The Buddy Project 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 10th July 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 10th July 2013 Written Update

JeeMi start fighting with each other and there’s chaos all around (itni NAKAARA police! Couldn’t even break apart two teenagers! ) Taking advantage of the situation, KD drags the drunk Chillars away and makes them escape through the window, instructing them not to go to the hostel and just get away from the college (Trust KD to always do the smart thing He’s growing on me yaar ) When it’s done, KD gets back and joins the crowd like nothing happened. He stands near the fighting JeeMi and Omi looks at KD. KD signals Omi by pointing at the trunk filled of spiked drink and Omi nods in acknowledgement (I KNEW IT! I knew that this fight was Omi and KD’s plan!!!) Deliberately, Omi pushes Avi towards the bench where the drink is kept and choreographs the fight in such a way that

it Omi ends up overturning the bench which results in the glass trunk filled with drink breaking on the ground and the drink is spilled (PHEW!!!)

RWP comes there and breaks them apart. Since the job is done, Omi easily obliges. RWP is mad and starts scolding the policemen for destroying one last evidence against the students (Sau sonar ki, ek lauhar ki! ) Omi looks at KD who gives him a thumbs up as a job well done. There’s an FB where it’s cleared that KD tells Omi that drugs were mistakenly bought to the college and if the students are found high due to them, not only will their careers be destroyed but ICC will also face a fatal blow. Omi asks what to do now and KD tells they need a little chaos.

RWP gets extremely mad and makes every student go through a medical examination as a last resort for getting evidence, starting with Piddi.

The girls bring RV to his house who is already gone to sleep by the time they put him to the bed. When he’s settled, Ruku (cuz Ruku is her “official” nickname ) apologizes to Panchi for whatever she saw in the classroom. Panchi is surprised at this and asks is Ruku really feeling sorry? Didn’t she want to kiss RV? Ruku blushes at this and Panchi tells her it’s nothing to apologize about. Ruku asks Panchi if she felt bad seeing them? Panchi says she didn’t feel bad…just a little weird cuz she has never seen RV with a girl like this (JHOOOT!! Pre-TFP, RV had kissed TC and Panchi had seen that! ) so she doesn’t know how to react. But if Nonu is happy, so is she (though she doesn’t sound like that ) and she assures Ruku that she’ll get accustomed to all this. But she’s happy that VeeNi are together. Ruku says that’s not for sure and Panchi says but this is for sure na that Ruku is happy? Ruku nods and Panchi tells her then all will be well!

Piddi comes back jumping and joins the crowd and mumbles to a student that his result was Negative (thank GOD he didn’t drink that drink! so happy!) RWP is shocked and one by one everyone is tested, including JJ. But jo hai nahin, wo mile ga kaise? When the last one, KD, is one then the Doc comes out and informs RWP that no one has taken any kind of drug here. RWP is adamant that the drink was spiked with drugs but the Doc tells him all tests were negative and he leaves from there. RWP tells Mr.D since they have no proof, the students should be freed from there. RWP leaves and Mr.D informs everyone they are free to go. Students cheer and Mr.D looks at KD in a slightly disappointed way before leaving.

Amidst all cheers, JJ leaves silently and Tika follows him (chod de usse dayan! ) Piddi is ecstatic and thanks KD for saving them yet again but KD slaps him, as a gift for his stupidity. Piddi stops him from leaving but hugging him and apologizes for his mistake. KD says his mistake almost made them all go to jail and tag ICC with a drug scandal! Piddi says he didn’t know about the drugs, he was gone to take BKB! KD scolds him for mixing some unknown thing into drinks. Piddi tries to defend himself but KD tells him to shut up and says anything which results in a person losing his control over himself, intake of any such thing is wrong! Drugs and alcohol ain’t cool. Being all drunk, dizzy, throwing up and doing strange things, no one thinks such things are cool after seeing them cuz they are downright stupid! Intoxication is not needed to have fun cuz fun can be done while being in complete consciousness. Abusing the mind and body in the name of fun is wrong! There is no justification to drugs, alcohol and all these BKB junk! Mad and disappointed, KD leaves from there and Piddi realizes his mistake (And then people ask me why do I love this show! )

Tika stops JJ as he’s leaving, wishing to speak to him. Without looking at Tika standing behind him, JJ asks does she really think there’s anything left to speak about between them? He tells her that he never thought he’d ever see that position in his life again where he wouldn’t be able to meet someone’s gaze. Once was tough enough. He thought he learned from life, understood it all but damn! He was wrong…he turns around and faces Tika and says today once again, he’s at that point where he can’t look someone in the eyes. Tika is guilty and ashamed and JJ asks her does she know who’s the reason behind it all? Tika is shocked and JJ leaves from there. Just then, Avi comes running there and sees a shocked Tika and retreating JJ.

Omi comes in the hostel and sees all his drunk Chillars, sleeping. Angry, he splashes a bucket full of water on TD and asks is he awake now?! TD says he is, all his sleep worth 7 lives has gone away. TD apologizes and Omi turns to sleeping C2 and splashes the remaining water on him. C2 gets up and asks what’s wrong but as they both are still under the influence, they are being all dizzy and just want to sleep. Omi asks them who sent Piddi to buy the booti? But seeing as they both are not in the state to answer, madly he leaves from there.

Mr.D comes home and starts scolding Shubh for disappointing him. Shubh says that KD is his Dada. Mr.D cuts across him and says he’s their father, whatever he does for them is for their own good. KD comes there and defends Shubh saying Shubh did everything cuz KD asked him to do it. Mr.D doesn’t look at KD and says he’s talking to Shubh so KD shouldn’t interfere. KD again says it’s not Shubh’s fault and Mr.D says the fault is all his own for always hoping that KD would take his life seriously but KD always ends up going against that hope (Inna vi na hope shope marya karo ) KD had gone to a party where there drugs and God knows what else, why?! KD says he didn’t know what was going to happen there and had he known, he trusts himself enough that he would never get involved in such things. Mr.D just rolls his eyes at this and KD says to him that he should trust KD. Mr.D tells him not to forget he’s his son so he better not act like his father. KD should’ve done what he was told to do. KD asks why? He didn’t do anything wrong. When has KD every done anything which broke Mr.D’s trust? Mr.D tells him not to argue with him but KD wants the answer to his question! Why doesn’t he ever trust KD? Why does he always think KD is wrong?! In answer, Mr.D just slaps KD! (KD! MOVE OUT OF THAT PLACE! RV ke dil aur uske ghar mein BOHAT jagah hai tere liye!!! ) Scared, Shubh runs away crying. Mr.D leaves and KD is just hurt at all this.

Shubh is crying on his bed and doesn’t want to talk to KD who comes to console him. KD just feels helpless seeing his little bro crying as he lays on his own bed.

Next day. ICC.

RV is in the canteen, massaging his temples when a hand appears in front of him holding a glass of lemonade. He looks up and gets scared seeing Panchi standing there, who chuckles and sits with him at the table. RV says he remembers nothing about last night. He knew he drank but how and why, he doesn’t know? Panchi giggles and asks does he remember kissing anyone? RV gets scared and stands up and starts apologizing to Panchi by holding his hand and saying whatever happened was a passing moment and he hopes it doesn’t affect their friendship (hayyyeee! I wish ) Panchi makes him sit down and says she isn’t talking about herself. At this, RV gets more scared and stands up asking was it a boy? (I so love him! ) Panchi makes him sit again and happily informs him that he kissed Rukmini! At this, RV falls down from his chair and gets KOed on the ground. Panchi makes him get up and he just mumbles is Ruku mad at him? Panchi makes him sit straight and asks is he such a bad kisser that girls get mad after kissing him? Panchi then looks around and sends away the crowd of students. RV tells him it’s not a time to joke around! Panchi gets a mischievous idea and tells RV who wouldn’t be mad if RV just kisses any girl like that? Poor girl…she is flabbergasted. RV curses and says God knows if she’ll talk to him or not. Just then, a student comes there announcing there’s media outside cuz of JJ’s scandal. RaHi get worried and rush outside.

At the ground, security is holding back the media as a Professor tries to clear things that it’s all a lie and baseless rumors. RaHi are seeing this with a few other students. One MP (Media Person) says they have strong sources regarding the issue, they just want to know the college’s stand regarding a student-teacher relationship. Another MP says it’s an insult to the pure relationship of a student-teacher, is that what the college is teaching. Just then, Avi comes there totally mad. Panchi asks him what happened after they left the college. Avi says nothing and turns to leave but Panchi stops him and says won’t he tell her? Avi tells her everything that happened after they left. RaHi are shocked and Avi swears he’s gonna make JJ pay for all this!

Precap – Same as yesterday.

Update Credit to: spicysugar

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