The Buddy Project 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 11th February 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 11th February 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with JJ talking to Naina ma about the junglees, he tells her for him they(Naina Ma and Princi) were there as his guiding forces but he doesn’t know if he will be able to guide these 8 into the right path, he tells her he lost his temper and slapped Piddi today, he felt bad about it but then he couldn’t help after what Piddi did, he complains they have their exams coming and they are not even a single bit worried about that
Naina ma says he is worried that they wont get good grades, JJ says no he is worried because they don’t have a vision for themselves, Naina ma reminds him in few months they will go to college, JJ says he knows that he has very less time with them but even if he had few minutes with them he would never give up on them even if he has

to use bitter ways, today he slapped Piddi and all were affected by it, hopefully things will change for the better for them
KD is playing basketball in the school ground and remembers the words JJ said about them moving ahead without any direction in front of them, he remembers about his dad giving him the money for school fees and how the person told his dad he wont be able to payback the money
Samar talks to himself things are way messier and thinks life is difficult for teenagers but for teenage boys life is more difficult, he has realized that after the talk with JJ yesterday
KD comes there in the buddy caf and Samar asks him he looks very tensed, KD orders for a coffee and Samar tells him he must be tensed with whatever happened yesterday, he asks KD what he is thinking, KD tells him he is not lucky like them, with studies he needs to think of a way to earn money to help his dad
He tells him its his mistake that because of his pranks he created problems for his dad and now because of his studies his house is on mortgage, he says JJ was right his dad never sent him to school to play pranks, Samar says but Piddi convinced him for the idea to break the cctv, KD says whatever maybe the reason they were wrong
He tells Samar they have to be serious and constructive, they have exams ahead and then few months more and they have to face the world outside, KD says JJ was right there are more Banga’s waiting for them outside the school, Samar agrees life is not so easy
Vats in Banga’s office tells him its his problem however strict he behaves he could never get those junglees out of this school and reminds him what all those junglees did and he(Banga) couldn’t do anything and in few days those kids will leave school then what will he do
Banga tells him they will want to go and for wanting to go they have to pass their exams but they wont be able to do that, how much ever they study he will make sure they never pass the exams and he will make sure to destroy their career, this will be his revenge on them, JJ escaped but these junglees wont
Kiya is walking depressed in the corridors and doesn’t hear RV calling out to her, RV comes in front of her and and calls her out and asks her if her sister said anything to her, Kiya ignores to answer and moves towards the stairs to sit, RV sits next to her and asks her what happened, Kiya tells him the taunts her mom throws at her comparing her to her sister makes her feel she is good for nothing, but then she says it is right she never exceled in anything and JJ was right she only wants to become a singer because her mom wants her to be one
RV agrees JJ was right about him too he has no one, no one to guide him and tell him if he is going right or wrong, Kiya puts a hand on his shoulder to comfort him, RV tells her he doesn’t know what should he do in his situation but he knows what she should do
He tells her to ignore her sister and not let her control her life, she should make the decisions of her life not anyone else, JJ is right we should take decision for ourselves
Kiya agrees and RV tells her they should go meet JJ now, they didn’t even wish him HNY, they should go now and atleast meet him, he gets up to leave and pulls Kiya to come
KD tells Samar he should apologise JJ as he was right KD did do a mistake when he couldn’t afford to do one, Samar says he is right, a peone comes out and KD asks about JJ but he says he hasn’t come yet, on the peone’s way RV asks about JJ and gets the same response, they look towards KD ad Samar and leave from there
While walking together two guys from behind comment on RV-Kiya that they have become closer after the kiss, KD hears that and remembers the kiss event that night
A girl comes and wishes Kiya HNY and Kiya leaves to go to class, the girl tells RV he is the talk of the town now since the kiss between him and Kiya, RV looks angrily at her and leaves from there but she stops him and tells him he never looked at her like that but after Alpha plus performance he started hitting on her and even kissed her, he did flirt around with many girls but kissed only Kiya
RV loses his temper and tells her off whoever he kisses what is her problem, Panchi comes and hears that, RV looks at her and Panchi leaves form there, the Neeti girl taunts RV there goes another girl, his teddybear, and says you kissed Kiya now go hug your teddy bear, RV angrily leaves from there and goes after Panchi
He calls out to her and stops her in the staircase and tells her he wants to talk to her, Panchi asks what, RV tells her he didn’t kiss Kiya deliberately, Panchi tells him whatever he does why is he telling her, whether he kisses deliberately or mistakenly she doesn’t care asthey are no longer buddies and leaves from there
Panchi enters the class and sees Kiya and turns around and sees Juhi, she goes to her and asks her happily if she’s okay, Juhi asks her why she shouldn’t be and ignores and takes her seat, Panchi asks her why is she talking to her like that, Juhi ignores and goes to Kiya and thanks her for informing her parents and hugs her saying she is her best friend
Panchi goes to her and persuades her to tell her why is she talking to her like that, Juhi tells her did she talk to her that day, she decided to go with Samar leaving RV and she didn’t even think about her who she was going to go with, she left her all alone, she tells Panchi she doesn’t want to talk to her anymore and says she is no more her friend
Panchi pleads Juhi to talk to her but Juhi irritated tells her LMA (Leave me alone), Panchi still pleads her but Juhi tells her off if she isn’t leaving then she(Juhi) will and leaves from there
Panchi to the camera: she did a big mistake not to ask Juhi who she was going to the party with, she should have taken her with them, but no problem she will go now and apologize to her and leaves
Samar tells KD the best way to apologize to JJ will be to pass their boards with good grades, he explains KD bringing good grades will also work for his dad as he wont regret spending money on him
KD tells Samar exam is not his tension, he has already prepared for it but his tension right now is to help his dad, he needs to earn money to be able to get back his house and he knows his dad alone can never do it
Juhi is sitting in the canteen and Panchi comes with a n ice cream for her, Juhi tells Panchi she wants to bribe her with her favorite ice cream, she tells her she left having ice creams and leaves from there angry
Panchi follows her out and she stops when Juhi turns back, Juhi irritated aasks her why is she following her, Panchi tells her she isn’t she is the one walking ahead of her, Juhi pissed tells her DIM (Don’t Irritate Me) and leaves and Panchi pleads her to forgive her
Panchi catches Juhi from behind pleading to forgive her, Samar and KD looks at them from the staircase and Samar looks shocked at the two
Samar to the camera: what is happening here, despite of them being here girls behaving like this close together it’s a shameful act
Samar looks away in disgust, Panchi is still pleading and Juhi finally irritated tells Panchi to leave her and takes her hands off and walks away
Samar asks her what happened, Panchi says trouble in friendships
A guy comes there asking to take a picture of them for a photo album, Panchi joins the other two, the guy gives his phone to sign it and write something, Samar takes and signs it, he asks the guy about where did he get his phone, the guy tells them his brother got it for him
KD asks the guy his brother must be earning well and the guy tells them about the job of his brother, KD thinks about the job

Precap: Samar asks KD if he will be able to qualify the interview, KD says he will try, Samar asks what time does he have to go, KD tells him at 2 and Samar reminds him they have extra practival class also, KD finished his practicals and runs out for his interview, he pleads the receptionist that he knows he is late but its very important for him to interview for this job, the receptionist says sorry and a guy from behind turns to look at KD

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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