The Buddy Project 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 10th February 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 10th February 2014 Written Update

Harsh asks Ranbeer if he’s sure that he’s going to settle down with Panchi. Ranbeer says of course. It’s only her who has been supporting him since so long and she was the first one who gave her hand to him. Harsh wishes to have a girlfriend in his life as well who just loves him. Ranbeer says it takes time to find a true love and he will find his girl as well.

Piddi and Sheeba get married. Sheeba’s father leaves after their marriage. All buddies and Anirudh congratulate them. Piddi says he can’t take Sheeba to his house as he never got chance to tell his mum about his wedding. Sheeba says they will stay anywhere until they tell Piddi’s mum about their marriage. Boys say it’s going to be special night for Piddi and they need some privacy. Anirudh too supports

the boys. KD says Ranbeer will stay in his house and Piddi-Sheeba can go to his house.

Piddi and Sheeba come to the bed room and it’s decorated with flowers. Sheeba goes to the washroom. Piddi realized he never asked Sheeba if she has any boyfriend or no. He’s confused whether he should be happy as it’s his suhaagraat or feel sad. Sheeba comes back. They tell each other their interests, hobbies, etc. Piddi is going to sleep on the floor, but Sheeba tells him she’s fine if he sleeps on the bed. They sleep.

Next day, Harsh bids an emotional goodbye. He tells all the buddies that he’s grateful for befriending with them. He found real meaning of life from them. Suddenly, Kiya gets up and leaves from there. Harsh goes to her and asks she won’t even say goodbye to him. Kiya says she’s feeling guilty and doesn’t know how to face him. Harsh tells her she doesn’t have to feel guilty about anything. Because of her, he came out of his past. He tells her to send her wedding invitation to him. Kiya says he will have to attend it as well. Harsh says he won’t be able to attend, but his blessings will always be with her. Kiya asks why he won’t attend. He doesn’t say anything and walks out. Outside, he thanks Anirudh and finally leaves.

Ranbeer and KD call Piddi and tease him. After that they discuss how Piddo got married first even though they had been in relationship since so long. Both KD and Ranbeer now think about their weddings. They come to the girls and look confused. Ranbeer takes Panchi on a side. Kiya asks KD what happened to Ranbeer, why he’s behaving so strangely. KD says nothing happened, he seems normal. KD thinks him and Kiya have been in relationship since so long and he should tell her what’s in his mind.

Precap: KD tries to tell Kiya that many couples who have been in relationship since long do ‘that’ as well. Kiya takes it wrong way and asks KD if he wants her to make out with him.

Update Credit to: JD

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