The Buddy Project 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 12th March 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 12th March 2014 Written Update

Panchi and Kiya tells the students seeing what they had to suffer from, it’s better if they cancel the fest for their safety. KD and Ranveer come there and they oppose the girls. They say they just can’t get scared from the goons and back up. The students support the boys.

KD and Kiya have a bad argument on this matter. Sheeba supports the boys.

Some of Girish’s goons enter the college. Sheeba and Piddi spot them. They catch one of the goons. KD says he won’t spare him and was about to beat him up. Anirudh stops him saying they have to keep their cool. The girls suggest to cancel to fest, but Anirudh says they won’t cancel the fest, instead they will agree to Girish’s terms. He leaves. KD, Ranveer, Sheeba cannot believe Anirudh’s decision. They can’t believe he has got scared, while the girls and Piddi think Anirudh is doing this for their safety, he’s concerned for his students. KD says he’s not going to leave the goon. He chases him and asks him to call Girish. The goon calls Girish and asks him to come to college.

Anirudh shares his plan with Maya. Maya warns him. Anirudh says he doesn’t have any option.

Girish and his gang come. The students, lead by KD and Ranveer, with rods and bats surround them. Girish starts getting worried. KD asks what happened to him now. They insulted them a lot and now they will be punished for it. All students start beating up Girish and his gang. Anirudh comes and stops the fight. He apologizes to Girish and takes him inside to have a discussion.

In the conference room, Anirudh agrees to all Girish’s terms. The boys get angry. Girish says he just wants them to concentrate on Indian tradition rather than western. Anirudh asks what if they want the fest to happen the way he planned, any fees that they can pay. Girish smiles and says spot on. He asks them to give him half of the money from their budget and he won’t say anything. Anirudh locks the deals. Girish is happy, but Maya has recorded everything. She plays the recorded video and smile disappears from Girish’s face. The buddies are very happy as they finally understand Anirudh’s plan.

Precap: Girish attacks on Anirudh with a knife, but Maya comes in between and her wrist gets cut.

Update Credit to: JD

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