After a hectic and tired journey, Our gang reaches toronto the beautiful city, lots of irony buildings, marvellous shoppingmalls nightlife and the most beautiful Pacific Ocean !!…

Kunal is searching khyaati’s bags…
Kunal: What the hell yaar babe…here’s only lots of clothes, deos and cosmetic products !!…
Khyaati: I know right, i wish i could bring more clothes but sadly…we were allowed to bring this much products only !!…
Kunal: And camera ??..???
Khyaati: Ohh shit !! it’s on my room’s bed ????
Kunal: Now how we will get a new camera ?…
Khyaati: Right !!…
Kunal: Don’t worry baby I have brought my own camera !!…It’s in my bag only…let me ??
He searches in his bag but do not find the camera and gets worried !!…
Kunal shouts: Cammmm !!! ??
Khyaati: That black colour boring bulky case which was worn out !!…?
Kunal: yah where is it ?? Did you spotted !! ?
Khyaati: I thought that case is pretty old that’s why I threw it off !! ??
Kunal shouts: Nopeeeee ???
Khyaati: what happened ?…
Kunal: You threw my camera too !! ??
Khyaati: Ohhhhhh ???
Kunal: how could you ??…
Khyaati: I am sorry babe !!…I think we should buy a new camera !!…
Kunal: I think you should find out the old one…it was my first camera…it was 20 years old !! ?
Khyaati in her mind: Thankgod I threw it off !! ??
Kunal: did you said something !? ?
Khyaati: Nope sweets !!…?
Rohan & Shanaya are busy in playing TV video game !!…
Shanaya: you just wait and watch I will defeat you !!! ??
Rohan: I never thought you are so energetic in games !! ?
Shanaya: I love sports ??
She gets crazy on game and defeats him and suddenly jumps off !!…”wooooo” she shouts and throws popcorns on air !! ???
Rohan: ???…This is cheating !!…
Shanaya: Shanaya never cheats you loser ?
Rohan: You cheated ?
Shanaya: No youuuu ?

This is not her kissing expression ?
They argues for a long time and again starts playing games…
Doorbell rings…
Rohan: Shanaya go and open the door…?
Shanaya: so that you win the game…never !! ?
Rohan: Ohhh ok…
Doorbell rings again !!…
Shanaya shouts: Who the shit is outside !!!…??
Rohan: It maybe room service babe stop being crazy !! ?
Shanaya: I don’t like disturbance during racing !!! Urgghhh ! ???
Rohan gets scared and pauses the game !!…
Shanaya: Hmm…
Rohan opens the door and spots Kunal & khyaati !!…
Rohan: Thank God !!…
Khyaati: What happened ? Did Shanaya tortured you ??
Shanaya: khyaati just shutupp !!!…
Khyaati: Omg ! You are playing need for speed that shitty game !! ?
Shanaya gets a fake heart attack hearing that “It’s close to my heart don’t say like that again !!” ☹️☹️
Khyaati: Yah yah ?
Kunal: bro…khyaati threw off my camera !! ?
Rohan: What a good news ??…???
Khyaati: ???
Kunal: Shutupp !!! ???
Shanaya: Yah let’s resume the game…ohhh !…
Shanaya wakes up and snatches the remote from Ro and resumes the game !!…
Rohan: Wait I…?
Shanaya: Woooooo…I wonn !!…????
She wakes up joyously and throws the remote away and starts dancing with khyaati weirdly !! ??
RoNal: ??
Sasha is reading a book with peaceful mind !!…Swayam comes out of the washroom and spots Sasha reading BOOK ?? ???…He gets SHELL SHOCKED !! ???
Swayam: Sasha…Are you really reading a book !…
Sasha: Don’t disturb…this chapter is really really funny !…Portia says that she will eat muffins if vanesaa kills her husband !!…?
Swayam: And who are they ?? ??
Sasha: Seriously, Portia is the main character of this story…
Swayam: Let me see what ??…
He goes near the book and spots she is watching web series hiding it with a book !!…?
Swayam: Are you reading book or watching web series ? ?
Sasha: Both !! ?
Swayam: ?
Sasha: Btw the name of the web series is “THE VAMPIRE’S CHEST”…Here both the antagonist and main female lead discusses about the vampire and how his chest became red !!…It’s pretty hard to understand babe !!…??
Swayam gets crazy: I am proud of you !! ??
He flees from there !!…
Sound comes from the phone “Vanessa: Portia I need your husband red chest right now…pls give it to me”…
Sasha: Portia listen to me clearly, don’t listen to her words, she is manipulating you !! ??



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  1. It was a funny chapter..seriously pehle camera phir game and akhiri mei web series vampire ….nice one??
    Feeling light after reading the update..
    All 3 couples r very cute

    1. Riana

      @Honey… ????
      Glad u liked it, thanxalottt !!

  2. Fenil

    Hell hilarious babe !!
    Can’t wait for pagalpanti.

    1. Riana

      @Bro… Kyunki pagal panti bhi zaroori hain ???

  3. Jasminerahul

    kunal khyaati scene was very funny.dialogues…about camera…so funny.rohan shanaya video game scene was cute.sasha watching webseries keeping it inside the phone was funny.vampire series dialogues were damn funny.and swayam’s reaction was funny

    1. Riana

      @Jas… ????

  4. Jasminerahul

    nice pics

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