The Buddy Project 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 13th February 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 13th February 2014 Written Update

Panchi’s nervousness increases when she sees c0nd0m in Ranveer’s car. She imagines her and Ranveer getting intimated. Ranveer tells her he wants to make this Valentine’s day special for her and invites her at his home.

Panchi comes to Kiya who tells her not to be nervous as one day it’s going to happen anyway. She asks Panchi if she would want Ranveer to do all this and celebrate his Valentines with someone else. Panchi says no way. Kiya tells her to relax and this will bring them even closer. Panchi asks her if her and KD… Kiya feels shy and says it’s soon going to happen between them. Panchi asks more about it, but Kiya says it’s a secret.

Ranveer and KD are talking to each other when Piddi comes there. This time Ranveer tells him about KD and Kiya. Piddi asks Ranveer if he’s not planning anything. Ranveer says if Love Guru tells all his secrets, then what’s his use?

The Dean asks Anirudh about his Valentine’s Day plan. Anirudh says he has no plan. The Dean tells him if you’re alone that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Make yourself your partner and celebrate it. Anirudh likes the idea.

Kiya, Panchi are getting ready. Panchi is still nervous and she calls Kiya. Kiya suggests her to talk to Ranveer so she will feel good.

Piddi and Sheeba enter their college late night. Sheeba asks why they came there. Piddi says she likes adventures things and he thought no other can be better than this. A dog runs after them.

Kiya is ready to leave. Her mum thinks she’s planning to go out with Harsh. KD rings the doorbell and Kiya’s mum is surprised to see him. She insults him and closes door on his face. Kiya tells her mum she is not a child anymore. Her mum doesn’t let her go. When Kiya goes to her room, she locks the door from outside. Kiya cries. KD calls her and she apologizes to him for spoiling his Valentine’s Day plan and hangs.

Update Credit to: JD

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