The Buddy Project 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 13th February 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 13th February 2013 Written Update

KD continues with his requesting for one opportunity. The lady finally gives in and hands him a paper saying he has to solve it before going in. KD is grateful and gets down to business. The stranger at the back keeps on observing KD.

Samar tells JJ that KD intends to work alongside his studying. Panchi adds they’ve started their board preparations in full swing. JJ isn’t impressed. He says they’ve done such a big favor on him by starting their preps. Okay, let’s just pretend they passed their boards with flying colors, then what? Have they given their career any thought or did they think after boards they’ll take a retirement? Taking strolls in parks, relaxing, playing chess etc. Do they know which courses they’ll take? Which college will they opt for? He

is genuinely curious to know. Buddies are silent as they have no answer. JJ looks at their blank faces and says they have no idea. So what’s the point of their apologies anyway?

Inside the office, the interviewers are pretty impressed by KD’s answers. KD thanks them for giving him a chance. IV1 compliments him on his fine answers and asks about his grades in school. KD replies that he’s a top student and a scholarship one. IV1 is impressed by his English skills and KD is all flattered. IV2 says but this bookish knowledge won’t be enough. He has to know the ways of real world and face the drill. An assistant enters and informs that the caller is ready. IV1 gives him instructions that in their Call Center, they give the information of all their products to the customers and regardless of the customers’ behavior, they have to remain calm. KD has to tackle one such customer. KD is ready and he hands KD the microphone and laptop.

The call starts and the lady on phone is pissed off, to deliberately anger KD. KD is acting calm despite being nervous and handles her by saying that such foul language from a beautiful lady’s mouth doesn’t seem fit. He is using his flattery and she asks is he flirting with her? KD replies no, he won’t dare that. He was just complimenting her. IV1&2 are impressed. KD asks for her problem and she tells it. KD is giving a prompt and he repeats it saying the problem will be addressed soon. The lady then asks for his name. KD tells her and the phone disconnects. The lady was just another staff employee of the CC. IV1&2 are impressed. IV2 tells him jokingly that no matter how much you sugarcoat, at the end of the day client servicing is a job of taking abuses. Can he do it? KD just smiles. IV1 sends a guy (seems like the stranger overhearing KD during his pleas) to get KD’s original docs. KD says to the camera that he has managed to impress them, just hoping that they are enough impressed to give him the job.

JJ says he really doesn’t have time for all this. Until they can figure out what they want to do in life, make a blueprint of it and show it to him, he isn’t interested. He tells them to leave. Buddies are fixed on the spot. He points at the door but then says, oh they are just used to something else and shouts Get Out! Buddies leave dejectedly.

The Strange Guy (TSG) goes to the receptionist and asks for KD’s file. She hands it to him. He checks the file and chuckles. She asks him why is he laughing? TSG says that he doesn’t think KD will get the job. Receptionist asks so why does that make him laugh? TSG just shrugs and goes away. In the office, he hands IV1 the file and says there’s a problem, KD is in school and just 17 years old. They check the docs. KD says but he’ll be in college in the next 2 months. IV2 says they can’t hire a school student, management won’t allow them to but if he comes back in two months, the job will be his. KD begins his pleas again that he really needs the job, they can keep him on probation or part time and he assures them his boards won’t suffer. But IV1&2′s hands are tied and they apologize and show him the way out. KD goes out dejectedly.

Out in the lobby, KD sits down on a sofa and is extremely disappointed. TSG comes to him and offers him a hand. He compliments KD for wowing the Interviewers. He asks why does a RA student need money? KD says he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t need it. TSG whispers secretively that he has an idea, with which KD can earn loads of money.

TSG and KD are outside. TSG is telling KD that nowadays competitive exams are going on and students are in a pressure to clear them to get admission in engineering, doctor etc. But not all can clear them. For a smart guy like KD, it’s a good opportunity. KD asks him to elaborate. TSG says people can do to any lengths to clear this exam. All KD has to do is sit in the exams on their behalf. A 2 hour exam is worth 40ks. Few exams like this and KD will have a good amount of money. KD holds TSG’s collar angrily and says he’ll never do anything like this and turns to leave. TSG calls out to him saying he needs money and the opportunity to make money has come to him. He needs to think again. KD just ignores and leave. TSG continues KD has no option, he’ll call him again tomorrow.

At TBC. Panchi says JJ is right, they haven’t planned their future at all. Juhi says how come she says that? She has booked the movie tickets to Twilight for a week! Panchi chuckles at this and RV just shakes his head. Bobby says her path is clear. Any college which has a football culture, she’ll go there. Kiya is impressed hearing this and Juhi realizes that they’ve been talking about long term future. She says she’ll go in the field of acting and entertainment. She has even selected a very good Media College but for that she needs extremely good marks as the admission cutoff rate is very high. Samar says everyone is so serious, what will happen to his future? RV suggests him to become an actor. Samar asks why does he think that? Before RV replies, Juhi pipes in saying because Samar is too good of an actor. He acts all the time. Samar stiffens hearing this. Juhi continues that Samar talks like that guy from the movie. She struggles with the name and starts off with “Mughlai..” RV shakes his head and says it’s not “Mughlai”, it’s Prince Salim from Mughal-e-Azam. Juhi says yeah, that’s the one. Samar is happy hearing this about him. Juhi then struggles with Salim’s girlfriend and asks what is a pomegranate called in Hindi? Panchi replies, “Anaar.” and Juhi gets the girlfriend’s name, Anarkali. She goes all dramatic on Samar saying that seeing Samar, one gets a feeling that Salim is waiting for his Anarkali. Juhi starts singing “Jab Pyaar Kiya Tou Darna Kya” and dancing around him. Samar gets nervous and asks what is she doing? Juhi gets in the character and says Salim, don’t you think your Dad is a bit strict? And pushes Samar who falls on the bench and the class of the cold drink falls down. RV laughs and says it’s the sound of Salim and Anarkali’s breaking hearts. The king spilled water on all their plans! Juhi has her dumb moment and says but that was cold drink and RV facepalms.

Kiya says on a serious note, Samar should think about acting. He has a good persoanlity, clear diction and she personally likes the way he talks. Panchi smiles and says it’s a good idea. Then adds her parents want her to be a doctor so…RV looks at her and says if we become something that someone else wishes us to be, we won’t be happy. A career is something that should be a person’s own choice. Panchi looks at him for a while then looks away. Samar asks what will RV do? RV says it has to be related to music. It can be movies or DJing. Samar suggests that RV should consider Juhi’s choice of college. RV says maybe he will, maybe not. Juhi asks Kiya what her plans are? Kiya says given a choice, she’d love to join Juhi at her college. Juhi gets happy at the prospect of Kiya Gujral being her classmate even in college.

[a little part is cut here]

Kiya says her mother wants to send her away for music training but she doesn’t want to go. Samar says so she shouldn’t and like RV said, one has to do what one’s heart wishes. Kiya says it’s not that simple. RV says so she should make it simple. Kiya says they don’t know her situation. RV says everyone has problems but one has to tackle them anyhow. Bobby taunts but for that one has to be tough. Living like a touch-me-not won’t solve anything. Kiya looks at Bobby and picks her bag up to leave. Samar stops her and tries to calm her saying that Bobby didn’t mean to hurt her, just to make her understand the truth. Panchi says it’s late, they should leave. They all make move to leave and Samar checks time on RV’s watch and wonders about KD and his interview.

KD is at home and is frustrated by the rejection of job, offering of money and the verge of losing the house.

Precap – KD overhears his father asking someone for money. He’s on the way to school and remembers the offer for money. On the road, RV says to KD that JJ is right, they have to outgrow their minor tussles and offers him financial help. KD on the phone and TSG telling him both of them need money and he won’t get an opportunity like this again.

Update Credit to: Mais

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