The Buddy Project 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 10th May 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 10th May 2013 Written Update

KD is on the roads of Mumbai, calling Piddi but his phone is switched off. He curses as to why Piddi isn’t picking up. Omi calls KD and says he’s very bored and they should do something. KD agrees after a while and Omi tells him that he’ll pick him up in 10 minutes.

RV is doing some research about life in villages in India. He is reading up articles, news and seeing images. He comes across an article about a couple hanged in the village. He STTC in a shocked way that how can they hang 16-17 year old youngsters so brutally just because they fell in love? And that too in the same country in which he’s living! He thinks about Rukmini’s words about the villagers having to travel 10 miles for one bucket of water. He sighs helplessly and finishes up an article about “Poverty

in Indian Villages” and signs it with his name.

KD and Omi are on the bike and KD is driving while Omi is grinning. KD asks how come Omi seems so happy today? Omi replies one doesn’t need reasons to be happy. It could be that in his village some cow had given birth to a healthy calf, or he might’ve fulfilled his dream of drinking 2 liter lassi in one gulp or maybe some girl sweetly greeted Omi in school, it could be anything! Or maybe some Vivek Oberoi movie was coming on TV and the light went off! Reasons don’t matter, what matter is that till yesterday, he was Omi! KD asks and what is he today? Omi replies today he is Happy! KD asks and what will this Happy do today? Omi thinks and asks KD for suggestions. KD asks didn’t he think of anything? Omi notices some posters on wall and makes KD stop. He gets off the bike and walks towards a Titanic poster and says they’ll watch Titanic in Bhojpuri! “Mauqa De Gayi Dhoka” (SERIOUSLY!? ) KD says no they won’t. Omi asks why, is there anything wrong with Bhojpuri language? KD replies no, it’s a sweet language but dubbed movies are funny and they change a lot of stuff. Omi says that’s not true and asks hasn’t he ever seen “Ek Trua Makad Manoosh!” and KD is surprised about it. Omi quotes a dialogue from the movie and they laugh. While laughing, Omi sings the ever famous “Spiderman! Spiderman! Tune churaya mere dil ka chain!” song (OMG! I know this song! Ouch, my tummy hurts from laughing ) KD notices another poster, points to it and says how about this one. He reads the title out, “Ai Nahin Ho Paee Bhaiya 3″ and Omi laughs and says in English it’s “Mission Impossible 3″. KD nods in understanding.

Piddi stumbles out of the lift and is walking in a trance. Kiya notices him going out alone and stops him. She asks him what is he doing here, why isn’t he with Tika upstairs? He doesn’t reply and seeing his pale face Kiya asks if he’s alright. He manages to reply that he’s fine. Kiya asks him the details as to what happened with Tika and Piddi remembers Tika’s brutal rejection (yeah…it was brutal! In my ViChi feels yesterday I couldn’t concentrate on this scene but wow! Ouch Piddi ) Piddi shakes his head and says nothing.

Omi-KD walking and KD asks what’s the plan? Omi says what plan, he has a whole Planning Commission! They’ll mix it in Soda and drink it up. KD says he’s already flying high, what’s the need of drinking? Omi agrees to it. KD says he has one plan but it’s crazy and he doesn’t know how they’ll manage it. Omi assures him that he’ll take care of everything. KD sighs and says wish Piddi was here, he would’ve enjoyed alot! He says he’ll message Piddi but notices that his phone’s battery is dead. He asks Omi for his phone and Omi hands him and KD texts.

Kiya asks Piddi why isn’t he with Tika upstairs having dinner? Piddi looks a little lost for a while and looks at Kiya strangely and exclaims how does she know about his and Tika’s dinner plans? Kiya gets nervous and Piddi asks what is she doing here? Kiya has a guilty look on her face and Piddi puts 2 and 2 together. He says so it was all her plan? An ashamed Kiya can’t reply and Piddi leaves from there and she follows him.

ICC Boys Hostel. The gang of Cs including Omi-KD are sitting on stairs. Someone hands Omi a list and exclaims they got all the numbers. Omi winks at KD and says it’s his plan, he should call first. The boys cheer him on and KD says to Omi that he does mimickery well so why doesn’t he try first? The boys then cheer Omi on! He shuts them off and says he’s dialing, why are they making him tense? He starts dialing the number and the boys tease him with a countdown. He finishes typing the number and puts the phone to his ear and they ask him to put on speaker. He does so and KD silences everyone. A girl picks the phone. Omi mimicks Ranbir and says Hi Deepika, be my girlfriend! We’ll rock together! The boys snicker at this and the lady starts scolding him that why is he bothering her! He should just call Katrina after all, he was sticking to her so close in the party! Omi makes silencing gestures to the phone while the boys around him laugh at his scolding session. The call disconnects and Omi marvels at the un-cultured language of the lady and laughs along with the boys.

Tika comes out of the lift and curses did JJ already leave? She sees KiPi leaving and runs to them. Ignoring Piddi, she asks Kiya did she see? Kiya asks who? Tika says arey him! She was the one who told her, Martins at 8 PM. Kiya looks at Piddi and points to him while she says to Tika he’s here. Tika is confused and Kiya says PiddiTika were to have a date today! Tika says don’t tell me you planned it all! Kiya confesses that she made this whole plan cuz they like each other. Tika snaps that what she said about her liking Piddi was a joke and she made this whole plan because she thought Piddi won’t be able to propose! She scolds Kiya for setting them up and stopping the lift and says does she think this is a movie, like some shooting is going on here!? Kiya is ashamed and Piddi asks Kiya did she stop the lift? Tika leaves after warning Kiya to stay out of her life, leaving Kiya alone to face Piddi’s wrath. Piddi says nothing and leaves. Kiya tags along and says she thought Tika genuinely liked him and Piddi retorts she thought wrong! How can any girl like him?! Kiya stammers that’s not the case and Piddi cuts across her saying that is the case! What is in his personality that any girl would like him?! He thanks Kiya for reminding him about this fact and leaves without hearing anything she has to say. Kiya helplessly curses.

Chintu delivers some stuff to JJ’s place and JJ invites him for coffee. Chintu graciously accepts that he serves JJ everyday, today JJ will serve him. Chintu says he can deliver anything from love letters to bills and adds naughtily it’s too bad JJ doesn’t get love letters. JJ hands him some money and Chintu says he’ll take it if the coffee is bad. JJ compliments his remarks and Chintu comments that JJ seems happy, what’s cooking? JJ says it’s nothing, all the students are busy in their GS challenge, there’s peace in college so he’s just happy. Chintu replies no, he has seen that kind of happiness before. Today it’s a different type of happiness emitting from him. JJ asks what kind of happiness does it look like? Chintu replies it’s like some wish of his’ got fulfilled today. Like he fell in love today! JJ laughs at this and suggests Chintu to become a dialogue writer of some good serial. Chintu makes a face that if JJ doesn’t like, he can leave and JJ laughs and stops him. JJ says no wish got fulfilled and he definitely didn’t fall in love. He hasn’t fallen in love till today and the chances aren’t so bright that he’ll ever fall in love. Chintu shakes his head in disappointment and JJ asks what’s wrong. Chintu replies he thought God made JJ as a perfection but he has a huge flaw within him. JJ asks what does he mean? Chintu says sorry to say sir, but he teaches everyone to live but doesn’t live himself. The one who didn’t love, how can he claim to live? Laughing in love, crying in love…that’s something else! The one whose friends never teased him by taking someone’s special’s name, the one who didn’t listen to Kishore Kumar’s song while staring at the moon, the one who never wrote his name with someone else’s on paper…how can he say that he has lived? (Uff Chintu! Baat straight dil pe lagi…! Love is just something else entirely ) JJ becomes serious and Chintu apologizes if he said too much and leaves after saying they’ll have coffee some other day, leaving behind JJ to dwell upon his words (YES!! JJ’s love line to be explored! OMG! SO HAPPY! I so want the Buddies to tease him a little )

RV greets Kiya in college (OMG! He’s wearing blue again! DOESN’T HE KNOW HE LOOKS SO HOT IN BLUE THAT I DIE EVERYTIME I SEE HIM?!?! ) and Kiya lazily replies. RV says the morning doesn’t seem good to her and Kiya manages a smile and replies she’s good. RV says no, something is wrong. Kiya avoids the topic and says they’re getting late for class and they should leave.

When YaRa leave, PraShav arrive and KD is asking Piddi why does he look like Dev D with that expression and asks what happened? Piddi replies it’s nothing, he just didn’t sleep at night. KD jokes he knows that Ullu (owls) don’t sleep at night but he didn’t know they get sad regarding this. He asks again what’s wrong and Piddi makes the same excuse about the class and avoids the topic.

While entering the class, KiPi bump into each other and give each other looks. Behind them, RanSh come and push their respective partners inside in a way that they avoid a possible fight. KiPi notice Tika but she looks away. They take their seats on either side of her but seeing them, she gets up and exchanges her seat with the girl sitting between RanSh. RV greets her with a smile and she reciprocates. The lecture starts. Professor talks about an assignment where they’d have to make a music video or a short film documentary for the class. KD steals a glance at Kiya and happily STTC what luck he has! This was the chance that he needed. Now he can ask Piddi to make a great music video with Kiya. Professor reminds that KiPi are to work together. Class gets over and he leaves saying that’s all he had to say.

KD turns around to talk to Piddi but noticing his serious expression, he jokes is it a grammar class? Piddi replies no and KD asks so why is he tensed and teasingly asks what’s wrong. Piddi sighs and says two things, one that the joke was extremely bad and second thing, even if it had been good he wouldn’t have laughed today. KD is surprised at Piddi’s reaction and Piddi leaves the class. KD follows him out. Kiya just looks on behind them, nervously.

Precap – Same as yesterday. Piddi refusing to work with Kiya on the project.

Update Credit to: Mais

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