The Buddy Project 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 12th July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 12th July 2013 Written Update

KiYan and VeeNi are looking for Ruku all around. But RV seems troubled. He apologizes to Ruku for whatever that happened if she felt bad about it. But Ruku just blushes and doesn’t say anything. They find Tika alone in a room. At first she doesn’t want to talk but when Ruku says they just want to help JJ, she gets interested and thanks them for it.

KD and Piddi find JJ having a spar with his friend but JJ is losing it badly. Even his friend tells him to use his mind rather than his impulse in the fight but JJ gets KOed. KD stops the fight and helps JJ get up and his friend takes leave. PraShav tell him that they are here to get him and that they’ll fix everything, clear JJ’s name in all the mess but JJ says no, he has made a mistake.

At ICC, Avi and his Ds are

protesting outside Dean’s cabin. A peon tells them they can’t do this but Avi warns him about the dire consequences if they don’t allow the demonstration. Just then, VeeNi start their RS where they’ve invited Tika for telling the entire story as it happened. When the Ds hear this, Avi gets worried that Tika will make a public spectacle of herself and his Ds tell him to stop it ASAP.

KD and Piddi are still trying to persuade JJ wants them to leave him alone. KD asks would JJ have done the same had a Buddy been in trouble? JJ is silent at this and still wants them to leave. Frustrated, KD asks what’s the difference between him and JJ?!

Avi and Ds on the way to RS as Tika tells the story from the start. Outside the RS, Panchi is standing as a lookout. She stops Avi from going, begging him to let Tika tell her side of the story but Avi is still being controlled by anger and he ends up pushing Panchi out of the way but Omi comes there and holds Panchi to stop her from getting hurt. Avi realizes his mistake late and Omi takes Panchi place, daring Avi to push him away. Avi tells him to step away from this, that’s his sister inside and it’s his personal matter. They start having a verbal fight and Panchi tells them to stop it.

KD says JJ always tells them they deserve a second chance, so why can’t JJ have the same second chance? Why is he so different from them? He’s also a human, humans make mistakes and they deserve second chances. If JJ can forgive the world, why can’t he forgive himself?

Omi says that he promised Panchi he’ll stop this war and he always keeps his promises but Avi says right now, it’s a matter where he can break any promise and even Omi’s bones. They are about to hit each other when Panchi steps in and breaks them apart, telling them they’ve lost their minds. She tries calming Avi down by saying Tika deserves a chance to tell her side of the story, it’s better for herself as it’s for all. Truth may hurt, it may be embarrassing but in the long term only the truth helps. She manages to get to Avi as he calms down a little.

KD says to JJ he won’t go till JJ answers him. If JJ doesn’t disclose the truth now, it’ll be too late. Finally, JJ agrees to go with them and speak.

Tika keeps telling the story as it is which only clarifies JJ’s name. Sophia says to Dean that she knew JJ was innocent and wishes JJ was there to say this all by himself. Dean wishes the same. Just then, JJ enters with PraShav. A few students gossip behind their backs that JJ must’ve done at least something, Tika has a crush on him so she’s bound to defend him. KD encourages JJ that until JJ doesn’t say the truth, people will continue twisting the truth to their own preference.

Tika tells about how in their second “date”, JJ had to leave because of his student being in trouble and says JJ is the type of a person who’ll always prioritize his student’s life over his personal one; how can he do wrong? She tells everything about the kiss incident. Avi gets mad again and moves to stop Tika from saying anything further. Just then JJ comes there with PraShav. Avi lurches towards him but the Ds and PraShav stop him from doing anything. Avi demands an explanation from JJ and JJ says right now all he can do is apologize and he goes in the RS.

Tika again says that JJ is innocent in all this. VeeNi are surprised seeing JJ there and Tika is also shocked.

Precap – Chandan Roy is in ICC, addressing the media and Tika is shocked seeing her father there. Mr.D tells KD to leave ICC because he doesn’t want his son at a place where such parties happen and student-teacher have such relationships. KD says his college is the best Media College and JJ’s name has been completely clear. Mr.D says KD has learned to argue with his father. Frustrated, KD picks his shirt and leaves the house.

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