The Buddy Project 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update


The Buddy Project 10th January 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 10th January 2013 Written Update

Banga and Vats reach the MR and Vats states the obvious that the door is closed. He puts his ear on the door to listen what’s going on inside. Vats informs Banga that his curfew has put deep impact on Buddies as there is pin drop silence in the meeting. Banga calls him a fool and says it’s cuz the meeting hasn’t begun.
They walk in to find the MR empty. Banga wonders why aren’t the Buddies here yet?
Juhi makes her way towards the MR and gives a thumbs up to the camera.
Vats says that Buddies are very indisciplined as they aren’t punctual for scheming against Banga! He shuts up at Banga’s glare. They hear footsteps of approaching Juhi and Vats suggests to hide saying that to catch them red handed, they must hide and hear their secret plan. Juhi hesitates in opening the door and Banga-Vats hide before Juhi steps in. Vats makes Banga hide in the closet.
Banga wonders why is Juhi here alone and Vats assures him that she must be here to check things out.
SaRaPi outside CCTV Control Room. Piddi says there is staff inside, how will they get it? RV says they have to go in because there footage is saved in the computer and there is no way of going back. Samar says they have to think something and RV says they have to distract the staff and get them out. Piddi is extremely tensed and asks how will RV distract them? By doing a cabaret dance like Shakira or will he do a Mujra singing, “Bus ek baar mera kaha, maan lijiye!” RV angrily shuts him up and asks him to patience.
Banga in closet is praying for patience. He is angry that Juhi is there alone and no one has joined her yet and vows to crush the Junglees like mosquitoes when they arrive. Just then, a mosquito flies in and Banga gets irritated by it. Seeing this, Vats comments that Banga was saying that he would crush the Junglees like mosquito yet he can’t deal with an actual mosquito? Banga slaps Vats saying there was a mosquito on Vats’ cheek.
Banga and Vats are checking on Juhi and something starts ticking Vats. He asks Banga whether they should come out of the closet? He is pleased that he asked it in English and Banga rebukes him for not knowing what he is saying.
RV goes in CCTV CR and shows them a note of money asking if it is there? The two staff men start arguing that the note is theirs’ and RV gives them an idea that the owner of the note would know where it fell. He makes them get out of the CR and takes them away from there. SaPid manage to get in while RV deals with the staff.
In CR, Piddi gets shocked seeing all the live feed on huge monitors and comments that KD looks really smart. Samar hits hims and asks him to concentrate. Samar tries to hack the system but he is dejected seeing it password protected. Piddi asks him what’s wrong? Samar says there is protection on the system and Piddi is surprised knowing that even computers are in danger of HIV. Samar gets mad and elaborates that it’s password protected! Samar feels helpless and Piddi asks, plan flop? Samar affirms.
Vats is still being tickled and asks Banga whether his wife is out of town? Banga gets mad and tells Vats to stay still and let him do what he is doing. Vats comments he didn’t know Banga was like this. Banga gets madder. Vats says he knows Banga is the boss, he is worried cuz his wife is out of town, he understands his feelings but he isn’t like this. He begs him not to touch anywhere as things might go out of hand. Banga is annoyed and says his hands are free, not touching him! Vats asks so who is touching him?! Banga doesn’t know.
Juhi checks the watch and says she has got 2 more minutes and wonders how come Vats and Banga aren’t here yet?
Piddi is super nervous that CCTV cameras are everywhere and whatever they’ve done, must be captured in camera. Samar says, guess what? He already knows it so if Piddi will keep on reminding him that, he’d burst Piddi’s head open! RV shows the watch to the camera and Piddi sees it on screen. Piddi in return shows his watch to screen saying his watch is better than RV’s. Samar goes to Piddi and says it’s no time to lose mental balance but to think what to do next? Piddi gets worried that now Banga will do everything.
In class, Panchi asks Kiya where is everyone? Kiya looks at KD but doesn’t reply? Panchi keeps asking but Kiya doesn’t reply. Finally Kiya says that KD is the masterplanner, ask him. Panchi goes to KD with the same question. KD asks him to have patience, she’ll know it in a little while. Kiya retorts that in a little while, Banga would call them and tell them everything anyway. Panchi is confused and asks whether the Buddies are in some problem?
RV comes to SaPid and asks them to hurry up. Samar says they can’t do much as the system is password protected and if RV knows the password, he can gladly hack in it. RV gets nervous and begs Samar to try again and reminds Samar of his computing abilities, so much so that Samar likes to be called Samar Gates. RV asks him to prove it that he actually is Samar Gates.
Kiya says Buddies are in no problem, but there is a problem within the Buddies aka KD. Panchi asks have they planned something against Banga but Kiya doesn’t reply.
Vats tells there is a mouse in his shirt. Banga says he is very much scared of mice and Vats agrees saying Banga is even scared of the mouse of the computer! Vats lets out the mouse and they both get out of the closet, shouting. Juhi and Banga see each other and shout in surprise and Juhi runs away shouting.
Samar says they can’t crack the password. RV begs him to think of something saying they can’t lose to Banga.
Banga finally gets rid of the mouse and Vats says the mouse ruined everything. Banga blames Vats and his closet idea for this. Vats says what’s the point of crying over split milk and what’s the use of running after the milkmen after he’s gone with a pot in the hands? Banga shuts him up and says he won’t spare the Junglees. He says they should check the CCTV footage to know their whereabouts.
Piddi says they’ll do what brave students do…they’ll run! RV shuts him up.
Juhi is running when someone calls her name and she stops. It’s Bobby. Juhi informs her that Banga saw her in MR. Bobby consoles her that it was part of the plan and asks Juhi what did Banga say? Juhi starts shouting in response. Bobby shuts her up and asks again. Juhi starts shouting again but stops and says that Banga shouted after seeing her. Bobby says either Juhi has gone mad or Banga.
Banga is tired of all the running.
Piddi wants to run away but RV is holding him back. Samar asks him to shut up else Samar would beat him. Piddi says shutting him up won’t do anything, doing something would. RV says he has an idea which would solve everything.
Bobby says Juhi to stop panicking and go wait in class and if Banga asks her anything, she should say she was there to search for her earrings.
Vats catches up to Banga and asks whether he drinks diesel instead of milk in breakfast that he is running so fast like a tractor? Banga ignores him and goes away and Vats follows.
RV says one can’t ever win against a computer in Chess. Piddi asks has RV lost it that he is thinking of playing games with computer? RV says no, he is thinking of a game which computer can never win against a human. He asks them to guess but they are clueless. RV says, “Kick Boxing.”
Banga is extremely tired from running and clutching his heart. Vats goes to bring him water.
RV throws the main CPU on ground and says, “ATTACK!” SaRaPi start kicking the CPU and manually cutting off all the wires and stuff.
Vats says Banga’s radiator has heated up, he should’ve have some water. Banga says maybe his BP has gotten low. Vats replies not to worry, with God’s Grace, Buddies will hike his BP up again!
Samar says if they break the motherboard, CCTV’s game will be finished. Piddi says RV was right, computers know understand Jackie Chan stunts. Piddi breaks the CPU and Samar totally annihilates the system. Plan Successful!
Banga is going fast towards the CCTV CR and Vats asks him not to be a bald PT Usha and asks him to slow down, CCTV footage won’t run anywhere.
While breaking the system, Piddi’s watch falls off.
Banga Vats reach the CR and are shocked seeing the system all broken. Vats says he is sure Buddies did this all. They made a plan to get them stuck in MR and here they did all this. Banga says he won’t spare them. Vats asks, how? He doesn’t have proof. Banga says he’ll find proof or he’ll manufacture them but he won’t spare them.

Precap – Vats finds Piddi’s watch. Bobby hits Piddi for not doing anything perfectly. Banga excited that Buddies are now a gone case.

Update Credit to: Mais

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