The Buddy Project 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 12th February 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 12th February 2014 Written Update

Panchi gets tensed and nervous after seeing ‘Velvet SPA’ page on Ranveer’s tablet. She is confused whether she should do it or not, and also afraid at the same time what if she doesn’t meet Ranveer’s expectation.

Sheeba defends Piddi when some boys make fun of him. This confuses Piddi more whether Sheeba really loves him or no. Seeing him confused, Anirudh asks him what’s the matter. He tells it to Anirudh. From his experience, Anirudh advises him to express his love to Sheeba before it’s too late. They can see what happens after that. Piddi decides to go ahead with it. He sees Sheeba coming and runs to her. Sheeba says she didn’t know Valentine’s Day is so special. She asks what he plans to do for her. Piddi tells her he will make it memorable for her.

Sheeba hugs him and Piddi blushes.

KD drops Kiya at her house. He tells her not to feel pressurized and if she doesn’t feel like doing it, then she can say no. Kiya says they are going to be together anyway and she is fine with it. KD starts romancing right there. Kiya tells him to control, Valentine’s Day is coming that doesn’t mean he starts anywhere. Both smile. Kiya leaves.

Ranveer gives c0nd0m to KD just for his safety. KD thanks him for all the arrangements. Piddi comes and asks them for some idea for Valentine’s Day. Ranveer tells him to go for honeymoon as well. Piddi asks who else is going for honeymoon. Ranveer says usually people plan like that. Piddi says that’s too much for him and asks for something else. They suggest for dinner, but Piddi says he wants to do something different, something crazy. Ranveer in joke tells him to sneak in the college and do whatever he wants. Piddi likes that idea.

Ranveer is going to pick Panchi up. He says to himself, he did arrangements for everyone and hopes something happens in his life too. Panchi is still nervous. She then says Ranveer has been her best friend since childhood and they also will stay together, so there’s nothing wrong in making out. She makes her mind now. She sits in car and there she finds c0nd0m. She looks awkwardly at Ranveer who gives a big smile to her.

Precap: Piddi and Sheeba come somewhere to celebrate Valentine’s. A guard stops them. Sheeba tells him something and he allows them to enter. Piddi tells Sheeba he didn’t know she likes him that much. Sheeba tells him she doesn’t like him…….. she loves him a lot. Piddi gets happy.

Update Credit to: JD

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