The Buddy Project 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 10th March 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 10th March 2014 Written Update

Maya comes to Anirudh to say good morning. Anirudh stops her to clear out their past. Maya says she doesn’t want to talk about her past, she just cares about present and future. Anirudh still insists to clear their past, but before they continue, they hear noise coming from outside.

They come outside and see some people protesting. Anirudh calms them down and asks what’s the matter. The protesters leader, Girish, tells Anirudh that there is going to be festival in college and they heard there is no traditional program which is unacceptable. Anirudh explains that it’s their internal matter and they don’t have any right to interfere. Girish says their own student called them. Kriya remembers refusing a boy from adding a new program and him talking on the phone with someone.

Anirudh asks for some time to discuss and tells them to wait outside campus.

Maya, Anirudh, Sofia discuss about the issue. They think of informing police, but then think that it will hurt their fest very badly. Seeing Anirudh thinking maturely and calmly, Maya tells him that he has totally changed. If it was him in college time, then he would have fought. Anirudh says time required him to change.

Outside, the buddies make fun of protesters saying they poor will have to stand in sun whole day. After a while, the protesters start destroying college property. Anirudh tries to calm them down, but they then enter the college and apply blank ink on girls’ faces. The boys come and get very mad. KD tries to fight with Girish, but Ranveer pulls him back. Girish says this was just a trailer, if they don’t listen to him, then worse will happen. He leaves with other protestors. KD is still mad at them and says he won’t spare them. He chases them, but they leave in car. Ranveer and Piddi come and tell KD that they will teach them a lesson, but right now the girls need them.

The buddies, Maya, Anirudh discuss this topic. Anirudh says he has decided to inform police, but Maya says her company may take sponsorship back if this news is gone to media. She rather suggests to discuss the matter with Girish and try to find a solution.

Girish talks to someone on the phone and says everything will be done the way he/she wants. He then receives a call from Anirudh.

Girish and other protesters come to discuss the matter with the buddies, Anirudh and Maya. Anirudh asks Girish to tell others to wait outside. Girish sends them out and asks Anirudh what they wanted to discuss.

Precap: Seems like the deal didn’t work and Girish is burning some of the college property which make the buddies very angry.

Update Credit to: JD

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