leave
Rukmini sees a poster of her’s marked with comments and is crying, RV looks at her, Rukmini runs off from there, RV calls her and then looks behind to see the poster, he takes it off angrily, the guys come back to RV and asks he didn’t like their creativity, RV says so its their doing
The guy says till now they haven’t done anything and tells RV that he is part of their group so tells him to not fall into this mess and later regret, RV is about to say something in anger when Avi calls out to stop them, Avi goes and moves out the guy and asks RV what is the problem

Precap: A man tells JJ that his friend played and left before him and also set a target for him and gives him a paper which says if JJ pots all the balls in 3 min then he will win this challenge, JJ plays and gives one shot and notices someone watching him, Avantika turns around and runs off as JJ follows her, the guards tell him not follow the girl, Avantika sighs and suddenly Avi comes in front of her and asks her shocked what is she doing here, JJ hears her name and looks through the guards

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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