The Bond Of..? (Intro)

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Here is prologue before the intro:
Sana walked through the bridge, ready for a new future far away from her past life. All she wanted now was some freedom and space. Right when she was about to step into her new life of joy and happiness, her husband grabbed her back into his messy life.

Sana’s husband, Aarav Ross has more to his life than she ever expected. Aarav whom she thought was arrogant, yet caring was not just arrogant but a ruthless, selfish guy who could play with anyone’s lives to achieve his goals.

After going through extreme pain since childhood, how will Sana’s life change when she learns about the deal of her life? How will she survive after knowing about her husband’s true nature? What will the name of their bond be….love or hate?

Come follow Sana as she discovers HERSELF in her fight of life, as she finds TRUE LOVE in someone she never expected to, as she lands herself in a HOME which was never supposed to be hers and gives a name to her BOND.

Sana glanced back once more at the dark, gloomy end of the bridge she was leaning against. The fog of the night and silence of the bridge encouraged her more and more to leave her past life behind and move on. She didn’t understand whether she wanted ‘him’ to come stop her or just let her go and enjoy her life.

As always destiny had played another dirty game with her, making her a puppet in the hands of a contract she signed around 3 months ago. Sana sighed looking at the glowing diamond ring in her left hand ring finger. She looked straight to see a whole new world, a whole new life, a whole new set of opportunities waiting for her.

This is my only chance, Sana thought as she gathered up her courage and took a few steps forward to the other side of the bridge.

Her long black heels clinged to the hard, rugged cement floor beneath her, while her dark brown locks formed a curtain in front of her face due to the harsh, sudden movement of the wind. She settled her hair back in the place and took a deep breath as she reached the end of the bridge.

One more step, then all will be well again, her brain told her, urging her to take the last step forward. As she obeyed her brain, a hard familiar grip on her right wrist made her flinch in shock as she was immediately turned and pinned across the railing of the bridge.

She looked across to see the ruthless cold pair of blue eyes staring at her with extreme anger. A shiver of nervousness zipped through her body as his grip on her wrist hardened. His face was just inches across from hers, creases from his forehead begin to show while his warm hacked breath fell on her face, his shaggy hair gave him the touch of handsomeness.

His intense look drained all the water from her throat, making it dry and unable to utter another word. She averted her gaze from his, unable to take more of this deadliest glares. He grabbed her other wrist, which leisurely fidgeting with the sides of her knee lenght black dress, and pinned it against the railing to grab her attention back. She tried to release herself, but her lean, slim figure was no match to his muscular one.

“Where do you think you were going,” he gravelly asked in a high tone, with his eyes still locked in hers.

Oh Shit! What was she supposed to respond now? Well, he was not going to let her go anyways, so why bother taking the time to come up with a lie.

“Tttto home,” she stuttered in a low whisper, his eyebrows raised in confusion while she just glared back blankly.

“I suppose it is the other way,” he said back in disbelief, after witnessing her stupidity.

“Not yours, to mine,” she replied as calmly as possible.

“From where did yours, mine come? We are married, it is OUR home,” he yelled back in hoarse voice at her.

“Married?”she said in a mock, “Are you sure we are married because the last time I checked, it was a contract for 6 months so that your dad’s property can be transferred in my name.”

“How did you get to know that?” he asked back in a stiff voice.

“You gave me the wrong papers yesterday,” she mumbled back in response.

Papers? Then he remembered, he did give her car insurance papers to sign. But he probably gave her the contract ones which he needed to submit to the lawyers.

“So, you’re leaving because of that?” he asked huskily with a tint of concern filling his eyes.

She gave him a tight nod as her innocent eyes started to tear up, the happiness in them started to crush down and the love he once had seen were only filled with distrust and hatred.

“I can’t live like this, where I am just part of a deal. I have a life too, I have emotions too, when I saw the care you had for me, I thought it was all real, but it was only because of your stupid property. But guess what, I don’t want this anymore. You can find millions of girls in the world who would become your wife for a play, but I don’t want to. That’s why I decided to leave, leave this contract, this marriage, this life, everything,” she ranted off in a mild whisper.

Aarav gazed at the tears that were dripping from her eyes, it was her determination and gut that really attracted him towards her. She doesn’t give anything up without a fight.

“Even me?” he asked her

“Umhh….yes,” she finally answered in a very low tone.

Aarav was a little taken aback at that, “Will you let all this just end like this?”

She looked at him, her eyes were drying out, she stood there numb. He searched her eyes, like a deep ocean, hoping to find an answer to his questions.

“I asked will you all let it end like this?”he yelled impatiently as she averted her gaze with no answer to his question.

“What is there to end, love? I don’t think so,”she replied in a harsh low tone.

“Well, sadly you can’t go,” he said in a stern voice as a smirk played on his lips.

“Why?” she asked back boggled by his words.

“The contracts binds you with me for the next 6 months,” he said in her in right ear, gently tugging the bangs behind her ear.

“What?” Aarav heard a faint word escape her mouth as he leaned back and placed both of his hands in his front pockets.

“Welcome back to my messy and complicated life,” he mocked at her dreaded face and left the place in extreme silence.
How was that? Should I bother to continue? I was longing to write this for a loooong time, so I finally found some time to write it down. More about Sana and Aarav will be revealed as the story proceeds. Please do take the time to tell me how it went!!!!

PS: I do update it in Wattpad too, so you can follow and read it over there too!

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