The Buddy Project 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 12th February 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 12th February 2013 Written Update

KD happily comes and sits beside Samar in the cafe. Samar asks him the reason of his smile? KD shows him the newspaper’s ad paper. Samar’s sees the ad of some travel agency and asks who is KD going with on vacation? KD rolls his eyes and points him to the right direction. It’s an ad for job vacancies at a call center. Samar is glad of KD’s idea. KD says if Roshan’s bro can work and study simultaneously, why can’t he. Besides, call centers usually offer night shifts so he won’t be in much trouble.

Kiya comes in cafe and goes to the canteen. Two boys look at her and make fun of the kissing incident where she “accidentally”, according to the boys, kissed RV. Kiya pays no heed to them and walks on.

KD informs that

there would only be a walk-in interview. Samar suggests him to do proper research for the interview and hopes that KD will get the job. Like a good friend, he’s all support for KD. He asks him the interview timing. KD says, 2 pm. Samar sighs hearing this. He informs him that they have a practical class tomorrow at 2 and it’s a must to attend. KD seems crestfallen hearing this. Samar asks him to call the interview people and see if they can postpone his interview. KD calls.

Juhi and Panchi come in the cafe, Panchi obviously following Juhi. The boys are still at the kissing game and Kiya is trying very hard to control her anger and not react to them. PanHi see this.

KD is rejected the request to postpone the interview. He tells them he’d try and arrive at time. Samar asks now what he will do?

Kiya can’t take it anymore and she gets up to throw her drink at the boys. The boys duck and unfortunately she ends up splashing the drink on an unguarded KD. KD gets a flashback of their last canteen scene. Before he says anything, Kiya tells him she didn’t do anything intentionally. She was just…but KD cuts across her saying no matter whatever, whoever was doing, the ones getting splashed was him. Kiya says fine, she’ll pay for his dry cleaning bills. KD remarks that’s what people like her think, there’s compensation for everything. Words like sorry don’t mean anything to them. Kiya taunts that words like sorry and mistakes don’t seem nice coming out of Keshav Desai’s mouth. KD says when he made a mistake, he tried countless times to say sorry. So much so that he even lost count. So this time, Kiya has to say sorr. Kiya retorts what does he think? His countless sorrys made everything alright again. One measly word like sorry can’t wipe away all the hurt and erase all the pain, at least not for her. So, she won’t apologize. She turns to leave and KD grabs her hand and pulls her back. He says until she says sorry, he won’t let her go.

KD has twisted Kiya’s arm behind her back. She asks him to let go, he’s hurting her but KD says first sorry, then she’ll go. Students are watching this scene. RV arrives there and asks what’s going on? KD tells him to stay out. RV notices the situation and walks to him and angrily tells KD to let Kiya go. He pulls KD back and they have a sort of tussle but just then NM comes and shouts, “ENOUGH!”

She walks to them and says just enough. Even after all that happened, they haven’t changed. And frankly, whether they change or not, it just doesn’t matter to her. It matters only to one man who still has hopes for them. The one who risked his life and career for them. Just to see your future and career be bright. And the sad part is that he still has hopes. Buddies are mighty ashamed. Just then a man comes to NM and takes her away to check on some canteen credits. NM leaves from there.

Samar comes to the boys and says it wasn’t right; whatever happened was just doesn’t right. We all disappointed NM! He leaves from there, dejected. Bobby steps up and says her share of bit that no one wants to stay behind. Everyone wants to say sorry but no one has any control over their emotions. She leaves from there angrily. Juhi bhi walks away and Panchi trails behind her.

RV is driving on the road and he sees Samar (they are in casual clothes). RV stops Samar and steps down for a chat. Samar asks what is RV doing here? RV replies he was just taking a break from all the studying for the practical. Samar says, same here. Samar then asks is RV missing the Delhi girl? RV didn’t see that coming and goes all whaaa? Samar points to his bandaged hand and RV rolls his eyes saying that his hand got a little hurt in the canteen incident, nothing much. Samar preaches again that what happened wasn’t right. RV says so what can he do? Tell that to KD. Samar says both of them are his friends that’s why they have to end their animosity now, it’s high time. KD is going through a rough time, so it’s better to ignore his little actions. He is not siding with KD, just saying that KD is in a lot of pressure due to the mortgage issue. Samar tells him about the whole clashing of timings issue. RV asks so what can he do? Samar advices him to go with KD to JJ and apologize and assure him that they won’t fight again. RV rolls his eyes at this. Samar adds if RV takes the first step in this issue, he’ll come out as a bigger man. This sparks RV’s interest. Samar says at last that he should do it, if not for his own self then at least for JJ. Samar leaves and RV is all thoughtful.

KD is at his home and is extremely worried. He says to the camera, was it necessary for everything to clash? But he has to give the interview anyhow. He gets a call and picks it up in a frustrated manner. Before he says hello, RV asks him not to hang up and listen to him. He tells KD about Samar’s idea for apologizing to JJ as that’s the least they can do (Okay. This scene! RV and KD! On the phone! TALKING! RV looking so s*xy in his white shirt and his expressions of CALM! Like he’s talking to any other person he can tolerate in the world. Did I mention he was looking s*xy? Anyway, he was looking s*xy and calm and clicking his tongue! And KD was also all chilled without even a frown on his face or a crease on his forehead. Did I mention RV looking s*xy?) KD agrees that it’s a nice idea. RV suggests that they should go after their practical to meet JJ. KD informs him about the interview and says the rest all should go, he’ll meet JJ later. For now, he’s concentrating on being on the interview on time. RV chuckles and says that’s something KD can easily manage (HOMIE SAY WHHHAAA?!) after all, he’s the because “jugadu” out there. KD smiles hearing this. RV says they have to go together, as that’s the whole point. Must KD go to the interview? KD says yeah. They all should go and if JJ asks about him, they should tell JJ that KD found the focus of his life and today he takes the first step towards it, JJ will understand. RV says okay and the call disconnects. (Excuse me while I go and recover from a major heart attack *faints*)

[Song Sequence – Lakshya from the movie Lakshya]

Practical going on. KD is doing everything in a hurry. Behind him, RV is looking at the clock and back at KD and getting mad that KD is taking so long, he’ll be late for interview. KD continues doing the practical in a rush and Samar and RV are more worried about KD than their own practical. KD finishes things in 20 minutes and hands his paper. Samar gives him a thumbs up and KD leaves. Samar and RV give each other relieved smiles and bend down to their work. KD rushes out, changes and off he goes running.

Samar and RV sitting together. RV asks Samar what are the chances that KD will make it? Samar says KD will manage something. RV chuckles in acknowledgement and just says, “Whatever.”

Buddies sans KD and Piddi (I guess Nikhil was unwell, that’s why he didn’t shoot) are waiting outside the staffroom. JJ comes there and is surprised to see them but doesn’t say a word and goes in. Buddies follow him. JJ is more interested in his paperwork and just asks what now. RV says they all are very ashamed of their behavior and came to apologize. JJ says what’s the point? They all do some stuff everyday which shames them. They say sorry and back to business again. Panchi says they are really sorry. JJ retorts, “Say it when you mean it.” Samar says they genuinely are sorry. Bobby pipes in and says even KD and RV are trying to patch things up. RV glares at Bobby at this. JJ says really? Did he tell them he is also trying to go on moon? But they won’t believe him because he only talks and doesn’t do anything concrete. Just like them. How will be believe them without seeing their efforts. When they’ll be serious regarding their future, career and exams, then he’ll acknowledge them. RV tells him that KD asked to inform him that he’s taking charge of his life and today he takes the first step towards it. JJ asks where is KD?

KD at the office and he’s requesting the receptionist to talk to the superiors about him as it’s very important for him. The receptionist just shakes her head.

Precap – KD is begging the receptionist for one chance. A guy behind KD overhears him. The guy tells KD to cheer up, he’s got a way with which KD can earn lots of money.

Update Credit to: Mais

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