The Buddy Project 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 13th March 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 13th March 2014 Written Update

Anirudh tells Girish he won’t give them to police, but instead keep proof with them, so the college fest goes smoothly. Girish laughs and says he messed with a wrong person. He takes out a knife and attacks on Anirudh. Maya pops her hand in between and her wrist gets cut. Police enter and take Girish away.

Anirudh, KD, Ranveer are in hospital. Anirudh has an allergy from hospital smell, but he still stays there for Maya. Maya is out of danger and Anirudh decides to drop her at home.

Other buddies are very worried for Maya. Sheeba is angry with herself for doubting Anirudh. Panchi says she said since start that Anirudh can do no wrong with them. KD and Ranveer come with sad and tensed faces. The buddies ask them about Maya’s health. They say she’s fine. Panchi asks Ranveer what he’s lost in. Ranveer tells them what Anirudh said in hospital that you take person who you love a lot for granted, and when they go away, you realize their real value. Kiya starts crying and leaves from there. KD follows her. Kiya tells him that her mum doesn’t care for her. She thought her mum would take her back home in few days, but she was wrong. KD comforts her.

Ranveer brings Panchi on the terrace. Panchi asks why he brought her there. They have so much work to do. Ranveer says that is why he brought her there so they can relax and spend some time together. He has arranged a surprise for her and she gets very happy.

Maya and Anirudh spend some good time together. Maya says it was good to know he still has heart and feelings inside him. She sleeps holding his hand. Anirudh stays for awhile and then leaves.

Next day, Girish calls Maya and it was her who was giving him all instructions. She’s angry as her plan failed due to over smart buddies and Anirudh’s plan which she couldn’t stop. She tells Girish to be grateful as she arranged fake police on the last moment, else his game was over today. She hopes to succeed in her next plan.

Precap: Maya gives a bag to Ranveer saying there is cash in it and asks him to take it to someone. Later Ranveer checks the bag and is shocked to find no money inside.

Update Credit to: jd

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